Life hack: international program of exchange of students of global ugrad 2019

Published: 5.6.2019
international program of exchange of students of global ugrad 2019

Possibly, each student at least once thought of how study in other countries what differences are in educational process and in the most student's life. Especially as the Internet and cinema maintain interest, showing bright and fascinating student's life in the USA & #8212; it both incendiary parties, and fraternities with the secrets (membership in which remains for many years), sports meets which bring together full stadiums, and other events. By the way, besides various entertainments student's life in America and Europe differs also in education level. Everyone who approaches under requirements of the program can try to pass a competition in Global Ugrad.

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. You need to know well English.

What is required for participation? Each talented student who studies in a specialist programme and a bachelor degree is not more senior than a third year can participate in an open competition. For this purpose, to participate in selection competitions and to win, it is necessary to have some talents and also to show good results in the course of training, to be socially active person. Also it is necessary to study, have well leadership skills, to be able to talk in English. Participation in social projects of own university will be additional plus.

If chance if you do not know Toyefl?

Datkayy, already began.

The chance throughout one semester to study in one of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of the USA is provided to those who underwent selection tours. It should be noted that this educational process will not lead to the diploma in any way. It is meant that after the year spent in one of educational institutions of America, the student will return and will gain the diploma in the native higher education institution.

From participants the high activity & #8212 is expected; participation in entertaining and cultural actions, visit of professional and uzkotematichesky meetings, the practician and a training and also social activity within high school offers. It should be noted that visitors students are absolutely balanced in the rights with "local" & #8212; it means that any scientific actions in higher education institution are available to participants of Global Ugrad.

Accommodation of the students who arrived from other countries will be organized in dormitories. Young people practically of any specialties take part, the separate remark concerns only medical practice.

I study at the university of Tajikistan too and I participate. You can participate when graduate from school and enter to the university in the country.

And whether I can participate in a competition if I study at high school and I live in Tajikistan.

Expenses which are connected with participation, for example:

I have a level & #8212 now; intermediete. If I begin to study with this moment what chances I will have?

Candidates for participation are selected by means of an open competitive competition. To take part in it, fill out the application which two parts enter. It is possible to make it online, or to print out the application and to send it by mail.

Each student who passed the Global UGRAD program has more advantages, for example:

The program of exchange does not mean receiving an academic degree and crusts therefore each student undertakes to specify independently whether his educational institution will be able to accept estimates and the other achievements received during study in America during the program.

About safety what you can tell?

When selection will begin? That is the first round?

Besides Russia the program in 2019 is available also to students from such places as:

Special plus can be considered acquaintance to the scientific environment of America and also chance to plunge on language Wednesday, to participate in everyday household life of Americans. By the way, besides immersion in life of typical American students, the program provides also studying of American studies throughout a course & #8212; it can be the history of America, literature, the device of a control system of the state.


Also it is necessary to get acquainted with responses of those who went according to programs for this or that specialty, it will help to be prepared in the best way for a trip, to learn that it actually enters educational process.

One of indispensable conditions is the stock of time for preparation for the diploma & #8212; those students who after end of the program will be able to carry out within a year preparation for a thesis defense in the Russian higher education institution are selected. Also there are age restrictions & #8212; all students who participate in the program of 2019 have to be more senior than 18 years and 24 is younger.

So, for example, that who wishes to take part in 2019 in the program, it is necessary to submit the application through the educational institution, and organizers on both sides will be able to pick up that educational institution which will correspond to most chosen specialty.

According to requirements of the student's American visa of J-1, students who study medicine and adjacent specialties (pharmaceutics, nurse business) will not be able to take part in treatment of patients (the same concerns also veterinarians concerning animals). It means that the student can have limited chances in that HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION which will accept it. However, it must be kept in mind that students are not allowed to choose institute at which they will study.

Each training program has certain differences, and organizers consider it therefore all candidates who reached the final obtain enormous information on what is studied right now by their peers from similar specialties.

Whether it is possible to participate in this program if training takes place in other country? I study in China, and nationality at me other country.

We have a chance without TOEFL to win?


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