by Make yourself three histories of young Russian businessmen who achieved success, the most readable

make yourself three histories of young Russian businessmen who achieved success

The wealth, popularity and good luck come not at once. But for those who are ready to study, to show persistence and to try again and again, grandiose success - the only final point of a way. Before you stories of three young businessmen who constructed multimillion business in Russia from scratch. Very few people believed in them, nevertheless they managed to achieve success and to become an example for those who only begin the business.

the Graduate of Sochi State University of tourism and resort business, in addition graduated from business school

But to start business, nothing without understanding a subject, Ovchinnikov did not gather therefore went to St. Petersburg to work in Papa John’ s, McDonald’ s and Sbarro. It helped it to learn from within how work known fast food institutions is arranged. Having armed with the got experience, Ovchinnikov returned to Syktyvkar, found the small basement for rent, bought the equipment, employed personnel and started creation of the signature recipe of pizza dough. So the new head of life Fedora - "Dodo Pizza" began.

In the fall of 2015 the network contained 68 pizzerias, and at the beginning of 2016 "Dodo Pizza" came to America: in Oxford construction of first Dodo began. And it - only the beginning of a long way to the purpose which was defined to himself by Fyodor. By 2020 he is going to build global network of 2500 pizzerias and to bring the company to the IPO.

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Mother has tea with the lover, secrets

mother has tea with the lover

8 years ago, having sent the daughter to the grandmother, we with the husband and friends went to have a rest to a tour base. Perfectly spent nearly two days there. On arrival noticed the mothers-in-law changed the attitude, it was considerably cold and extremely задумчива…

A in the morning already we arrived. Tells me this is the mother-in-law, and tears smother me Е from laughter. I call up the daughter I point a finger at a sugar bowl and I ask: "what is it?" "Lover" - loudly and surely answers the child.

The mother-in-law throws up the hands. Now this "lover" pursues me all life and became already the parable in our family.

Over a table the pause hanged, the mother-in-law reddened, but her wise girlfriend tactfully changed the subject. When women dispersed, the granddaughter already slept and at the mother-in-law it was not more detailed than an opportunity at the nobility about mother's lover.

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Popular : breeds of average dogs with photos and names, the small sizes for the apartment, quiet, suitable for children

of breed of average dogs, quiet, suitable for children, with photos and names, the small sizes for the apartment, quiet, suitable for children

Who did not dream to make a canine friend? And as far as it is convenient in the conditions of the apartment or the private house?

Shepherd's, guard dogs & #8212; types of breeds of sheep-dogs with photos and names

The ideal favourite for family which wants to have the amusing and devoted friend, but is ready to escape of the pet towards it is delightful to the smelling adventure. This is a typical dog of the average sizes for children and teenagers. In more detail about breed a beagle.

Certainly, dogs bring joy to family, but not everyone will be able to take the responsibility to get their houses. For any pet it is important to maintain physical health, and it is impossible without daily walks. Before bringing the pet, it is worth talking to each family member from the one who will walk him.

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Selection: the rare disease turned the little brother and the sister into old men

the rare disease turned the little brother and the sister into old men

Michael and Amber Vandevirt have one disease for two - a progeriya. The essence of a disease is in that, the human body grows old approximately for ten years in one year. Drugs did not think up yet therefore most of patients dies in a 12-year vozrst. The man who lived up to 26 years was the long-liver among them. Writes Daily Mail about it.

besides, we wrote that some parents store the dropped-out milk teeth of the children - and correctly do. If to make everything as that is demanded by the equipment, then milk teeth can save life to the child, even when he will grow up, or to help with treatment of many diseases. In more detail about that why and as it is necessary to keep teeth - read.

We will remind that earlier we wrote about the 4-year-old girl with a rare species of albinism. Because of it the child not only has no melanin, but also weak sight, sore lungs and bad coagulability of blood. But mother, as well as the girl, does not despond, and shares details of their life. The baby, as many users notice, is very similar to the main character of the famous animated film. Read history of the girl and look at her surprising similarity to the animation character according to the reference.

Children lost hair, they crumble teeth, and bones became very fragile. But Michael reconciled to the state, he wants to live up to 30 years though it already is considered & #171; долгожителем» among patients with a progeriya. The brother with the sister lead active lifestyle, communicate with friends, play bowling. Amber loves dances, and Michael already tried out as the DJ.

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Is curious: dry skin on elbows

dry skin on elbows

It after all because of a thyroid gland what I learned about, having independently undergone ultrasonography in my case. External signs of malfunctions with a thyroid gland were not, except dryness of skin, and discomfort at easy squeezing of a neck a collar or in hairdressing salons at a hairstyle (there obvorachivat a neck something for prevention of hit of hair on a body).


If to you liked the recipe from the book and you applied and received result, it is possible to thank, having sent the small sum to my cell phone number +7 - 919-746-52-58 (the operator of MTS). It is possible to make it in any automatic machine for payment of cellular communication.

Addressed the endocrinologist, she appointed herbs and ointment endokrinol so far, I smear with her not only a neck, but also an elbow, I apply also other nonconventional ways of treatment, but about it I will write not earlier than 2014 when I once again descend on consultation to the doctor and I know the result. As for a lokotka, now on it smooth skin.

