the Most readable: 5 habits by which it is possible to recognize the superman

Published: 11.10.2017
5 habits by which it is possible to recognize the superman

On February 23 - a holiday of Supermen. Not those which wear a red raincoat and perfectly look on TV screens. And those which make small feats every day: show kindness and care, in any situation keep calm, do the world safer and better.

On materials of books "The Superman on a Habit", "Begin with Small", "One Habit a Week" a post Cover -

Do the same and in the evening. Fading of sunshine will adjust a brain on withdrawal for sleeping. To provide itself with fresh air and oxygen, there is enough 10 - 15-minute walk.

Occupations physical exercises belong to those habits which are tiresome in practice, but the advantage of them is so high that, having hardly felt it, you hardly want to return to an old way of life. The physical culture will help to make a figure beautiful, a dream - strong, will present endurance and force, will increase life expectancy and will raise a self-assessment.

Define stages of achievement of the goal for which you will indulge yourself with something pleasant: a travel, a dinner at favourite restaurant, massage or desired purchase. Analyze success and rejoice to it. And when the objectives will be achieved, organize a party for friends and the family.

He will never miss opportunities to grow over itself and to test itself in new situations. He consciously pushes himself to actions which go beyond a habitual framework. Every time, winning against fear and taking the plunge, it makes serious vital break.

Having received the first sports results, you will not be able to stop. - Source

When planning leisure give preference to occupations in the open air. Their set. Get acquainted with sights of the city. You go to a skating rink in the winter, run on skis or you go on snow tracks. You spend time at water in the summer. Eventually, just walk in parks and you feed squirrels.

Tell friends or the family about what you are going to make. You can throw a good call in social networks: suddenly someone will want to join.

In any situation even if it is a dispute where you consider yourself right, it is useful to show sympathy for the opponent. Let people around behave reasonably, let is silly, let do good or do harm. The only way to leave adequately a dispute is to show participation and to cease to focus the attention on delusions of the rival.

The superman is always ready to give a helping hand. - Source

Yes, it is a habit, and the most supermensky of all possible too. And she can be brought too, and then to follow every day, almost without straining.

This habit will help to find a common language with unfamiliar people, to treat kindly to people around, to overcome isolation and to learn to consider life situations from the different points of view. And still it opens a scope for feats. Even small manifestation of sympathy is a big good deed.

All this turns out easily and easy when feats turn into habits. Then it is necessary only to try to catch delighted looks - not only on a holiday, but also every day. There are 5 habits on which it is possible to find the real Superman, and a fast way to get them. For record 

In this habit process, but not result is more important. Let's assume, you see the attractive girl and want to start talking to her. To you it becomes terrible and quite natural desire to run away is born, but you developed at yourself a new habit therefore it is necessary to approach it. If you tell the girl "Hi", and she will demand to leave her alone and will turn away, then can consider yourself the winner. The victory is that you could leave the zone of comfort.

How to get a habit. Begin to cultivate consciously in yourself respect for people around. Every time when you begin to think or clash badly about someone, force themselves to stop for a moment and to think:

Oxygen is very important too. At its shortcoming we feel fatigue, headaches, depressions, decrease in concentration of attention, and in the long term - a memory impairment. What here feats!

How to get a habit. Best of all the habit works in combination with the special trigger. It is necessary to take a formula "I Would Like to Make ____, but I Am Afraid / Too I Am Nervous" and to substitute there a proper word. That this way worked, it is necessary to be the most honest with itself. Many are capable to convince themselves that actually there is no fear in them, they are just too busy or not really interested, and thus exempt themselves from need to work.

Break a way to the purpose into small steps: to be trained, sign the contract, to collect the first sum. Put terms.

How to get a habit. Estimate, what is the time you see off on the street, and set a goal to increase this time for 25-30%. Begin day with small walk. Fresh air will lighten the mood and will awaken a brain for active work.

The superman would not make any feat if he considered that the fools all around unworthy attention. To understand that someone needs the help, the empathy and kindness is necessary.

Our brain is lazy, and we are slaves to the habits. All of us try to do only that it is convenient and clear to us. All - but not the Superman.

For the intermediate purposes use small remunerations - listen to favourite music during the trainings or be photographed and collect likes.

How to get a habit. If decide what for you change of the world to the best consists in, then and set specific goal. For example: to collect charitable donations or to become the curator of animals in a shelter.

How to get a habit. Define a specific goal and terms: for example, to run a marathon on July 16. Break a way into stages: develop the weekly mode of trainings with the intermediate purposes. Begin to follow it. Include trainings in the daily log and follow the schedule whatever it happened. Try to build in occupations a chain of daily actions, for example: alarm clock call, light breakfast, training.

To happen more in the fresh air - means to remain healthy and happy. - Source

Sunlight plays an important role in maintenance of biological rhythms. When sunlight comes to eyes, in an organism more serotonin (hormone which gives feeling of happiness and cheerfulness) and less melatonin which is responsible for a dream is produced. And when on skin sunshine get, vitamin D is actively produced. It helps an organism to resist various diseases - both corporal, and sincere.

You understand, without it in any way. Even if you have natural superforce, it should be supported and raised, differently not to see neither bicepses, nor prostrate villains.


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