Updating: features of education in Mexico for foreigners in 2019

of feature of education in Mexico for foreigners in 2019

Every year migrants have more and more reasons to move to Mexico. This country is famous not only the beautiful nature and warm climate, but also high quality of life at very reasonable prices (both on food, and on housing). Therefore it is impossible to call the idea to get an education in Mexico bad. Yes, the diploma issued by higher education institution of this country will hardly open before you doors of the largest international companies. However, having made some efforts, you can become the true professional in the sphere chosen by you.

Should not trust the stereotypes saying that Mexico & #8211; the country of slums where purposeful, clever and wealthy people have nothing to do. Yes, 100 years ago the vast majority of the population was illiterate, besides in the country, alas, the problem with crime is still not solved. However the government makes efforts in order that the state developed, first of all in the economic plan, and supports such industries as mining and tourism.

It is necessary to watch closely an expiration date of documents & #8211; having broken migration regime, you risk to lose the right for entry into Mexico for the next 5-10 years.

Do you go to Mexico for study in flight school or to a training among participants of the international program which will be organized by one of numerous firms? Then additional documents can be necessary for you. For example, the certificate of lack of criminal record or a number of health certificates (about absence of dangerous infectious diseases).

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Value of a mascot, rule of leaving and creation of artificial composition, novelty

a tree on the hair dryer Shui: value of a mascot, rule of leaving and creation of artificial composition

According to the ancient doctrine presence in the house of plants favorably affects all atmosphere. It is not a just decorative element, it is the invisible protection interfering distribution of negative energy.

can get a similar element practically in any souvenir little shop Today. However the artificial plant created by own hands in which the soul piece was enclosed differs in bigger efficiency.

Artificial decorative figurines with abundance of coins on branches, really attract good luck.

The monetary tree is simple to make on the hair dryer Shui:

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Is updated: employees of the European logistic centers Amazon went on strike on black Friday

employees of the European logistic centers Amazon went on strike on black Friday

Employees of the European logistic centers Amazon went on strike on "Black Friday", reports to e-pepper.ru with reference to AP News and Techcrunch.

In April, 2018 the The Sun newspaper published the story by the British writer James Bladvort, some time of Amazon working at the British warehouse during collection of information for the book about low-wage job in Great Britain.

The Business Insider edition provided data of the separate research conducted by the Organise platform in which it is specified that nearly three quarters of employees of one of the centers of assembly of orders Amazon are afraid to use a toilet because of fears not to achieve the objectives established for them by the administration.

Employees of distribution centers in British Ragli, Milton-Kins, Warrington, Peterborough and Swansea and also the most part of employees of the logistic centers of the retailer in Spain and Germany, came to a 24-hour strike during the largest sale of year. They decided to protest on "Black Friday" to achieve the maximum financial losses of the company and to increase the chances to be heard.

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Selection: the 26-year-old employee of Google creates cryptocurrency on replacement to money

the 26-year-old employee of Google creates cryptocurrency on replacement to money

History of the former employee of Google Nadir Al-Nadzhi drew attention as quite recently large investors allocated to his young company 133 million dollars. Probably, the company is very perspective and if to understand more deeply Al-Nadzhi's ideas, it will become known that this is true. His company is called Basis, and it works on cryptocurrency which we will be able to apply to payment.

So left that the bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are rather good for speculation today, than for use as currency. The cost of currency can change sharply literally for an hour, and it causes huge inconveniences both to sellers, and buyers. For this reason Al-Nadzhi and his friends Lawrence Diao and Josh Chen had an idea to use a blockchain as a form of monetary regulation.

We will wait for emergence of realization of the idea which received so good financing. Basis expects that their technology first of all will help developing countries with undeveloped financial infrastructure.

The idea was so good that Al-Nadzhi left Google to devote all the time to Basis. At first he planned to develop the company own means, but became interested in him Google Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Andreessen Horowitz. Al-Nadzhi and his companions agreed to accept investments which made 133 million dollars.

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of 10 recipes with vegetable marrows, potato, eggplants, with meat, the most readable

vegetable stew: 10 recipes with vegetable marrows, potato, eggplants, with meat

Before giving we strew a dish with suppressed garlic and we strew with greens. Spreading ragout, I try to gather it, getting from the bottom, so all ingredients get on a plate.

