From our readers: cheese olives pie

Published: 29.11.2016
cheese olives pie

Recipe of preparation of cheese pie with olives: At first flour needs to be pounded with oil in a crumb and to salt. Then to add water and to knead dough. Dough to roll and lay in the form oiled by vegetable. To pin a fork that dough was not blown up at pastries. Cheese to grate and divide into 2 parts. We stack a half on dough, from above we put randomly the cut olives, then oil pieces.

To shake up eggs with milk, cottage cheese and pepper. Then we pour out weight on pie. We strew from above with the remained cheese. We put to be baked in the warmed oven up to 180 degrees. We bake about 30-35 minutes. It is simple to define readiness of pie: it is necessary to raise slightly a shovel and to look at a bottom if ruddy - means it is ready. Ready pie slightly to cool and give to a table.

Bon appetit!

Ingredients for a stuffing: Cheese of firm grades - 150 grmaslina without stones - 150 grtvorog - 100 grmaslo creamy - 50 grmoloko - 100 mlyayets - 3 shtperets black - to taste


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