the Most readable: for entrance to Cyprus rules of issue of visas changed

for entrance to Cyprus rules of issue of visas changed

Since December 1, 2017 the Republic of Cyprus stopped issue of visas on entrance to citizens of Russia, persons interested to visit the territory of so-called "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" (TRNC). On it Russians were informed by Federal Tourism Agency, referring to the MFA of Russia.

However the mass flow of the Russian citizens on the North of Cyprus, according to the statistics of tour operators, is not observed by

and it is not expected in the future. However, tourists quite often plan short day trips to a northern part of the island to get acquainted with numerous local historical attractions and to enjoy the nature, considerably country, different from the southern part.

Having driven through the Erdzhan airport located in the territory of TRSK, it will be impossible to visit the rest of Cyprus. Besides in this case it is necessary not only to pay a penalty, but also not to count on obtaining the Cyprian visa further any more. By the way, direct air transportation in Erdzhan are carried out only by the Turkish companies from the territory of Turkey.

To issue the single visa to Cyprus for a period of 90 days, it is necessary to address on the website of embassy of the country.

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Popular : prices, attractions, councils

aquapark of a ramayan in Pattaya: prices, attractions, councils

Ramayana aquapark in Pattaya - the Thailand's largest, second largest on the Asian continent also closes dozen of the world's largest. A highlight of aquapark the design and engineering idea began to place a complex of water entertainments on ruins of the mysterious city. Here both picturesque ruins, and ancient artifacts, rock drawings, unique natural and man-made objects. The natural lake became the central link of Ramayana in Pattaya, and around it entertainments were built. Tourists are attracted by diversity of the park, service, an originality and safety.

Cost of additional services:

The Ramayana aquapark is most of all intended for family holiday. In it 2 children's zones are located - for kids and children is more senior where there are interesting game designs, thematic figures and also avtomobilchik for driving. There is even a small attraktsionchik for six-month-old kids.

The day ticket can be used within half a year. Annual subscriptions - within 365 days daily.

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the Night attacks of demons eyes of scientists, at the request of chitaty

night attacks of demons eyes of scientists

If you sometime woke up in the middle of the night with feeling that the demonic being wants to deal shortly with you, then perhaps you had an experience of a meeting with so-called "inkuby" (the male demon) or "sukkuby" (the female demon).

throughout centuries of an inkuba and sukkuba hunted sleeping that found reflection in folklore and works of art of many cultures.

The system of protection of a brain activated by threat helps to create a difficult hallucination of the being sitting on a breast, the head of a research professor of clinical psychopathology from Leiden University Jan Dirk Blom explained.

Scientists found out that about 11 percent of people are attacked by an inkub or a sukkub at least once in life.

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the Most readable: how to get rid of a plant louse on houseplants

how to get rid of a plant louse on houseplants

If you the inveterate flower grower, in that case you not need explain what everyday care of plants has to be. And to you only one look suffices to define, your green pet how comfortably feels. Agree, nothing so warms soul and is pleasing to the eye as a species of the green, also blossoming bush, especially among winter.

it is undoubted, the best way of fight against a plant louse is prevention.

If it happened so that at you it did not turn out to save plants from wreckers, be not upset. It is a problem not of yesterday. And options it is enough to get rid of them. For example, you can use such means as Fitoverm, Neoron, Detsis, Tsipermetrin, "Karate".

It is possible to get them in specialized flower shop and also to receive detailed instructions for application. But if you the opponent of chemical experiments with your green plantings, then help to get rid of uninvited guests to you the following recipes.

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Popular : psychology of successful people

how to become the successful person in life: psychology of successful people

The successful person - is successful in everything. Approximately many explain with such phrase the take-off in any field. A huge number of books on self-development is devoted to a subject of success in life, and a huge number of trainers performs with the subject "How to Become the Successful Person in Life". But it is important to understand only one simple thing - in essence success, in any its manifestation is a peculiar drug which brings that euphoria. And also it is those painful feelings when the last minute of triumph was so long ago and new it is not expected. Let's understand in what success is shown. As it is correct to cultivate it to be the leader on life.

should noting

In advance that success is very versatile concept as it is possible to reach it absolutely in any field. It should be noted also the fact that sometimes your success will not be known to everyone - only to those people who are interested in that field of activity in which you could prove.

Stop thinking that success is a sprint. It's not true. Dan Valdshmidt.

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New : it is far better to go to live in 2019, responses of the moved people

moving on a permanent residence to Krasnodar Krai: it is far better to go to live in 2019, responses of the moved people

The possibility of moving on a permanent residence to Krasnodar Krai is an excellent chance to receive not only housing in good conditions, but also to lodge in resort places as this territory of Russia is located near the sea. It means that if there is the real estate, then it is possible to earn from it during the periods of strong influx of tourists.