Recently the appetite of my "men" strongly increased and became more exacting to food. They do not accept simple potato, vinaigrette and other my researches with vegetables.

Preparing vegetables for this dish, it is more preferable to pick up fruits of the average size.

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Popular : result from a training

result from a training

read a new Response on my December training "Winter intensiv. Seven checked ways to increase the income"

the Training remarkable! 

It was difficult to decide on some courageous steps concerning own money.

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Fast treatment of a fungus popular

fast treatment of a fungus

Many faced such trouble as a fungus of nails standing. The very unpleasant sore what to tell, and yet develops from nowhere and most often at all at the wrong time. Treatment of the started fungus - process long and labor-consuming. Therefore it is better to work quickly and considerably.

It is treatment showed very good results, but it is always necessary to remember one thing - everything individually. If you are not helped by this means, perhaps, there is a sense to look for other recipe.

If there is an opportunity, it is quite good to change a bandage in the morning and to put a new portion of means. But, of course, it is not always possible. Therefore do at least once in day. And so until grows a new nail. It can take some time, depending on as far as you have a started fungus (from 1 to 6 months). It is impossible to interrupt a course of procedures at all, otherwise it is necessary to start everything anew.

To prepare means, you need a horse-radish root. It needs to be rubbed on a small grater. Here means is also ready. Take grated horse-radish, apply to a sore nail and hardly redress. Now it is necessary to stock up with patience. It is better to make the procedure just before a dream that the bandage did not slip. Repeat the procedure every evening.

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Secrets: degree of a maturity of a placenta and purpose

degree of a maturity of a placenta and purpose

A placenta - the temporary new growth in a female body appearing during the fifth week of pregnancy. In a different way "afterbirth" or an afterbirth is called. Cellular fabric expands in the form of thin sosudistoobrazny fibers in a trunk.


On scientific research it is revealed that the placenta at the correct use well influences a human body. The proteins regulators which are contained in composition of "live medicine" have regenerative properties, activate stem cells, lead to updating of cellular structure and rejuvenation.

Experiences showed that after passing of a placentary course of treatment the organism "comes to life". Memory and working capacity improves. The immunity becomes stronger that helps to overcome a set of diseases.

Resistance to stress increases, the dream is normalized. The figure finds symmetry thanks to normalization of exchange processes. Skin is smoothed, wrinkles disappear. Sebaceous glands work correctly, it means that juvenile pimples and eels vanish.

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the Most interesting: the movie, the movie, the movie about the comic book as the cinema is arranged

the movie, the movie, the movie about the comic book as the cinema is arranged

So traveling through "Modern times" (1936) and "Terminator" (1984), the book comes to an end with a view of the future of the cinema.

A striking example of use of a voice as the instrument of acting - the hypnotizing Heath Ledger's transformation into the Joker in "The dark knight" (2008). Ledger uses a faltering rhythm and the fragmentary, shaking vote similar to as though at a children's toy battery mudflows is received. Under the clown to such an extent that can hardly be made out behind a mask of the person, we guess difficult history of the character zamalevanny on his voice: broken in itself, he points also to psychological injuries.

SCENERY AND ARCHITECTURE: From the earliest days of cinema of the audience carried away an opportunity to see the world surrounding us another. In this chapter we learn how our favourite movies became such memorable exactly thanks to space and the scene of action. The head travel of surprising movielands - from industrial hell of "Metropolis" (1927) in improbable neon landscapes "Running on an edge" (1982) which Ridley Scott tried to make the most realistic. For achievement of this purpose it weaves together real locations, scenery and tremendous special effects, creating a saturated visual cloth. As a result the infinite megalopolis tightened a smog where the old architecture mixes up from new turned out, cultures are alloyed together and borders disappear.

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of the Action Google, new

of an action Google

I continue to publish the answer to Valery who wants to take shares Google, Yandex and so forth. Read the beginning of my answer and a question HERE

the Most widespread answer - to Earn from a difference of quotations (bought is cheap-sold expensively)

I answered for myself these questions for a long time - and very multipage answer turned out. In more detail HERE

Whether so there is a game of candles?

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