Secrets: burger king started an action in support of Russian football team

Burger King started an action in support of Russian football team

The network of Burger King fast food restaurants started an action in support of Russian football team, the press service of the company reports.

Earlier, on January 1, 2018, Burger King started a one-day action of delivery of a brine. "We are sure that on January 1 expeditious delivery of a brine for half an hour will be very demanded and will strengthen love to our brand therefore decided on a similar innovation" - the press service of Burger King wrote in December, 2017.

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The company will sell to clients who will guess quantity of the scored goals a vopper for 1 rub Besides, all guessed clients will participate in a draw of 5 thousand bonus points of network, equal 5 thousand rubles. The draw will take place in Instagram of the company on July 10.

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60, at requests of readers


You will not grow old until your spirit is young and in soul you keep young years. Whom would you like to see yourself in old age? Many young people see an old age as weakness and helplessness. But old men are capable to give a heat even to young people! For example, this woman that still zinger. Her sixty, and she will outdo on a dance floor to anyone. The woman dances hip-hop in style and draws to herself the mass of attention with the dances! Moreover, it even has pupils on dances.

you can see

On this video as she appears with the pupils on stage of a dancing competition. Here and so it is necessary to treat the old age and for anything not to be discouraged. Old age & #8212; it is small life from which it is necessary to take everything that were not in time earlier! Our heroine incredibly loves the work, it can helps it to keep youth in soul. Do you want to look as the 60-year-old woman blows up a dance floor?

We look and we tell friends!

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At what diseases can be used vibration massage, a selection

at what diseases it is possible to use vibration massage

Vibration massage implies oscillatory impact on an organism. It is carried out by special receptions or the device. It is used for reduction of pain, inflammation and also as tonic. From antiquity people studied action of vibration on a human body, but only in the 19th century it was succeeded to develop special receptions.

is recommended to clasp with

During the session the child for edges and on an exhalation to press it a little. At bronchitis vibration massages need to be done from below up. The minimum age for use of similar manipulations - 6 months

It is recommended to hold sessions at spasms and also for removal of inflammations at bronchitis, osteochondrosis and at gastrointestinal diseases.

Continuous vibration is divided into such types:

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of Feature and advantage new on the website

leasing for legal entities: features and advantages

Leasing of cars for the organizations is a widespread service which a set of the companies use now. In essence leasing represents lease of vehicles on the basis of the relevant contract, that is this legal action supported with the civil legislation.

Thus, leasing for the organizations represents favorable service which differs in loyal conditions, reliability and convenience to each client. If you had questions concerning such service, you can always set them to our consultant: the expert will tell you about conditions of signing of the contract, features of drawing up such agreement, the number of payments, leasing cost, cars which are available in our park and so on. Thanks to it your company can make the correct decision and sign the contract on profitable terms.

It should be noted that you make the decision on features of payments independently, payments can be uniform or on seasons. This question is recommended to be discussed beforehand with the staff of the company.

Leasing for legal entities gives the chance to expand own vehicle fleet with modern vehicles, to make delivery of products and other work of the company of quicker.

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Is curious: the greatest investors in the world

the greatest investors in the world

Two news for today.

the Second news - Warren Buffett is the greatest investor in the world. Stock quotations of his company grow on average for 19,7% a year for the last 50 years! Amazingly, isn't that so?

2) from August 8 to August 16, during our joint vacation which we will spend in the south of Russia - interestingly it is useful also with adventures. It will be an exit "Workshop on personal finance and investment" - is more detailed HERE

They think that it is also difficult as rocket production. This delusion is actively maintained by banks and investment companies - that people bore the money to them, and they would make good money on it.

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the Most readable: a make-up for club, step-by-step technology of performance makeup on a disco

make-up for club, step-by-step technology of performance makeup on a disco

Today in a make-up there are no accurate bans: it is possible to be painted as will take in head. Unfortunately, not all do it appropriate, and in sunny day it is possible to see on the street the girl with blood-red lips and bright smoky eyes. But nevertheless it is necessary to do differentiations in a daily make-up and a make-up for a visit of night club because the last cardinally differs from all other ways of putting cosmetics.

When the emphasis is placed on sponges, then the ombra can execute on them a make-up - it perfectly is suitable for night club. In other cases classical meyk ap it is carried out according to the following scheme:

A make-up for club in style a cat's eye quite self-sufficient. It can be not supplemented with shadows. But if the scope of a party demands bright colors, then over an arrow it is possible to conjure any juicy shade.

