personal development Factors in modern society, the most interesting

Published: 17.6.2019
personal development factors in modern society

How the identity of each person is formed? Whether education or the main thing - heredity influences her? Whether art so is necessary or it is possible to do without it? Below we will consider all major factors influencing personal development.

influence of music on development of sense of beauty, especially classical, forming bright perception of harmonious sounding Is important for

. The people creating masterpieces of art confirm with the talent also that, as activity as a factor of personal development is very important, especially in favourite business.

The feelings and experiences received at contemplation of masterpieces confirm influence of art on enrichment of relationship of the person with the world around, spiritually ennobling the person. But for the correct perception art and pieces of music, it is necessary to possess art and esthetic understanding, that is constantly since the childhood to gain knowledge of culture and art, developing at itself esthetic intuition.

Wednesday, besides social, is house (family). The family outlines a focus of interest, forms values inravstvenny qualities of the person. Here not there is a speech about education, only about influence of family on personal development in terms of Wednesday yet:

The person postoyannovzaimodeystvut with the society surrounding him such as friends, acquaintances, school, institute, working collective. The individual cannot be created without communication. As broadcast all school textbooks: the person - a being biosocial, in him the nature and spirit connected. Lack of influence of communication on development lichnostichrevato mental deviations.

Also there is a geographical environment (the birthplace, accommodation of the individual) which considers:

Education as a factor of personal development is shown in the childhood. Originally major role in this process is played by the parents training the kid to eat, sleep, to put on independently. Then there comes the turn of kindergartens, schools at which the rights of education are transferred to tutors, teachers. But at the same time it is important not to stop educational process of the house, opening the child of moral standard, honor, advantage. Not all school teachers are capable to interweave the ethical, esthetic moments into especially educational subject process.

The geneticist N.P. Dubinin insists, chtouroven is not transferred intelligence from parents to children. It can upset academicians, but give hope to those who did not master even the school program. However thinking type, without binding to quality of powers of thinking is transferred.

Notice how residents of Norway strikingly differ from indigenous people of Zimbabwe, and not only externally.

Except finding of an usloviyobucheniye, communication allows the person to be enriched intellectually. New knowledge cannot be gained without conducting dialogue with intellectual property (oral or written) other person.

Spiritual influence of art on the person is specific, it clarifies, cleans feelings, causing sometimes so-called "catharsis". Besides the cleaning function of art on personal development, exists compensatory, that is promoting spiritual harmony of the person.

What we inherit from parents, besides color of eyes, skin and hair? Whether there is a gene which is responsible for future intelligence of the child? Yes and no. To us only abilities to any type of activity (sport, languages, creativity), but not ready data by means of which it is possible to turn into the gifted artist or the ingenious writer from the cradle at once are transmitted to inheritance. These tendencies should be developed, provided the child with the correct educational environment, then they will bear fruits. Otherwise - will remain are deeply hided even from the owner of abilities. Need of education and development is defined by personal development conditions.

Since the birth to death we develop: physically, it is moral, spiritually, psychologically. Our formation is influenced by five factors. Among them across Zenkovsky (the teacher, the culturologist):

The impact of education on personal development by parents will be always more main, than any other. The attitude of parents towards the child, the chosen interaction vector with the child, amount of time found for it, attention is reflected in all further human life, forming fundamental base.

Sociologists, teachers and culturologists actively investigate a question what factors influence development of the person, besides already mentioned. It turned out that influence of culture on personal development - is invaluable. Art display of reality forms intelligence, the moral principles, installations, feelings of the person.

Formation of qualities of the personality is influenced by biological and social factors. Influence of heredity and Wednesday it is indisputable as they are external and internal factors of development. Still it is possible to call them natural and social. Professors of the whole world struggle with what of them is the leading factor in personal development.

Influence of culture on personal development consists in finding of ability to see fine around itself, in formation of emotional intelligence, in education of skill coherent and a trope of the thoughts. It broadens horizons, enriches inner world.

Addictions of mothers and fathers always affect posterity: alcoholism, drug addiction, mental diseases introduce the negative amendments in inheritance of abilities and intelligence.

The thirst for interaction with other people is put in us since the birth. First of all the baby looks for contact with mother: corporal, visual, emotional. Without receiving a response to the inquiries, the newborn can become reserved, lose trust to the world around.

Separately allocate influence of a social role on personal development. Important not only stay in society per se, but still a role which in this society is played by the specific person: father of family or bachelor, director or subordinate, child or already adult man. Each role influences on the, forming the qualities of the individual necessary of life at present. About the relations in family and society it is detailed chitaytezdes.

Some scientists add culture and individual experience of the person. These factors influencing personal development are discussed within decades: what it is more important, genetics or training? What influence of art on the person? On these questions there is no exact answer, as on many others, connected with society yet. Influence of the environment on personal development is indisputable. But we will try to place priorities at least for ourselves.

The impact of education on personal development is important the same as heredity with Wednesday. Sometimes, education can correct formation of the person with bad heredity or grown in the bad environment.

"Emotions of art an essence clever emotions", - L.S. Vygotsky, the psychologist, the founder of the cultural and historical theory.

Knowing what influences formation of the individual, it is possible to try to grow up clever, capable, creative society. If everyone since the childhood feels influence of music on development of the person and influence of art on his perception of the world in general, will be born otzdorovy parents with good heredity, ready to present to the kid the favorable family environment and competent education, then the world will become a little better.

Besides heredity there are other factors important in formation of the person. Influence of society on personal development is enormous. All know a story about accidentally found children - "maugl", living for years out of society far in the forests raised by wolves, monkeys. They are not adapted for normal life, degree of a maturity remains at the level of 4-5-year-old children even after long years of rehabilitation with correctional teachers, psychologists.


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