List, their short characteristic and description, population and area, the most readable

Published: 23.10.2017
of the country of North America: list, their short characteristic and description, population and area

This most overland part of the planet from all directions is washed by oceans and the seas. List: three oceans, except for Indian, the Bering Sea, gulfs Alaska and Californian, the sea Labrador, the Caribbean Sea, several gulfs, including Mexican and also Beaufort, Baffin.

Interesting video. North America: from the history of settling of the continent and colonization up to now.

Today the rights of black descendants of slaves are balanced with white inhabitants, they are fluent in English of languages and are officially a part of the American population. Exists the mixed races much - metises and mulattos. Among inhabitants of the CIS there are also diasporas. For example, in the USA there is large Russian of diaspora, it is a lot of Russians in New York. Canada is famous for large Ukrainian diaspora.

So the political map of North America looks:

The population of the continent - more than 500 million inhabitants that approximately makes only 7% of the general planetary population, despite territorial extensiveness. Greenland, the Canadian Arctic archipelago, Aleuts and West Indies also treats islands of the continent. In North America there is a North American region including Canada, the USA, Greenland, Bermuda, Miquelon and St-Pierre.

The smallest part of the land, apart from island sites, belongs from South side to Mexico. Other flowers on the card represented islands and their capitals.

In the drawing the map of North America with the countries and the capitals is represented. The bold print marked the capitals, the largest cities are also specified. On color division of the card it is visible that the territory is broken into regions. At a headboard from the North Canada which is washed by the Beaufort Sea and the sea Labrador is located.

Also it is necessary to know that the continent has specific location of the countries in relation to water, it is the only land where there are no countries without outlet to the sea. It is necessary to know what countries and the capitals are located in the northern American site, how many them and also the main geographical data.

Today the number of indigenous people in the form of Indians does not exceed 20 million from the total number of the population that means what remained them very little. The most part among the modern population of the USA, Mexico and Canada is represented by descendants of Europeans who once were immigrants from Great Britain and France.

The countries of North America occupy the large territory which is the certain continent. North America - one of six existing continents having the huge overland territory. There is land in the western hemisphere of the planet. The area (without inclusion of island territories) occupies 20,36 million km. quarter, and with islands occupied a little more than 24 million. If to compare large overland territories, then this area can be equated to the former Soviet Union.

Physical map of North America:

The Laurentian Highlands are related to the overland territory of the Canadian Shield. It has the specific surface connected with denudation by influence of the last Ice Age. Average height of the Laurentian Highlands fluctuates within 1540-6000 meters above sea level. A powerful part if attentively to consider the physical map, Central Valley which treats a part of an earth's plate of the North American platform borrow. Height above sea level fluctuates within 200-400 meters.

At the time of the Middle Ages the European seafarers and conquerors discovered for themselves Novaya Zemlya and therefore during settling of America they were at war with indigenous people, gradually pushing aside it. The most part of the rebellious local people was exterminated by immigrants, and survivors moved to sites of the territory of little use for adequate accommodation.

The physical map indicates the area height, a territory landscape. On it it is approximately specified how many meters the concrete area above sea level has. With blue color sea depth, and the nasyshchenny color is marked, the it is deeper. Yellow and orange colors mean height over a zero mark (it and is sea level).

The Great Plains treat the Cordilleras plateau. The limit of size of the height fluctuates from 500 m to 1 km. The territory has complex structure, abounds with radical, thin, loessial chetvertinny and flyuvoiglyatsialny breeds. Coastal lowlands are located from the South of the continent and are on the epigertsinsky platform. Height is small, no more than 200 meters above sea level. In distant sites consist mainly of erosive forms, but in a priberezhny zone it is full of lagoons, beaches from sand, braids and flat terraces.

Table: main characteristics of the countries of North America

The relief at this territory has weak wave educations and erosion though from North side it glacial with alternate change in a view of zandrovy fields. The southern part has plantings of trees in the form of the meshany wood. The height Ozark - about 760 meters and also the low-mountain region of Washita - no more than 880 meters, having the basis in the form of folds is a part of the territory.

The list of the countries with the capitals (the belonging islands are also included into the list (alphabetically):

The powerful value among geographical data on the continent is occupied by information concerning inhabitants of the continent. On a condition of a population census for 2017, about 579 million people live in North America. Aboriginals of the continent are Eskimos, Aleuts and Indians, but initially on this earth they got from Asia therefore they can be carried to Mongoloids of the American branch.

The land is surrounded with two largest oceans - Silent and Atlantic. The middle is marked in pink color and belongs to territorial borders of the United States of America. It is also possible to notice that a part of the USA is located not only in the middle, but also to the west of the Canadian region which is surrounded from three parties with water open spaces - tikhookeanichesky, the Gulf of Alaska and the Bofortovy sea.

Extreme points of the continent:

The highest point of North America is marked in saturated orange color. Its height is 6194 meters, and it is Mount Denali. The lowest overland point - Death Valley, mountain hollow, its height is 86 meters lower from sea level.

Indian indigenous people that live in Mexico, in the majority kept the native language. It should be noted the interesting facts about earlier slave nationalities. Total number of the Blacks who are once brought on a plantation from Africa is about 50 million today. Most of all black inhabitants lives in the USA and in Caribbean countries.

It explains why in Canada the second national language - French. These immigrants mostly live in the modern territory of Canada and the USA. Not a small part is occupied by Spaniards who live in the territory of modern Mexico. The biggest language percent among the English-speaking population, on the second place - French which extended thanks to natives of France in Canada. Residents of Mexico and Central America talk mainly in Spanish.

Such different and unique North America & #8212; about it the following video record.


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