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to Take French leave that means, interesting

take French leave that means

Besides, it is good still because allows to avoid funny situations. For example, if in one day took and did not come to work, after without returning there, employees and the boss can think that you died or something happened to you. And to keep ringing to you home or to your relatives. Unless you need such hassle?

Before using this phrase it is applicable a concrete situation, or to use this method of farewell, it is necessary to find out certain nuances.

If you faced leaving of the beloved or woman, it is important to release. My article how to accept that you were stopped loving will help with it. You should not look for this person, to keep ringing to his relatives or friends, to try to catch or employ the detective. The person who takes from the significant relations French leave without a uniform word, absolutely definitely does not want you to see more in the life. Unless you want to be for someone importunate?

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Ultim tule's , novelty

Pluto remained behind the following stop of mankind: ultimo to Tula

"Spacecraft of NASA & #171; New горизонты» departs to a ten-year travel on a visit the planet Pluto further!".

In our fantastic shows spaceships of next centuries are always universal and capable to travel to any place where their fearless captains go. In the 21st century all of us still are in an era when our spaceships are intended for single use and only for achievement of definite purposes. Because often they have enough fuel only for it. Several times we managed to send our ships to additional missions for visit of other comet or an asteroid.

And still one of a set of exclusive features of "The new horizons" is that it was from the very beginning developed to follow out of limits of Pluto and to explore other worlds which were not even identified at its start. It was necessary because during its take-off no object of the Kuiper belt which could reach "The new horizons" after visit of Pluto was known. Nevertheless, our statistical knowledge of the Kuiper belt showed what such objects has to be much, and we can find them while "The new horizons" are en route. As soon as it occurs, "The new horizons" will be redirected on new objects.

The next approach will take place in 33 minutes after midnight, however on Earth it will become known only next morning. In six billion kilometers communication works at distance very long: light will need 12 hours to overcome distance between Earth and the spacecraft. Carrying out the last maneuvers, the probe will be provided to itself. It is possible to tell, the probe will celebrate New Year at the far-out dwarf planet together with us.

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Novelty: period of validity of the document and rule of entrance

<"is necessary to img src="" title=the international passport to China for Russians in 2019: whether period of validity of the document and rule of entrance of" width="500" height="326" alt="is necessary the international passport to China for Russians in 2019: period of validity of the document and rule of entrance">

The Chinese side also demands charge for entrance. It is possible to pay transition and to fill out the coupon to Heihe. At pass of passport control a half of the coupon is taken away. The second - needs to be stored together with the return ticket until return home.

At citizens of Russia trips and tours to China both for rest, and for business relations enjoy the increasing popularity. Whether the international passport to China and the visa is necessary or there is an opportunity to go to this country without this document only with the Russian passport? It agrees to the rules existing in the current year, it is possible to visit the country only with the visa (there is an exception only for owners of diplomatic passports) and with the international passport.

The place of crossing of Amur River depends on season:

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Popular : whether the visa to northern Cyprus to citizens of the CIS in 2019 is necessary

whether the visa to northern Cyprus to citizens of the CIS in 2019 is necessary

Northern Cyprus is very popular among travelers from the CIS countries, and here not only have a rest on beaches in summer months. Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Armenians live in this republic not one millennium: study, work, improve skills, open the business. Statistically, at the moment on the island there are about 35-40 000 Russians. But how to be that who for the first time goes to these regions? Whether the visa to Northern Cyprus is necessary - and if yes, as it to receive that?

One more typical mistake: to arrive to the Southern Cyprus, to get over on the North, and then, having acquired the ticket for the ferry to Turkey or Israel, or having sat down on some flight at the local airport, to leave home. First, it is an algorithm difficult and means many changes. Secondly, that more important, according to documents you will be registered not left Northern Cyprus, and this already gross violation of migration policy. Do not you want to pay penalties or to appear in the black list?

To the people who are going to spend week - another on the Cyprian coast, it is not necessary to go by the homeland to embassy and to provide documents - enough to issue the pro-visa, to take with itself the international passport and to reserve a room in hotel. And here if you were invited to the country on study or work, with execution of papers there can be difficulties.

Below you will find summary what to do in each case.

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