of 12 councils for those who want to be healthy, amusing

12 councils for those who want to be healthy

The surfing and rowing promote production of adrenaline, dopamine and endorphin. Thanks to this effect the extreme sport is considered in the excellent way to overcome harmful dependences. Fishing well influences mentality, calms and makes the person more concentrated. Not accidentally all these sports use as therapy for people with disorders of nervous system.

Every year scientists learn more and more about how different factors affect our health. Of course, it depends on food, the environment and physical activities. But not only.

Council from the book "Closer to Water"

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Repair of a body at professionals, popular

repair of a body at professionals

Each owner of a car who loves the car and cares for its state has to know where it is possible to address in case of any breakages or problems connected with a car. Even the new car sometimes needs survey or prevention, and sometimes even under repair. Choosing service or the master who will be engaged in car, it is important to trust the expert. And for this purpose it is necessary to address only professionals who will not think out a problem from nothing, wishing to earn more money, and will be able to fix any problems in short terms.

Today repair of a body - one of the most widespread and demanded services for which many drivers address. Having come into appropriate section on the website, it is possible to learn all features and nuances of such works. The company on repair and service works with cars of various production more than 20 years therefore has wide experience and professionalism. The modern equipment allows to do repair of any complexity, performing works at the highest level of quality. Advantages of Professional are obvious both to regular customers, and addressed for the first time: Х repair of malfunctions or breakages of any complexity; Х professional masters with high skill level and wide experience in the sphere of repair of a car; Х the shortest terms of the solution of any problem; Х guarantee maintenance after repair; Х democratic price level.

All these positive characteristics allow the company to take the leading positions among other stations of service and repair shops. Many regular customers estimated all advantages of the company and on all questions address only professionals. Repair of a car is not that sphere where it is possible to risk or agree to average service. On the website it is possible to find not only information on a variety of company services, but also to read interesting articles and to receive answers to questions which often interest owners of a car. Though if after read, questions all the same remained, it is possible to contact the consultant and to set them to the expert. Having entrusted the car to professionals, each owner can be sure of reliability and quality of service.

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Overdue gift, the first appointment and 1500 books, novelty

Sasha's history: overdue gift, the first appointment and 1500 books

As you could guess, Sasha is I. And here what you hardly guessed, so it that the order of two more books became a result of the first appointment. Also rushed.

Somehow to fix achievement of the goal, I began to celebrate every day the number of the read pages. Being a person of IT (I work as the technical lead of the direction on development of software products), began to fix reading on github because at that time there was already a pleasant implementation of history of kommit (that is the recorded changes).

At that moment I was 28 years old. The stated volume needs to be read for 42 years. At the same time only books - articles are taken into the account, blogs and so forth it is not considered. Also all books which I read up to this point are not considered.

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at the request of chitaty: from favorable deposits it is necessary to pay a tax of 35%

<"from favorable deposits should pay img src="http://photo-rai.ru/pics/66059cb13kt5fcq4z.jpg" title=a tax of 35% of" width="500" height="500" alt="on favorable deposits it is necessary to pay a tax of 35%">

Thus, at the rate of 35% the difference between a rate on a contribution and a refunding rate plus 5 items has to be assessed (that is 13,25% per annum). Deputies suggest to increase this rate by 5% that increases a tax-free rate on deposits to 18,25% per annum.

We will remind that in the fall of 2013 the Central Bank changed the system of interest rates, as a result, the rate of a week repo became key, and the refunding rate became indicative (a comment rekomenedatelny). Then the key rate was 5,5% per annum, and a refunding rate of 8,25%. Today the key interest rate reached already 17% per annum, and the refunding rate still is 8,25%.


