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Published: 3.10.2017
about what tells pain in temporal and occipital area

Similar feelings at least once disturbed any person. Why painful feelings arise only on the one hand? What becomes their reason and whether this phenomenon is dangerous?

such substance as a sodium glutamate - the nutritional supplement which is contained in many processed products is capable to Cause discomfort. Scientists assume that she is capable to provoke emergence of unpleasant feelings: a headache, excessive sweating, difficulty of breath, tension in a face zone, in particular jaws. The listed symptoms in that case appear after a meal after a while, are followed by the stupid, pulsing pain which affects all left part of the head.

Puchkovy golovnayabol and migraine - two most widespread diseases. At the same time can arise & #171; мушки» before eyes. At some the attack is followed by increase in sensitivity to external irritants, smells, etc. Then people complain of the aching feelings on one site of the head, in a temple, the eyes extending to area.

The sharp spasm, the pressing and shooting pain can be provoked by change of weather conditions. Usually it is localized in a temple, is closer to an ear, a parietal and frontal part. Several hours prior to rainfall or strengthening of wind atmospheric pressure changes. It leads to change of intra cranial and arterial blood pressure. Teeth, skull bones can ache. Usually the discomfort is expressed poorly, can be observed with breaks. Often it is followed by weight in the head and a body, drowsiness.

Financial ylethylamine - the substance provoking narrowing of vessels is a part of this product, respectively, causing discomfort in the left half of the head.

The reasons can disappear in such disease as osteochondrosis. Calcium salts during certain time are laid on vertebras that leads to clamping of cervical arteries and deterioration in current of blood. As a result the brain begins to experience oxygen starvation, receives less nutrients. The deficiency of the last leads to a spasm, and the shortage of oxygen - to dizziness. The disease can lead to distortion of distribution of intra cranial pressure, respectively, the painful pulsation will be felt only in a certain part of the head.

This phenomenon is frequent accompanies various infectious diseases, for example, flu, quinsy. The developing infection often is followed by the drilling, pulling, shooting or holding apart pain. Can provoke discomfort the tooth affected with caries when the infection reaches a nerve; the tired-out, chilled, inflamed muscles of a neck, the lower jaw, the top part of a shoulder. Unpleasant feelings can amplify at the movement, turn, an inclination.

The symptom is at first shown rather poorly, but in process of progressing of a disease it amplifies. Pain at the same time, as a rule, shooting, pricking. In addition, there are also other symptoms of a disease. The condition of the person worsens, the morbidity does not recede even in a prone position. At the same time anesthetics are ineffective.

Similar headaches so strong that doctors take them for migraine or pathology of a brain. It, respectively, leads to the wrong treatment, and the main pathology is only aggravated.

Such phenomenon arises at otitis, quinsy, sinusitis.

If not to take measures to facilitate a condition of the person, migraine extends on all head, there is nausea, vomiting. The photophobia and the general weakness can be observed. Duration of an attack varies of half an hour till several o'clock. If the last drags on for day, it can lead to a migrenozny stroke.

Very dangerous product is chocolate - it can provoke migraine. Chocolate leads to a hypoglycemia as contains sugar. Besides, cocoa beans render light hypoglycemic effect. Also it contains caffeine - the main provoker of migraine.

A headache only in the left part of the head - a characteristic symptom of this pathology. Usually it is localized in the left temple, a nape, gives to shoulders and even shovels, that is only a part of the head is surprised.

In this situation the unpleasant feelings pulsing, pulling, aching often are followed by nausea, vomiting. Besides, disorder of coordination of movements, hearing, sight, deterioration in a dream, memory, appetite can be observed. Often the discomfort arises in the morning, after awakening, and in the first half of day.

Do not try to diagnose a disease independently and at the above-stated symptoms see a doctor!

Often the left part hurts and there is migraine at women during a climax. It is caused by the above-stated reason, i.e. change of a hormonal background.

Where the glutamate contains monosodium: tinned and dry soups; the processed meat; fried nuts; gravies, sauces; a turkey in own juice; number of spices and seasonings; chips, some types of potatoes.

Psychogenic head - as a rule, has the aching, stupid character; arises because of nerves. It is localized in different parts of the head: occipital, temporal, frontal. Usually the person becomes irritable and quickly is tired in such situation, complains of feeling of the general discomfort which does not allow to collect the thoughts, to concentrate. Besides there is a feeling of alarm.

Severe headaches: other reasons poyavleniyav left part of the head

The possible reasons of pains in the left temporal part of the head of senior citizens can are connected from the developing arterial hypertension and cerebral atherosclerosis. Treats provocative factors: emotional, physical or intellectual overwork, change of weather. In such situation of the person the weight of the head pressing, the pulsing pain in napes and/or temples disturbs.

To other symptoms of this pathology are gnashing teeth. At the same time there is a muscular discomfort which becomes the provoker head. Also the displaced disk VNChS can cause discomfort in a joint, at the same time unpleasant feelings extend to a forehead, temples, a neck.

Nitrites can become the reason of pains in the head. These substances contain in the following products: corned beef; canned ham; salami; hot dogs; bacon; smoked fish; Bologna sausage.

At girls and women often migraine arises against the background of changes of a hormonal background. There is its communication with a menstrual cycle. For the first time migraine can disturb during puberty. At pregnancy the frequency of attacks decreases, and after the child's birth this phenomenon quite often disappears forever.


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