Belorechensk - here can move to a permanent residence to fans of quiet life in more or less developed city. It is based as the village Belorechensk in 1862. Here it is possible to stop without problems, though the city not too big, but work will always be. The place is famous for the architectural culture, purity and a number of sights.

It is the best of all to consider each aspect in detail separately. What to you to choose the settlement or the city in the south of Russia for a permanent residence? Existence or lack of an outlet to the sea as it in a root changes climate and external conditions of accommodation is important. In general, the area can be divided into three types conditionally:

Further in video housing, transport, the communal flat, products is detailed about that, how much is life in Krasnodar:

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at the request of chitaty: features of rent of houses in the village

features of rent of houses in the village

If you want to remove from the city to the country, then, in my opinion, it is worth beginning with rental housing. Living in leased housing, you will be able to look round, get acquainted with fellows villager, to study climate and features of the nature, and the most important - to pass the first difficult period of adaptation. If something goes not so, it is possible to leave leased housing without cares and grief, and here bought or the house under construction will become a burden. I will share the modest experience that you did not wait from the market of rent in the village of the same logic, as in the megalopolis.

2. It is necessary to use all possible ways of search of housing:

3. Housing, not conforming to city standards at all can be leased: without water in the house, with the bad oven, without firewood for the winter, with cracks in walls. So if you have some concrete restrictions, for example, small children who need heat and stable water, surely sound these wishes at discussion of options. Sometimes there are quite acceptable options, for example, we rented the house with a normal toilet and a shower.

4. Be ready to serve the house independently. If conducting begins to spark, in the winter from cold pipes will burst or the piece of plaster falls off, it is improbable that owners will resolve this issue. Quite often owners in general live in other settlement, and just cannot quickly resolve issues. And if live nearby - can react to your requests extremely reluctantly. The more independently you will be, the better for you. By the way, it is necessary to pay for repair quite often independently, and can not compensate you these expenditure even on account of the rent.

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of Krabi, the most interesting


Krabi is the city which inhabits about 30 000 inhabitants, admincentre the province of the same name in the south of Thailand. From Bangkok it is removed on 946 km, and from Phuket on 180 km.

the Unique religious sight - the Wat Kaew Korawaram temple complex - is recognized as the second in beauty and popularity in all province (on the first place of Wat Tham Suea). Address of Wat Kaew Korawaram ensemble: Issara Road, Pak-us, Krabi 81000. It is the most convenient to reach there on foot as it is the downtown of Krabi, and the card with sights will help to orient on city streets.

One tradition is connected with this sculpture: the people dreaming of ideal family and good children have to rub an armor of a krabik, and then their dream be executed. Krabit already rubbed to gloss - their armors literally sparkle under sunshine!

Krabi town is located in the mouth of the small river of Krabi, slightly at some distance from the coast of the Andaman Sea and has no beach.

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of the Photo and the description how to reach, is curious

the temple of a tiger Krabi Thailand: a photo and the description how to reach

The temple of the Tiger (Krabi) - the popular sight also known under the name "tiger cave". There come millions of guests and pilgrims. Local travel agencies offer excursions to the temple with a pleasant bonus - a trip to hot springs. However at sources there are always a lot of travelers and forces after such travel remain a little. There is no need to buy an excursion tour, to the temple of the Tiger it is easy to reach by own efforts.

the Building of the temple is near an entrance and the free parking. It was equipped in a grotto and covered with an extension - the place, quite fascinating and unusual to the European person, turned out. There come pilgrims, and near a grotto there is a small room where protect Buddha's trace.

If to rise facing a statue of the Chinese goddess, the ladder a well or Land of the Lost or the settlement of monks is located at the left. Steps, and their a little more than 100, are laid directly in the rock and conduct to an arbor where it is possible to have a rest. In the bottom of steps there is a footpath which conducts to a well. Today directly from it tropical trees grow.

Behind the place for meditations and the economic block caves where monks come to pray are located, and some live here. The territory huge, of course, you can go further, but hardly you will have enough for it forces. Learn the PRICES or reserve any housing by means of this form

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the Most interesting: what love the girl for

for what love the girl

Why in this case not to please the girl if she so wants. It is the best of all to speak by the own words and the more simply, the better.

This reception will impress the young lady not less.

If the girl asks to call concrete examples what you love her for, then, I am afraid, extensive reflections that "love for everything" or the same terse answer will not satisfy the woman. She wants to listen to pleasant words. She now also says about it. She also knows what it can be loved for. And here you risk to pass for the bore if do not connect all the oratorical abilities.

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