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Published: 5.10.2017
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Hugh Jackman told of the relation to life why he is a strict father and the exemplary family man. As always, "the dog is buried" in the painful past.


I, than lives and than Ivan Urgant breathes. The TV host struck all with the wisdom.

14. It is not necessary to be afraid of a heated dispute . Be just ready to defend what you trust in.

7. Does not disturb me that I have no "Oscar", but I would lie, having told that I absolutely am indifferent to it. After all "Oscar" - the sign of recognition.

13. My wife says that I classical  the librarian. I patient  and meticulous  - work on "the Velichaishy showman" went seven with a half  years. I will better wait, than I will hurry and I will make somehow.

15. I do not share photos of the children  in Instagram because it is convinced that they have the right to solve whether they want publicity. It is not pleasant to me when my children  are removed by paparazzi. In some countries it is forbidden to photograph children , and I completely support it.

2. The teacher on investigative  to journalism often drove us in Verkhovnyi  court, and already then I understood what with this  a profession  at me will not develop: I lacked tenacity, I was too naive and credulous.

6. Most of all I regret that I refused to act in Chicago. It seemed to me that 30 years - too young  age to say: "I saw everything". Richard Gere got a role, and he was magnificent.

10. I am on friendly terms with figures. Of course, there are people better me, but for the actor, perhaps , I even am good. Mine  the father worked as the accountant in consulting so I did not lack councils.

17. I do not read comments, for this purpose I have too thin skin. From everything read surely I will remember only bad.

3. You wake in me the Glutton if you make three things: you will touch my children  and relatives, you will drive me into the corner or you will hit on a nose.

8. All of us want bigger and we wait for approval of people around - and these desires will never manage to be met completely.

4. Most  terrible  the moment in mine  to career - when I executed national  the anthem before a rugby match at hundred-thousandth stadium in Melbourne.

11. I will not begin to worry when the Glutton someone plays another .

19. People think that everything comes to me easily. In principle, it is also my work - to do everything that further so it seemed to them.

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9. Unlike Barnum, my hero in the movie "The Greatest Showman", I never had to choose between career and family. I make all decisions how it will affect my marriage. In operating time over "Outcast" long was not at home me though usually I do not leave more, than for two weeks. My wife supported me, and I consider that it was the big victim from its party.

5. I risk and I prefer to speak "yes". It do not want to appear on the deathbed and to think that did not make something because of fear.

1. Most often ask me a question what superabilities I would like to have. And nobody asks why I decided to become an actor.

12. The majority of my roles  was already offered to someone to me - such is our industry.

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18. I rather strict  father. My children know that there is framework and they need to be observed. If I told at eight in the morning - means, at eight in the morning.

16. My mother left when I was eight years old. Perhaps, the heavy childhood is also the reason for which  I so preserve the family.


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