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Published: 13.10.2017
9 natural means for fight against vitiligo

So, vitiligo, or leykoderma, & #8212; very widespread skin disease. White spots on skin are characteristic of it. Further we will tell in more detail about this disease and also about natural means for fight against vitiligo.

Moisten a wadded disk with oil from germs of wheat and generously grease with it the vitiligo centers.

At the same time the exact reasons of development of this disease which affects people of all age and of both sexes, still are not revealed.

In most cases spots of white or pinkish color appear on a face, on a thorax, on hands, in armpits and in a groin.

Recent researches showed that the best natural means for treatment of vitiligo is black pepper. It appears, this spice increases production of melanin in skin.

In the ancient time was considered that the predisposition to vitiligo is higher at people with swarty skin.

Put it in the form of a compress for fight against vitiligo 3 times a day (in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening).

Make paste of a handful of the cut fresh leaves of a basil and also a small amount of lemon juice.

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What it is necessary to know about vitiligo?

The basil, in particular, stimulates production of melanin, and lemon juice reduces white spots from skin. Do not forget to wash away well paste from skin if you go outside after this procedure.

Do this every evening.

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If you are able to get red clay (it, for example, can be found on the river bank or to buy in shop of natural products), surely use it for fight against vitiligo.

According to physicians, can provoke emergence of white spots on a body, for example:

On sale, for example, there are creams and oils which main component is black pepper. However it is possible to prepare such means and houses.

6. Spirit infusion of a peel of a lemon for fight against vitiligo

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Many ask whether this disease is curable or it will remain for the rest of life. And whether still it can extend to other parts of a body?

Many also consider convincing the theory according to which this disease is provoked by failures in work of the immune system. As a result she begins to attack melanotsita.

In 5 minutes (after oil is absorbed in skin) it is possible to cover this place with a bandage. It is necessary to wash away nothing.

It is interesting that 25% of cases the vitiligo centers spontaneously disappear without any treatment. It is called & #171; spontaneous репигментацией». Usually it occurs in the presence of the following factors:

Presently it became clear that this disease can develop at representatives of any skin color and any race. The disease develops because of destruction of a pigment of melanin (which, in particular, is developed by melanotsita).

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Thanks to the high content in it of copper, it can promote a skin repigmentation.

Contains in pepper piperin which stimulates creation of melanotsit. Pepper in this case is applied as external means.

House means for fight against vitiligo

If the theory of failures in work of the immune system has under itself the reasons, perhaps, the most correct at this disease & #8212; to be engaged seriously in the immunity.

Vitiligo, of course, a nonlethal disease, and, according to doctors, even not really serious. However it causes to the person big inconveniences and causes in it painful experiences.

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