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Published: 17.10.2017
5 things which it is possible and cannot be done before sports activities

Whether really you know what should be done before sports activities to derive the maximum benefit from them?

In other words, over time such additives do to us more harm, than advantage. Therefore we recommend to you to think seriously before stimulating the organism with special additives.

It is unlikely it is possible to argue with the fact that each of us needs to have a rest well before starting physical exercises. But everything is good moderately. So, the long dream before sports activities is capable to reduce effect of the last.

Before sports activities it is the best of all to pay attention to cardioexercises. At the same time it is worth avoiding excessive loading.

For certain you remember how games-masters at school warned you about need of good warm-up before sports activities.

All this increases risk of emergence of various injuries of muscles.

5. To abuse additives

For this reason our parents insisted on that we had a rest after a meal.

If you drink drinks with the high content of sugar, your organism loses forces ahead of time. It can seriously overset your plans & #8212; you will not be able to execute exercise properly.

The healthy nutrition before sports activities will provide your organism with all necessary vitamins and minerals. In this case you will have no need in intake of special additives.

It is necessary to remember also that many energy drinks contain too much sugar. For this reason it is so important to read information specified on the label of a product. It can turn out so that your favourite energy drink not only does not help you, but also does harm to your organism.

You can accept their some time until your body becomes hardy and strong. Most important & #8212; to avoid abuse of such products.

It means that duration of a day siesta should not exceed 30 minutes. Otherwise you will feel even more sluggish and tired, than to a dream.

2. To carry out an extension of muscles

So, now we will tell you about 5 things which it is better not to do before sports activities, and we will prompt to you, than their can be replaced.

Before reception of such products it is also necessary to read attentively information specified on the label. Always it is necessary to have a clear view that you are going to drink.

In addition similar practice quickly leads to decrease in endurance and force. For certain it is not in your plans. Perhaps, you will feel tired already at the beginning of such occupation.

For this reason more than half an hour is not recommended to sleep before playing sports. The matter is that after this time our organism enters a stage of a deep sleep. The same happens to us at night.

Before to register in gym or to start house charging, we recommend to you to study these precautions. They will allow you to avoid a number of unpleasant consequences and to derive the maximum benefit from sports activities.

4. To eat and drink much

Perhaps, some habits seeming to you useful actually prevent you to achieve desirable results. Would you like to learn what you should not do before starting physical exercises?

The intensity of performance of such exercises varies in each part. Similar exercises break a natural rhythm of breath of the person, their dynamics constantly changes, and parts are divided by pauses for rest.

If you consider it necessary to take a nap before occupations, do not forget to put the alarm clock so that to wake up in 15-20 minutes. The short dream will allow to have a rest to your eyes and a body, but will not deceive your brain illusion of long rest.

If you nevertheless decided to accept them, it is necessary to observe a measure. Abuse of such additives can cause violations of a warm rhythm, nausea, nervousness and to lead to other problems with health.

As you see, to replace exercise of high intensity with intervals with stabler cardioexercises & #8212; quite good idea.

When we start sports activities soon after a meal, our body experiences too high strain. It can make gastric gripes and sick.

It is the best of all to carry out a static extension after classes. When the activity of your muscles decreases after the end of exercises, such extension will be useful to an organism.

So, static exercises before sports activities come to an extension of muscles to weakening of muscles and increase load of our muscles.

Jog, jumps scissors and the exercise bike will help to warm muscles gradually.

After a meal our organism starts digestive processes. For this purpose it needs energy. It is impossible to forget about it.

Therefore it is desirable to replace a static extension with the active movements here and there warming our muscles.

You have to imagine how these additives will affect your organism and your health, what their contraindications and possible side effects. This information will help you to make the correct decision.

Try to adhere to healthy food to fill the organism with energy. Especially it is important at those moments when you plan to play sports.

You eat more fruit, cereals and yogurts. Also it is recommended to abstain from the use of sweets.

Nevertheless, today some experts adhere to other point of view. According to them, warm-up and an extension can do more harm, than advantage.

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