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Published: 21.10.2017
transparent allocations from a nose of cats and dogs: reasons, treatment

The fact that at a dog or a cat a wet nose - it is normal means - animals are absolutely healthy. But it is not the only indicator that no help to animals is required. About a state judge by appetite, desire to make contact, character - it should not change.

At infectious processes at first water flows, and then allocations get denser. The nose a dog rubs forepaws, sniffs, "snivels" fly extensively, the behavior changes - to an animal it nezdorovitsya.

Within 10 days apply to increase in the immune status timogen:

Usually show a course of treatment of rhinitis of any etiology antibiotics. It is not necessary to apply human drugs - for cats and dogs there are means.

Each state has additional symptoms which, generally, are similar, but the attentive owner can assume the main reason for dog concern.

It is possible to lose the pet within 5-10 days.

To a dog nose the same approach, but it is possible to add still a drop of Maksidin or Anadin - 15% solution, the dosage is specified 1 kg of weight in the instruction. It is better to replace beet juice at large dogs onions - it should be diluted surely.

When from a nose at a dog water flows - transparent allocations in a large number appeared, it is necessary to be engaged in therapeutic actions.

Dangerous diseases:

At allergic cold separated remains liquid and transparent, and rhinitis can proceed several months if the contact with allergen is not stopped.

From an allocation nose at each irritation appear not only at the spoiled thoroughbred animals, but also at Murok and Barsikov who were picked up on the street.

Cats are animals more gentle, than dogs, and cold at them develops more often.

The bruise of a nose is followed by hyperaemia of its mucous, there can be microinjuries and cracks, and the animal will not allow to touch itself.

Long cold at animals can pass into chronic - in this case activators it is possible to destroy seldom. Diseases significantly affect a condition of an animal.

Aggression or on the contrary, desire to hide far away, in a secluded corner, the increased tenderness, continuous attempt to climb on hands - all this testifies to an illness. And if at a cat or a dog from a nose water flows, then the animal needs the help of the owner.

Besides some diseases of animals can be dangerous to the person - it is necessary to think of it first of all, especially when houses are available small children.

If you are not the diplomaed veterinarian, do not take in head to treat your pet independently!

At viral cold to cats recommend to drip in a nose the diluted beet juice, to blow into streptocide powder in nostrils, to apply drops of an ekmonovotsillin - divorced љ physiological solution. The veterinarian can recommend special drops. In certain cases as vasoconstrictive means to cats drip children's galazolin, diluting it twice.

Cold of any character at dogs and cats is treated on one algorithm - first of all the nose is washed out.

At hit in a nose of a foreign matter the dog will constantly rub it paws or about objects, to shake the head.

At cold of parasitic property the veterinarian depending on a type of activators has to appoint treatment. The characteristic symptom of such rhinitis - allocation plentiful at the same time from both nasal courses, at first transparent, then appears an unpleasant smell, but color can not change.

Temperature increases which accompany infections can cause in cats a state - when the third eyelid, a film, closes an eye. It does not mean - the animal dies, but a sure sign of the fact that it is time to address the veterinarian.

The animal with liquid allocations from a nose - regardless of their color is the best of all - to show to the veterinarian. To remove a foreign matter or to define a rhinitis etiology - bacterial, virus, parasitic or allergic - it is independently impossible.

The reasons of disease state can be the following:

The only difference - at cats the general inflammatory processes accrue quicker. If at an adult dog the injury of a nose can affect only a condition of a respiratory system, then cats at once have plentiful allocations from eyes.

Allergic rhinitises are treated by corticosteroids and antihistamines. To independently define the scheme of treatment and to find out what dosage is necessary to the pet, it is almost impossible.

Cranium injuries, emergence of new growths, pathologies of the upper jaw - all these states in most cases demand surgical intervention, sometimes - at the expiration of a likvor - quite serious.

Polyps and tumors of various etiology at an early stage are shown equally - it seems to an animal that this foreign matter - then if the tumor malignant, at an animal from a nose develops an unpleasant smell, it begins to weaken.

If the domestic dog or a cat had plentiful allocations from a nose and there do not pass more than 3 days - "water flows" - it is necessary to address the veterinarian surely. Self-medicating, the animal can be lost.

If at a cat from a nose water flows, then it can have problems the same, as at dogs. Cats rub a nose paws too, hide on corners, show changes of character.

Do not try to save it from an illness "human" drugs. Remember - on you responsibility for life of this being therefore in due time ask for the help the expert lies!

For this purpose grease the nasal courses with oil substance, and it is accurate when crusts are softened, delete. At a dog of large breed it is simpler to make it - she can even carry out washing "as at people" & #8212; Furacilin or anti-septic tank similar to them. The cat or a dog of small breed need to wash out the nasal courses accurately, it is for this purpose better to buy the syringe for insulin and to remove a needle.

At a serious injury of a cranium and damage of a front pole from a nose the likvor flows - at an animal loss of balance and a weak disorientation can be observed.

Pathologies of the upper jaw affect process absorption of food - the uncharacteristic ducking, noisy breath, difficulties with swallowing, outflow of water from a mouth can be observed.

After washing the nasal courses dig in, or grease with ointment of the necessary property - antiviral or anti-parasitic.


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