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Published: 19.10.2017
a franchize: whether to start the business under an umbrella of a popular brand



You buy not business, and its model. "Look how it already works in your region. Think where and as you will grow how many it will cost. "You buy the right to use others brand and a know-how. All risks and profits will be only yours", & #8211; otmechayetyurist of the international yurfirma "Ilyashev and partners" Maksimilian Grishin. According to him, any condition concerning terms, money and volume of the transferred rights deserves special attention. It is necessary to pay attention to regular and single payments - and foreign franchizes love it.

A lump-sum contribution - a lump sum for the right of use of a product, a brand, business model. There are cases when the lump-sum contribution is minimum or it is absent at all. Thereby the franchiser gives to the franchisee time for putting business on legs, to reach profitability.

There are situations when to the person bothers to be employed, and he decides that came it is time to create the business. This person has a few available funds, but from scratch directly here and now this money is not enough for the organization of business. And then the person understands that it is possible to use a franchize and to open the delopod easily soiled known network. What is necessary to begin to work on a franchize?

It is free of charge impossible to create business - whether it be work on a franchize or creation of the business from scratch. As a rule, franchisers do not charge a fee for use of the brand and technology when it is a commodity franchize - that is payments are sewn up in the goods price.

Business franchizes is an optimal variant, but such units. These are franchizes, strong a business model, and from here already and a brand. These are such enterprises which at the expense of a know-how work more effectively than analogs at the market. The best examples of baznes-franchizes - McDonald's, Sabvey.

The franchize is good the fact that the person does not need to invent anything revolutionary because there is already a business model acquired for years - and it brings someone income. It is clear, that nobody will give model of creation and development of successful business for nothing. Therefore the part of profit should be paid to the franchiser (the owner of this franchize) & #8211; for the fact that the model developed and checked for stability will bring income to other person.

"Also I am sure that it is necessary to check all figures. It belongs not only to the contract of the franchisee, but also to the lease agreement of the room & #8211; as there are concepts of indexation, percent from commodity turnover, deposits, prolongation, influence of euro exchange rate and other", & #8211; Olga Irkayeva continues.

Also if you deal with a subfranchise, it would be quite good to request the main contract and to be verified whether try to impose you the bigger volume of the rights or big terms, than is at the initial franchisee. Without saying any more that it is necessary to check validity of the main contract, Grishin says.

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At a stage of signing of the contract on purchase of a franchize future businessman needs to pay attention to a set of details, the head of department of franchizing of the international network of Dablbi coffee shops Olga Irkayeva notes. Whether it be "small print in the contract" or assessment by the franchiser of potential development of network. Reefs can appear everywhere. The problem can be even in the person who signs the contract with you & #8211; he can be just dishonourable, Irkayeva notes.

"I advise to find enough time for attentive studying of documents, and then to write out questions for the franchiser. He has to answer them that you accurately understood the contract and its conditions freely. The sums, payments, the periods, indexation - everything is individual, and something can be subject to revision, and something is not present", & #8211; draws Irkayev's attention.


Happens and so & #8211; the franchiser does not demand contributions, but the franchisee will have to prepare business. For example, he has to find and rent the room, carry out in it finishing works, buy the equipment and goods, to issue necessary licenses and to prepare all supporting documentation. For this reason at the very beginning of negotiations franchisers stipulate the sums which will be required to the businessman as the starting capital. At the beginning of cooperation they give information how many money will be required to the franchisee on opening of the sales outlet.

Why creation even of small business & #8211; this best exercise in development?

It is important to read the contract, to ask questions, to consider and see prospect. Only this way it is possible to protect itself from unprofitable conditions.

Marketing franchizes. It when is the untwisted brand under which the shop becomes. Names of the famous people can be an example. Minus such option is that often in this scheme there is no business model, it is simple to eat sketch of leads.


Royalty & #8211; it is monthly payment, some kind of rent for the right to use a brand. Usual cost of a royalty & #8211; 5-10% of a turn. At the request of the owner of a brand of a royalty within the first 2-4 months he can refuse them too. But usually the refusal of receiving a royalty long byvet. As a rule, the royalty goes for payment of marketing, advertizing and infrastructure of the most umbrella brand - successful business on a franchize has to be scaled.


Dmitry Kibkalo says that the franchize in Russian law is a contract of commercial concession, the right of use of the trademark, etc. Such right is subject to registration. Therefore, buying a franchize, it is necessary to understand details and to discuss nuances of transition with the franchiser. Otherwise the franchiser can find the reason and withdraw the right of use of the trademark - and all business is up the spout. "The answer to a question - what it is necessary to pay attention & #8211 to; means separate article if not the book", & #8211; the businessman speaks.

If the person buys a franchize of the known brand (there is a franchisee), then together with the right of its use he receives all instructions for production of a product and business, namely: how to employ personnel as to train it how to show goods or service how to work with clients and so on & #8211; all to the smallest details. Up to the corporate style of clothes or a branded badge on a lapel.

Speaking simply, the franchize is a contract under which the businessman leases a set of knowledge and rules at the known brand as it is necessary to do business. The brand transfers to the newly appeared businessman a set of the business processes for a long time developed, checked in practice and given a dry run. And further already depends on the person, this set of rules in its business will get accustomed and as a result it will become successful, or it is waited by ruin.

There are two payment methods of a franchize: lump-sum contribution and royalty.

It is convenient to control the current budget of firm by means of EasyFinance.ru service. At us you will find already preset categories of expenses and income for small business, the convenient and evident reporting, an opportunity to set the financial purposes and to daily control process of their achievement. A bonus at registration.

Commodity franchizes. As a rule, it is monobranded shops. In delivery price for the franchisee earnings of the franchiser therefore there are models absolutely without royalty are most often already put.

The founder of the international network of board games of "Mosigr" Dmitry Kibkalo so subdivides the franchizes working today at the domestic market:

The special personnel - engineers, plumbers, electricians have to check the equipment. "You do not need problems with the sewerage and electricity", & #8211; Irkayeva concludes.

It is not really correct to buy business together with the legal entity as you do not know yet what stands behind it, Olga Irkayeva says. If it is about a public catering institution, it is necessary to study attentively the documents connected with sanepidemstantsiy (SES), control authorities, service of the territory, deratization and disinsection and also to check existence of all certificates.

So, the franchisee is a buyer of a franchize, and the franchiser is an owner, the seller of a franchize. What does franchize cost depend on? In the price the popularity of a brand, the territory in which the company extends a franchize, period of validity of the contract "are sewn up". Sometimes even joins local mentality of the consumer the game.

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