Roll from a lavash in an oven, at requests of readers

Published: 15.6.2019
roll from a lavash in an oven

If at the word "forcemeat" you represent only cutlets and a nourishing pan of pasta in a naval way, we intend to expand your culinary horizons! Our today's recipe - the simple decision for hostesses who adore indulging family and guests unusual dishes, but do not like to stand at a plate at all.

Preparation of a dish caused difficulties? Watch our video hint rather!

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The editorial office "So Simply!" will fill up your culinary moneybox with one more tremendous recipe! Tasty roll from a lavash with forcemeat is a juicy vegetable stuffing, gentle meat and surely a crisp. And if guests unexpectedly appear suddenly, some 30 minutes - and the nourishing entertainment from available ingredients is ready!

Nourishing, beautiful, and, above all, such fast roll in preparation will be pleasant both house, and to guests. This plain dish can be eaten for breakfast and a dinner, to take in the road and for work, to experiment easily with a stuffing, replacing one ingredient with another. In a word, very lazy dish for those who like to eat nourishingly!


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