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All advantage of juice from fruit and vegetables, at requests of readers

a cold extraction: all advantage of juice from fruit and vegetables

We hope, at you already is, very fashionable now, My Bottle small bottle! Photos from My Bottle filled with fresh juice of own preparation & #8212; today trend of Instagram and also, other social networks. If is not present, then it is possible to buy May botl in Ukraine in http://mybottle.opts.com.ua online store

The best way to receive is more than juice from the same quantity of products & #8212; to place vegetables or fruit with easy pressing in the shnekovy juice extractor on slower mode. Preparation time increases, but juice it turns out one third more. Thus, you reduce amount of pulp in juice. Plus, the less friction, the more juice turns out. And, ate, you have a cooler for the juice extractor, the result will be just magnificent.

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At requests of readers: the marine of an uzelkov told about sport after the delivery

the marine of an uzelkov told about sport after the delivery

The sport after the delivery exists! Trainer of the project that Zvazhen_ shchasliv_ 8 Marina Uzelkova great sportswoman and careful mother. How successfully to combine everything and to find for this time, she repeatedly told. Having children, Marina continues to look slender and tightened. When to begin to play sports after the delivery and how not to do much harm to the health - read in material.

Childbirth is a most difficult physiological process which affects not only the physical, but also psychosomatic level of the woman. You can perfectly feel, but upon an organism is weakened and is not subject to loading. Therefore the next month needs to be forgotten about sport. If childbirth natural, without gaps, problems and complications - that not earlier than in 40 days after the delivery you can start moderate and small loadings.

The trainer of the project that Zvazhen_ shchasliv_ 8 strictly recommends to enter a sports way of life gradually. It is necessary to take minimum in the first period of loading:

We will remind, Marina Borzhemskaya-Uzelkova is the famous fitness trainer, showed two exercises, one of which aimed at the development of elasticity of gluteuses, and the second - on press muscles.

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From our users: tasty, it is useful, quickly and cheap

dietary beet salads: tasty, it is useful, quickly and cheap

About notorious salad under the name "Whisk" which helps to dump quickly "saved up" during holidays and qualitatively to clean intestines, each of you for certain knows. But whether you why so useful dietary salad, despite a set of variations, always includes "base" from boiled beet thought? to you it is required by

to p:


It should be noted that it is more useful to consume beet in the raw: at heat treatment, the root crop loses a part of the valuable properties.

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Psikhozashchita's concerning other people, at requests of readers

psychoprotection concerning other people

To myself in the blog I place only those posts of Marina Komissarova (Evolution) which I consider well very basic, important.

They help to see what is usually hidden from eyes, especially from a subjective view, especially at a bad reflection, the unsteady locus and a hungry self-assessment. If you & #8212; the person mature and integral, you need no crowns, caps, and you have no bugs. You accurately bypass others borders and easily protect the. But if you lack a maturity and integrity, your desires constantly are torn on others territories, all the time something is necessary to you from people that they do not want to give you, generally their recognition. They do not want to give, you want to receive and somehow to take away, your mentality invents different ways, including crowns and caps.

& #8212; & #171; Giant and лилипуты» & #8212; & #171; ќколпачивание»

At first she thought that he is Stesyasha and the Silly fellow, wrote him three letters with thanks and offers of new meetings. And he is silent. He not in forces to cross through the complexes, he needs to be helped.

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at the request of chitaty: newlyweds needed to live several weeks

a wedding of fateful: newlyweds needed to live several weeks

In 2015 Darren and Lauren for the first time met at a funeral of the mutual friend who died of the same diagnosis.

Everything that concerns the man - it is that will be farther with Lauren. He left her some accumulation and couple of boxes of the things.

In the wedding day he could not get out of a bed any more, but nevertheless managed to dance their very first and only dance with the bride.

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That the real man never has to do, a selection

<"that the real man never has to do to img src="http://photo-rai.ru/pics/189557l44kb6jbc5t.jpg" title=" width="500" height="349" alt="what the real man never has to do">

Frankly speaking, I cannot tell at what moment the concept "real man" became something special. In my opinion, everyone has to be it. In the same way as women.

The decent man will never shift responsibility to others. He will not begin to say that someone is guilty of its mistakes another. Such person is not afraid of consequences.

Thus, ladies and gentlemen, let's define at once that the real man is a normal person, but not some supernatural and unreal copy.

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