at the request of chitaty: hand-made articles for new 2019 of a pig the hands

Published: 1.12.2016
of a hand-made article for new 2019 of a pig the hands

New Year's mood - thin business. It can be expected, and it is possible to create! And as it is the best of all to feel approach of a holiday how not to begin to prepare for it and with own hand - to decorate the house, to think over the menu, to agree with guests and to create gifts and elements of a decor.

the Most interesting and relevant hand-made articles for New year 2019 (Pig) you will find

the hands in this article. (see how to decorate the house by New 2019)

Flowers which are the most demanded in 2019 stanutlimonny, banana and other shades of yellow; coffee, corporal, mustard and all shades of brown; brick and orange; green in dark and pastel tones; white; gold.

Use them, combine and create creations from favourite flowers of a symbol of 2019. (see a St. Patrick's Day in 2019)

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Each skilled worker has the preferences: someone perfectly drags from wool, to someone to liking color felt, others worship usual paper which use options for which - great variety.

Paper. There are several the types of paper, most convenient for hand-made articles: Self-adhesive. Convenient and quite cheap. It is easy to make of it both backgrounds, and small details. Foil. What can be better than a beautiful brilliant foil for New Year's hand-made articles? It has only one shortcoming - inconveniently to glue it. But hand-made articles from such material turn out very bright and festive. Crepe paper. Easy, almost transparent. It is used and as a part of the general raw materials, and as independent material. It can replace even expensive packing paper. Paper for a kvilling. Fashionable and fascinating entertainment for children and adults. By means of such small strips it is possible to create the whole pictures. Fabric. This material forms a basis for hand-made articles or as a part of a decor. In shops it is possible to buy the various rags used for needlework, for example, of scrapbooking or tildes. Here cotton, velor, coarse calico, linen is in great demand. Felt. It is appreciated density and pleasant feelings at touch. From such material create not only hand-made articles and hats, but also footwear, accessories and even books. Natural materials. If you saw to it about it in advance, then for creation of whitewashing for New year 2019 it is possible to use leaves, branches and, of course, cones. Clay, plasticine, plastic. The plasticity is better to create hand-made articles which will be stored for years from more dense, solid materials, for example. Clay toys and souvenirs will also perfectly live not one year. And plasticine perfectly will be suitable for creation of gifts together with kids. Beads, beads, stones, spangles, buttons, feathers, tapes. All this will help you to create more cheerful and magic atmosphere and also to give to the masterpiece identity. The Coming 2019 will pass relevant colors of 2019

under the patronage of the Yellow Earth Pig. This animal has the tastes and preferences, and it is better for us to adhere to them if we wish to deserve her arrangement and to attract good luck.

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