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Published: 7.6.2019
dust tick

Dust is a worst enemy of each housewife. Despite regular cleaning, it appears very quickly and settles a thin layer on all surfaces in the house. At the same time completely it is impossible to get rid of annoying motes, they consist including of the died-off parts of our skin.

"So Simply!" will tell how to carry out clear-out on the eve of New Year's holidays that the house shone from purity and freshness as if after high-quality work of professionals-klinerov.

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According to researches of the American scientists, one person makes in a month approximately a teaspoon of dust of a such type which, nevertheless, has enough for a pro-forage of the whole one million dust pincers.

Food diatomaceous earth can be used as means from dust pincers. It is scattered a thin layer on all surfaces (carpets, oriental carpets, mattresses, plank beds of pets), leave a minimum for two hours, and it is one night better, and then vacuum. Such procedure is capable to lower population of our undesirable neighbors significantly. Use air filters and ochistitelichisty air in the house it is possible to carry to basic physiological needs of the person. And if you do not live near the park, then, most likely, you need the air cleaner. As a rule, it includes the fan which with a force involves air from the room and banishes it via the system of filters.

In the USA, for example, at more than 80% of asthmatics pincers became a cause of illness. To get rid of dust, dust pincers and the allergy accompanying them, follow our instructions.

It is necessary to wipe not only a surface of furniture, but also a soft upholstery of sofas and chairs. There is a great "grandmother's" way: you take an old sheet, you moisten it with water, you cover a sofa and you beat out it by means of a vybivalka for carpets. You will be surprised how many dust remains after that on a sheet. & #169; Pylchtoba mine DepositPhotosHe in the house was less dust, try to get rid of objects which especially strongly accumulate it. It is necessary to remove carpets, especially with long pile. Heavy curtains can be replaced with blinds. In the bedroom there should not be a computer and other equipment with which it is difficult to remove dust. Regiments with books have to be closed. & #169; Depositphotossniz temperature and humidity vozdukhapodderzhivay the relative air humidity not higher than 50% as domestic dust pincers do not love dryness and temperature below 22 degrees. Air the room more often, whenever possible hold windows on microairing the whole day. It will provide oxygen inflow, will refresh air and will reduce its humidity.

At decrease in humidity to 40% and temperature below 22 degrees ticks can survive no more than 11 days, and at a temperature below 10 degrees perish within 2 days. & #169; Depositphotospriobreti the allergic person washing a steam pylesosesla in the house, the ordinary vacuum cleaner not to manage. Steam vacuum cleaners, besides dry and damp cleaning, are capable to clean furniture, to disinfect surfaces, to fight against dust pincers and various house wreckers, to purify air in the room. Correctly choose and erase bed the belyeallergiya on dust ticks demands a right choice of bed linen. Change pillows and a blanket for new hypoallergenic. In pen-type and down sleeping accessories pincers extend most actively.

How to get rid of dust pincers in the house

Dust or bed pincers are so small that are invisible to an eye, however they can annoy us largely. Each individual lives on average 4 months, during this time the female of a tick-saprofita postpones until 300 eggs.

During the operation of the air cleaner of a window in the room have to be completely closed, otherwise the procedure of cleaning will be inefficient. Do not forget also about need to regularly clean filters to remove from them the collected dust. & #169; DepositPhotos

we Hope that article helped you to gain general idea about danger of dust pincers and about what means to get rid of them. Who is warned - that is armed. The earlier you will begin fight against these dangerous microorganisms, the less harm they will manage to do to you.

Ticks perish at a temperature over 60 degrees therefore wash the bed linen at more high temperature. In the summer of sushi a bed on a balcony or on the street in the open sun, previously having turned a set inside out. Use a method of ours babushekto that cannot be washed at high temperature, it is possible to freeze. Dust ticks are afraid of cold and sunshine therefore methods of our grandmothers which hung out mattresses in the yards in the winter are relevant and today. Get the plants improving vozdukhv to fight against dust pincers fresh flowers will help. These green assistants perfectly purify air, doing life of inhabitants of the house it is more comfortable and more pleasant. Do not forget that on some species of flowers you or your members of household can have an allergy. With care use household himiyuprodukta of household chemicals which for certain will be in each house, can cause an allergy. It not only detergents and means for cleaning, but also air fresheners which can aggravate an allergic syndrome and increase risk of development of bronchial asthma. Try to buy cleaners which part only natural and vegetable ingredients are. Do not allow dust pincers to extend through the zhivotnykhspalny place of our pets is an ideal dwelling for dust pincers. For fluffy friends special leaving is necessary. In the apartment where there live pets, it is better to remove all carpets and oriental carpets. The bedroom has to be also forbidden room for your cat or a dog. Do not let animals to a bed. & #169; House tapochkima we bring to Depositphotosispolzuy from the street on footwear a lot of dirt which, drying, turns into dust. So, changing the shoes after arrival from work to house-shoes, you reduce amount of dust in the house, so, and allergic load of an organism. & #169; Depositphotoskizelgur as means against kleshcheypo to the number of applications diatomaceous earth can be compared unless to soda. In Europe it is known as the popular nutritional supplement improving a condition of hair, nails, bones and joints, and diatomite is familiar to the Russian-speaking consumer as fertilizer and means for fight against insects.

The most effective are NERA-filters today. They detain the smallest and dangerous particles of pollutants to the person, even such tiny allergens as allocations of dust pincers.

Diatomaceous earth - an inexpensive and effective alternative to chemical poisons. It is non-toxic for children, birds and pets, but at the same time destroys ants, fleas, cockroaches, bugs and ticks.

Ticks of house dust do not bite and do not carry infectious diseases, however their excrement has a special talent to cause an allergy and also asthma, eczema, inflammation of a throat.

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