Weather and water temperature in Sukhumi and other cities in October a season 2019, interesting

rest in Abkhazia: weather and water temperature in Sukhumi and other cities in October a season of 2019

October in Abkhazia is one of the most unpredictable periods. Therefore precisely to tell what weather in a certain year it will be difficult. At the same time there are certain trends which should be noted.

Water temperature is couple degrees colder to

than air temperature. Thus right at the beginning water is closer to 22-23 degrees. In the middle water temperature about 20 degrees is established, by November decreases till 17-19.

Since this period air temperature smoothly decreases to 20-22 degrees on average and by November is about twenty degrees.

At the same time in the mornings and to evenings can become it is cool, in particular after the middle of October.

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New on the website: rest in the Crimea on the sea, the description and features of tourism

the rock: rest in the Crimea on the sea, the description and features of tourism

The settlement the Rock is in the south of the Crimea between Gurzuf and Alushta to the west of the settlement of Partenit. The distance from Simferopol makes 62 km. This settlement is unique. The first buildings were built here before revolution of 1017, and the earth was in possession of the princess Gagarina.

In east part of the settlement.

Were in the Rock and Partenita. Unambiguously better, than in Alushta. It is less people, more purely, the nature beautiful.

In the settlement the Rock it is possible to visit At the Katyusha cafe, coffee shop of Robinzon hotel, Santa Barbara and Korona restaurants. I recommend to fans of seafood Verona hotel restaurant. There serve smart sea allsorts, the dishes from a rapan, a flounder and the red mullet.

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At requests of readers: registration of a working visa to Italy for Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians

registration of a working visa to Italy for Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians

The average salary in the world is counted by the International Labour Organization. Italy takes in the list of the countries the 9th place with the sum of 3200 US dollars (for 2019). The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development considers average annual salary, according to it Italy takes the 22nd place with the sum of 33 000-36 000 dollars. Respectively, it is about 28 000 euros a year or 2 300 - in a month.

Including it is about a guarantee of granting a workplace to each citizen of the EU.

And whether the ophthalmologist from Russia can find in Italy work?

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Life hack: conditioner from a flax for strengthening of hair

conditioner from a flax for strengthening of hair

One of the best natural means for a hair reconstruction & #8212; it is conditioner from a flax. He looks after hair and feeds them, doing beautiful and shining.

How to use conditioner from a flax?

To derive a benefit maximum from this means, it is very important to conform to the following rules:

Bring water to boiling and add flax seeds. In two minutes remove water from fire. When mix a little thickens, filter broth to remove from it seeds. Add three tablespoons of lemon juice (thanks to it it will be longer stored) to ready conditioner, and pour means in a bottle with the spray.

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Closing of nails wax and gel in house conditions, the most interesting

closing of nails wax and gel in house conditions

Many girls like to make experiments and various cosmetic procedures independently. The closing session in house conditions demands patience, skill and rather free time. Also this procedure not one-time, achievement of desirable effect requires its repetition.

Closing of nails wax - one of the most popular types of treatment and strengthening of a nail plate. Means on the basis of beeswax have the bactericidal and softening property and also remove inflammation and add to a marigold healthy color and gloss. Closing of nails by means of wax is recommended at their stratifying, in the presence of cracks and damages of a plate and also for treatment and restoration after building.

Having summed up the result It is necessary to tell that the procedure of closing of a marigold quite expensive, but effect of it just tremendous. You forever refuse extension of artificial nails in favor of the natural protecting materials.

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Updating: features of education in Mexico for foreigners in 2019

of feature of education in Mexico for foreigners in 2019

Every year migrants have more and more reasons to move to Mexico. This country is famous not only the beautiful nature and warm climate, but also high quality of life at very reasonable prices (both on food, and on housing). Therefore it is impossible to call the idea to get an education in Mexico bad. Yes, the diploma issued by higher education institution of this country will hardly open before you doors of the largest international companies. However, having made some efforts, you can become the true professional in the sphere chosen by you.

