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Published: 9.6.2019
children brought Angelina Jolie to a hysterics: move to the daddy

The Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has six children. From them three, Shaylo, Knox and Vivienne, are biological successors who were born at the beauty in marriage with her ex-spouse Brad Pitt. By the way, the other day the western press dappled with headings that Pitt started a romance with the colleague of Charlize Theron. However soon it turned out that it no more than conjectures.

we Will remind

, earlier we wrote that it became known how the logo of the Eurovision Contest 2019 will look. The competition this year will take place in the capital of Israel Tel Aviv. Every year for holding a competition the country organizer together with organizing committee thinks out the new motto and a logo. The Eurovision slogan this year is Dare to Dream (Dare to dream). The logo was developed by the Israeli branding agency.

According to the edition Angelina Jolie was in a hysterics and begged Shaylo to remain with it, however intention of the young daughter unshakably. Equally, as well as her desire to put on as the guy.

Also the edition wrote that the girl agrees to remain to live with mother provided that that will give to Brad more freedom in communication with children and will improve their family relations what were prior to a divorce.

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Due to the recent events two of six descendants of Jolie-Pitt decided to move down from star mother. the 17-year-old Cambodian Maddox whom Angelina adopted in 2002 expressed desire to begin independent life and to move down from mother, and 12-year-old Shaylo who wished earlier that it was called John decided to move to Brad at all. The Radar Online edition reports about it.

Besides, we told that the legendary Hollywood actor Jim Carrey was published with the new girl. Several years later, after a tragic suicide of the former beloved of the actor Kataorina Whyte Carrey conducted solitary life and practically did not appear in public. And recently, on an award ceremony the Golden Globe of 2019 it appeared in public with the colleague according to series I Joke. By the way, for a role in this TV show of Kerry nominated for an award.

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