New heading: rest guzeevy

rest of guzeevy

Women are divided into two types. The first begin to hesitate of the body with age, cease to put on, watch beautifully themselves, in their eyes the spark goes out, they seem unattractive and uninterested in life.

Just from the Urals

Such feeling that Miro it is far for 55….i a climax at it and her life was not successful at all & #8230; and it has no last hope to marry...)))) & #8230; very old psychologically, and as woman at all not состо¤лась… and to ache near such thoughts that))

"Nastenka? No, Larochka, you are not Nastenka. You even not Nastenka Volochkova, without speaking about Nastenk from Morozko.

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the Answer of scientists, from our users

why concern influences body weight: answer of scientists

For certain many noticed what at excessive concern of people begins to lose weight. Still nobody could offer to this phenomenon an exhaustive explanation, but scientists from Skrippsa Research institute found out that the prime cause to all is the lack of protein of BDNF which is responsible for development of neurons of a brain. Discovery was made during observation of the rats keeping to a high-calorific diet, but at the same time feeling alarm.

the Further research showed that being in tension of a rat were forced to spend a heap of energy for maintenance of an organism in working order. Also their forces were actively spent for production of brown fat which is necessary for heat preservation. Owing to the increased need to power generation, their organisms accelerated metabolism and for this reason they did not gain weight despite a diet with the high content of fats.

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Scientists hope that this knowledge will help them to develop new and more effective stress and obesity medicine. They understand that before they need a set of other researches which will confirm the drawn conclusions. Anyway, the first important step is already taken - they found an element which connects two widespread problems.

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Updating: move to the daddy

children brought Angelina Jolie to a hysterics: move to the daddy

The Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has six children. From them three, Shaylo, Knox and Vivienne, are biological successors who were born at the beauty in marriage with her ex-spouse Brad Pitt. By the way, the other day the western press dappled with headings that Pitt started a romance with the colleague of Charlize Theron. However soon it turned out that it no more than conjectures.

we Will remind

, earlier we wrote that it became known how the logo of the Eurovision Contest 2019 will look. The competition this year will take place in the capital of Israel Tel Aviv. Every year for holding a competition the country organizer together with organizing committee thinks out the new motto and a logo. The Eurovision slogan this year is Dare to Dream (Dare to dream). The logo was developed by the Israeli branding agency.

According to the edition Angelina Jolie was in a hysterics and begged Shaylo to remain with it, however intention of the young daughter unshakably. Equally, as well as her desire to put on as the guy.

Also the edition wrote that the girl agrees to remain to live with mother provided that that will give to Brad more freedom in communication with children and will improve their family relations what were prior to a divorce.

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at the request of chitaty: dust tick

dust tick

Dust is a worst enemy of each housewife. Despite regular cleaning, it appears very quickly and settles a thin layer on all surfaces in the house. At the same time completely it is impossible to get rid of annoying motes, they consist including of the died-off parts of our skin.

"So Simply!" will tell how to carry out clear-out on the eve of New Year's holidays that the house shone from purity and freshness as if after high-quality work of professionals-klinerov.

& #169; DepositPhotos

According to researches of the American scientists, one person makes in a month approximately a teaspoon of dust of a such type which, nevertheless, has enough for a pro-forage of the whole one million dust pincers.

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Life hack: international program of exchange of students of global ugrad 2019

international program of exchange of students of global ugrad 2019

Possibly, each student at least once thought of how study in other countries what differences are in educational process and in the most student's life. Especially as the Internet and cinema maintain interest, showing bright and fascinating student's life in the USA & #8212; it both incendiary parties, and fraternities with the secrets (membership in which remains for many years), sports meets which bring together full stadiums, and other events. By the way, besides various entertainments student's life in America and Europe differs also in education level. Everyone who approaches under requirements of the program can try to pass a competition in Global Ugrad.

Is not present

. You need to know well English.

