the Most readable: 5 habits by which it is possible to recognize the superman

5 habits by which it is possible to recognize the superman

On February 23 - a holiday of Supermen. Not those which wear a red raincoat and perfectly look on TV screens. And those which make small feats every day: show kindness and care, in any situation keep calm, do the world safer and better.

On materials of books "The Superman on a Habit", "Begin with Small", "One Habit a Week" a post Cover -

Do the same and in the evening. Fading of sunshine will adjust a brain on withdrawal for sleeping. To provide itself with fresh air and oxygen, there is enough 10 - 15-minute walk.

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the Most interesting: form sample

the statement for issue of the residence permit in 2019: form sample

Good evening!

you specialize in migration policy? Received RVP in the simplified order on a marriage of 14.07.2015 in the Leningrad Region, further it was registered for 3 years. Now I prepare documents for the residence permit, I will give after 14.01.2016. Questions of the following character: & #8211; confirmation дохода– confirmation of the right собственности– column relatives

So, I am a student of a magistracy, I get a grant of 1400-2000 rubles a month and also I am dependent on the spouse + parents send money or when come give. In references & #8211; I do not understand. How did understand, it has to take 2-ndfl (works in SPB), for last year? It replaced the place of work in June, 2015. But until the end of May, 2015 worked in other similar organization & #8211; that is one reference from there (from January, 2015 to May) and about one from the present place of work (from May to January, 2016)? 12 minima for two have to be in that case? And at least across SPB or the Leningrad Region? its work and my study in SPB are registered in the Leningrad Region. The difference in 2 thousand in month, for two 4, and in 12 months, is 48 thousand, it is a lot of. If at it for two is not enough, I can partially confirm with a grant + the account statement of cash cards? Actively used within a year & #8211; arrival of means, expenditure.


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the Rack the description, types, application, classification, from our readers

rack description, types, application, classification

1) Universal. Racks which scope is not limited: warehouses, at home, offices - does not matter.

4) Console racks will be suitable for storage of lengthy materials, such as boards, pipes, bars or corners.

5) Household. The racks finding application in house conditions. On them books, vases and other home decoration have. Besides apartments, such products use at dachas and in garages.

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Hugh Jackman told about the unknown facts from the life, new on the website

<"hyu Jackman told img src="" title=about the unknown facts from the life" width="500" height="266" alt="hyu Jackman told about the unknown facts from the life">

Hugh Jackman told of the relation to life why he is a strict father and the exemplary family man. As always, "the dog is buried" in the painful past.


I, than lives and than Ivan Urgant breathes. The TV host struck all with the wisdom.

14. It is not necessary to be afraid of a heated dispute . Be just ready to defend what you trust in.

7. Does not disturb me that I have no "Oscar", but I would lie, having told that I absolutely am indifferent to it. After all "Oscar" - the sign of recognition.

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Is updated: what tells pain in temporal and occipital area about

about what tells pain in temporal and occipital area

Similar feelings at least once disturbed any person. Why painful feelings arise only on the one hand? What becomes their reason and whether this phenomenon is dangerous?

such substance as a sodium glutamate - the nutritional supplement which is contained in many processed products is capable to Cause discomfort. Scientists assume that she is capable to provoke emergence of unpleasant feelings: a headache, excessive sweating, difficulty of breath, tension in a face zone, in particular jaws. The listed symptoms in that case appear after a meal after a while, are followed by the stupid, pulsing pain which affects all left part of the head.

Puchkovy golovnayabol and migraine - two most widespread diseases. At the same time can arise & #171; мушки» before eyes. At some the attack is followed by increase in sensitivity to external irritants, smells, etc. Then people complain of the aching feelings on one site of the head, in a temple, the eyes extending to area.

The sharp spasm, the pressing and shooting pain can be provoked by change of weather conditions. Usually it is localized in a temple, is closer to an ear, a parietal and frontal part. Several hours prior to rainfall or strengthening of wind atmospheric pressure changes. It leads to change of intra cranial and arterial blood pressure. Teeth, skull bones can ache. Usually the discomfort is expressed poorly, can be observed with breaks. Often it is followed by weight in the head and a body, drowsiness.

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At requests of readers: symptoms, the first signs at men, identification of a state

predynsult: symptoms, the first signs at men, identification of a state

The Predynsultny state in this case has rather pronounced neurologic symptoms which are real for making out in time and, as soon as possible, to ask for the emergency help experts.

Violation of blood circulation in 1 of areas of a brain happens hemorrhagic or ischemic character.

Today the ischemic stroke promptly looks younger. If half a century back it people for 50 had, in most cases, now the angiospasm of a brain can happen also at the relatively young person.

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Popular : vakuumno roller massage of b flexy in fight against cellulitis

vakuumno roller massage of b flexy in fight against cellulitis

It should be noted especially that massage on the device b flexy includes additional function - the procedure for massage of feet of legs. For this purpose the device is equipped with the nozzle similar to a support which pointwise influences certain areas of foot. There is a theory which connects the nervous terminations of feet of a leg of the person with all internal systems of bodies. Proceeding from it, careful massage of a surface of feet with purposeful pressing "binding points", helps to stimulate work of all organism, increasing its protective functions.

During the periods of carrying out a massage cycle the instruction recommends pure moderate consumption without gas and forbids to eat food in two hours prior to a session.

In terms of esthetic correction of appearance, vacuum massage of B Flexy is directed to activation of hypodermic cages for the purpose of removal of water and fat and also to improvement of all superficial structure of an epithelium.

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the Most readable: from where modern January holidays undertook

Father Frost, a snowman and a fir-tree undertook: from where modern January holidays undertook

Safety of such fir-tree, of course, raises justified doubts. It is no wonder that over time the New Year's fir-tree began to gain lines more and more familiar to us.

We decorate a Christmas tree in New year

In Russia the relation to winter was perfect other, and peasants began to build snowmen and snowmen, adjusting winter mother on a kind harmony. By the way, on the head and a broom in hands snow figures had a carrot nose, a bucket not just like that. Carrots were a gift to spirits that those sent a good harvest, the turned bucket had to bring prosperity to the house, and by means of a broom the Snowman could disperse strong wind and sweep up everything around snowdrifts.

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Popular : 4 effective solutions to get rid of pincers in the house

4 effective solutions to get rid of pincers in the house

Pincers & #8212; these are the small microorganisms belonging to family arachnoid which live and breed in various parts of our house, especially in living rooms.

I in spite of the fact that usual cleaning in the house helps to eliminate the most part of wreckers, sometimes, at all to get rid of pincers, it is necessary to use additional resources.


Method of application:

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New heading: sprats Riga of a capelin are eaten instantly

sprats Riga of a capelin are eaten instantly

We stack our capelin in a crock-pot bowl, we fill in with vegetable oil and we turn on the crock-pot in the Suppression mode for two hours (in the absence of the crock-pot it is possible to extinguish in an oven, using the corresponding ware, at a temperature of 180 ∞C).


We do by a tip of a sharp knife a small cut at an anus to cut the end of a gut, then we make an incision near the head a carcass from a back slightly more than a half and we tear off the head, together with it we pull out interiors. Thus, the carcass remains whole and if there was a caviar, then it will remain inside. We cut off a tail, having taken about 1 cm of a carcass of fish.

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