Should not trust the stereotypes saying that Mexico & #8211; the country of slums where purposeful, clever and wealthy people have nothing to do. Yes, 100 years ago the vast majority of the population was illiterate, besides in the country, alas, the problem with crime is still not solved. However the government makes efforts in order that the state developed, first of all in the economic plan, and supports such industries as mining and tourism.

It is necessary to watch closely an expiration date of documents & #8211; having broken migration regime, you risk to lose the right for entry into Mexico for the next 5-10 years.

Do you go to Mexico for study in flight school or to a training among participants of the international program which will be organized by one of numerous firms? Then additional documents can be necessary for you. For example, the certificate of lack of criminal record or a number of health certificates (about absence of dangerous infectious diseases).

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Value of a mascot, rule of leaving and creation of artificial composition, novelty

a tree on the hair dryer Shui: value of a mascot, rule of leaving and creation of artificial composition

According to the ancient doctrine presence in the house of plants favorably affects all atmosphere. It is not a just decorative element, it is the invisible protection interfering distribution of negative energy.

can get a similar element practically in any souvenir little shop Today. However the artificial plant created by own hands in which the soul piece was enclosed differs in bigger efficiency.

Artificial decorative figurines with abundance of coins on branches, really attract good luck.

The monetary tree is simple to make on the hair dryer Shui:

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Is updated: employees of the European logistic centers Amazon went on strike on black Friday

employees of the European logistic centers Amazon went on strike on black Friday

Employees of the European logistic centers Amazon went on strike on "Black Friday", reports to with reference to AP News and Techcrunch.

In April, 2018 the The Sun newspaper published the story by the British writer James Bladvort, some time of Amazon working at the British warehouse during collection of information for the book about low-wage job in Great Britain.

The Business Insider edition provided data of the separate research conducted by the Organise platform in which it is specified that nearly three quarters of employees of one of the centers of assembly of orders Amazon are afraid to use a toilet because of fears not to achieve the objectives established for them by the administration.

Employees of distribution centers in British Ragli, Milton-Kins, Warrington, Peterborough and Swansea and also the most part of employees of the logistic centers of the retailer in Spain and Germany, came to a 24-hour strike during the largest sale of year. They decided to protest on "Black Friday" to achieve the maximum financial losses of the company and to increase the chances to be heard.

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Selection: the 26-year-old employee of Google creates cryptocurrency on replacement to money

the 26-year-old employee of Google creates cryptocurrency on replacement to money

History of the former employee of Google Nadir Al-Nadzhi drew attention as quite recently large investors allocated to his young company 133 million dollars. Probably, the company is very perspective and if to understand more deeply Al-Nadzhi's ideas, it will become known that this is true. His company is called Basis, and it works on cryptocurrency which we will be able to apply to payment.

So left that the bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are rather good for speculation today, than for use as currency. The cost of currency can change sharply literally for an hour, and it causes huge inconveniences both to sellers, and buyers. For this reason Al-Nadzhi and his friends Lawrence Diao and Josh Chen had an idea to use a blockchain as a form of monetary regulation.

We will wait for emergence of realization of the idea which received so good financing. Basis expects that their technology first of all will help developing countries with undeveloped financial infrastructure.

The idea was so good that Al-Nadzhi left Google to devote all the time to Basis. At first he planned to develop the company own means, but became interested in him Google Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Andreessen Horowitz. Al-Nadzhi and his companions agreed to accept investments which made 133 million dollars.

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of 10 recipes with vegetable marrows, potato, eggplants, with meat, the most readable

vegetable stew: 10 recipes with vegetable marrows, potato, eggplants, with meat

Before giving we strew a dish with suppressed garlic and we strew with greens. Spreading ragout, I try to gather it, getting from the bottom, so all ingredients get on a plate.

Recently the appetite of my "men" strongly increased and became more exacting to food. They do not accept simple potato, vinaigrette and other my researches with vegetables.

Preparing vegetables for this dish, it is more preferable to pick up fruits of the average size.

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