What is required for participation? Each talented student who studies in a specialist programme and a bachelor degree is not more senior than a third year can participate in an open competition. For this purpose, to participate in selection competitions and to win, it is necessary to have some talents and also to show good results in the course of training, to be socially active person. Also it is necessary to study, have well leadership skills, to be able to talk in English. Participation in social projects of own university will be additional plus.

If chance if you do not know Toyefl?

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of the Company from our books, life hack

the companies from our books

To whom and how it can be useful?

From good to velikomugillettephilip MorrisBank of AmericaSiloCircuit CityUpjjhnFannie MaeGreat WesternFinancial Corp.AbbottWels FargoWarner-LambertKrogerA& PKimberly-ClarkScott paper CompanyR.J. Reynolds TobaccoPitneyBowesAdressograph-MultigraphWalgreensEckerd

It is not just the list of the companies mentioned in the edition. The main difference is that there not all companies meeting in the book enter. For example, if everything that is told about the Toyota company is in what a secret of its success in "Toyota production system", and about the system is written nothing, then Toyota is not included in the list.

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Life hack: scientists answered why and when the child moves in a womb

scientists answered why and when the child moves in a womb

Scientists called the interesting facts about stir of a fruit:

on 7-8 week of pregnancy the fruit begins to move, make a start from uterus walls, to change the situation. But because of too small size, mother cannot feel stir on this term. She begins to feel it on 17-18 week. But if it is not the first child, then from 16th week (then she already knows how it, and identifies movements earlier).

So he adapts to any conditions. By means of movements he can:

Scientists describe it as weak tickling from within. Mothers describe this phenomenon so: & #171; feeling that in a stomach floats рыба».

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New heading: a heading moving on a permanent residence to various cities on the website visasamru

heading moving on a permanent residence to various cities on the website visasamru

Features of moving on a permanent residence to various cities in Russia. Whether it is worth going to Krasnodar, Anapa and other southern cities of our country from Moscow. Pluses and minuses of life in Kaliningrad and the cities of Siberia and the Far East in comparison with the central regions.

Ecology of the districts of Moscow and the Moscow region in a year. Detailed maps with explanations where it is better to live in the capital of Russia.

All villages which are located in Krasnodar Krai. The short description, a photo and their situation on the card. What of them are on the seashore.

Moving from the region of the Far North to warmer regions of Russia for pensioners. Compensation and reimbursement of expenses for elderly people. Necessary documents and privileges for the working citizens in a year.

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Woman, popular


The lion is a true fiery sign. He is madly quick-tempered. If to send this energy to the necessary course, then he with ease will achieve success where will only want. His enthusiasm very much motivates other people, they want to follow its example. But, unfortunately, as Lev quickly lights up, so quickly he also fades away. As soon as the inspiration is gone, he can give up work with ease even if he almost completed it, at the same time not to test any remorse.

Male Lev wants to operate everything, than it is only possible, of course, he will not deprive of attention and the darling. First of all he wants humility. Who as not Zhenshchina-Strelets can give it to it. On the nature she tends to that someone cared for it. The relations everyone will find in these what long ago looked for. It - reliable protection and an obereganiye, it - care and prosaicness.

Male Lev - it in a true way are strong the head. He often holds a senior position and its business in work goes far up. He is able to organize and operate people well. When he sets a task for the subordinate, it does it so that all understand around that this task should be made. It does not keep all in awe, not at all. Just all really respect him and listen to him.

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Novelty: 10 best councils for creation of happy life

10 best councils for creation of happy life

As Leo Tolstoy told: & #8220; If you want to be happy & #8211; be им”. These words are deciphered simply & #8211; person the master of fate. Just make the life happy and if you do not know as, then these 10 advice will surely help you.

5. Try to change yours & #8220; I должен” on & #8220; I хочу”.

1. Investigate and throw down a challenge to the negative views. Do not dare to address the painful, negative conclusions.

10. Recognize that happiness & #8211; it is your choice. It can be hard work, but the result is worth it.

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