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the Most readable: what useful properties the basil and where it is added contains

what useful properties contains a basil and where it is added

The basil is a plant which is applied in medicine and cookery as spice. Charge about 13 grades of this seasoning, each of them has the characteristic aroma. Began to smell it not to compare to anything, it is spicy, lemon, bitterish, anisic, camphor, peppery, is slightly similar to allspice, a carnation and is even a little similar to vanilla and caramel.

Each piece of a breast to cut

in half and to beat off a little a hammer for meat. In a half of meat to make a deep cut in the form of a pocket.

The basil is combined with rosemary, parsley, mint, a tarragon, a coriander and other spices.

In industrial production add spice for aromatization of sausage, pashtetny, canning products, alcoholic drinks, in particular liqueurs as in dry, and fresh. Fresh greens emphasize tastes of hot and cold dishes.

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From our readers: how to paint with bright paints the life

how to paint with bright paints the life

Decided to share with You, my dear reader, the SECRET. I want to tell You about an event which radically changed my life one and a half years ago.

Though I realized it quite recently. Especially brightly I understood it during the recent 9-day travel on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

During this time I completely changed the sphere of the activity, was implemented in the new projects, began to travel often, got new interesting friends and began to receive powerful results in different areas of the life.

How to begin to Live on New and to find Lifestyle of the Winner?

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Updating: stars which got to scandals, but wrapped up them to themselves on advantage

of a star which got to scandals, but wrapped up them to themselves on advantage

Celebrities always are under a sight of media exposure and public. For this reason they use a set of the efforts that nobody saw them in unattractive light, often, quite so and leaves. As a rule, fans know only the most positive and fine sides of the idols. However we will devote this article to the most juicy scandals which our heroes managed to leave with honor and advantage. Ten these star lucky could not only win the hearts of fans, but also make a considerable fortune on the defeats.

In the 2018th year Dana was accused of providing intimate services to very wealthy men. For the first time this information appeared on Telegram channel of the Super edition then media instantly distributed it everywhere. Dana's correspondences via WhatsApp with the wealthy native of Vladikavkaz were laid out. At the same time the price of favor of Dana was four thousand dollars. What surprise of fans when after numerous charges of the press of Dan, without hiding the incident, quietly answered was: "Well and that?".

The famous beauty Kim Kardashyan became famous for Skanadalno in many respects thanks to pornovideo merged in network in 2006 where it and her boyfriend, the rapper Ray Jay were depicted. At first the girl denied that on video she, and even filed a lawsuit when one of the companies began preparation for sale of a roller on DVD disks. All and settled if Kym's mother did not interpose in the matter. Chris Jenner organized the show under the name "Kardashyan Family" which subsequently became one of the most popular television projects and which brought to the heroes glory, adoration of public and the fabulous fees. The plot of the first series was tied just on sexual scandal to which one of sisters got.

But not so long ago, during a fashion week passing in New York from September 6 to September 14, Selena participating in display of the capsular Coach X Selena Gomez collection clearly let know the relation to a statement Gabana. The girl decorated the hairstyle with a bright hairpin with the inscription "Ugly creature". The self-irony of the singer so struck public that that exploded an applause. For such tactful, caustic and at the same time amusing answers to vital disorders Selena is idolized by her devoted fans.

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New : to accept itself with all giblets

accept itself with all giblets

In article I explain one unusual, simple practice which is bringing closer to the world with itself - "practice of acceptance of". It was developed spontaneously in work with clients.

I Understand

how look strange all this can as if offer some negative affirmation. But the equipment certain time does not inspire anything new. On the contrary, it allows to pull out already put active auto-suggestion from soul depths and to neutralize it. Recognition does not fix a label, and opposite, allows to get off it finally. For many "experimental" it is tested, checked - works.

Fauna: monkey, cow, pig, ram, mare, deer, camel, goat, seal, donkey, giraffe, hamster, hippopotamus, ostrich, heron, chicken, rooster, duck, peacock, penguin, turkey-cock, baby bird.

One more analogy - the person who for some wild reason, suddenly, began to hate own left hand - at first marked it with a source of all the troubles, and then at all refused to recognize, say - "I have no relation to this poverty". Hid a hand in a raincoat pocket, for some time forgot about its existence and calmed down. But it became inconvenient to live in such constraint of to it, certainly. And business even not in how it had to meet many restrictions with such approach, and that a considerable part of all of its physical and sincere resources began to be spent for keeping this illusion of non-participation in own extremity. At night she dreams in nightmares, and creates a disturbing background of terrible presentiments and suspicions into the own account in the afternoon - something implicit, forgotten, chilling - absolutely nearby.

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Is curious: the man tracked down 3 years this rare handsome amazing shots flew about the whole world

the man tracked down 3 years this rare handsome amazing shots flew about the whole world

In the nature there are so rare animals that on their search the huge amount of time and forces leaves. The white elk is such animal! The researcher Hans Nilsson from Sweden managed to depict extremely rare white elk after looked for it the whole three years. Nilson shot this video in Sweden. The roller received a huge number of viewings!

the World could see something amazing! The man imprinted as the elk enters a stream, and then gracefully leaves and shakes off. After that the proud elk started a meal. Most of all Nilson shocked the fact that the elk turned and looked directly at him! He will forever remember this moment. This animal so rare that in Sweden there will be only 100 white individuals.

By the way, it is not an elk albino as many of you could think. This color is a consequence of a genetic mutation. It makes this animal even more surprising. You will be surely captivated by its beauty and a snow-white color.

Enjoy a beautiful elk and tell all friends!

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