All advantage of juice from fruit and vegetables, at requests of readers

Published: 3.3.2018
a cold extraction: all advantage of juice from fruit and vegetables

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The best way to receive is more than juice from the same quantity of products & #8212; to place vegetables or fruit with easy pressing in the shnekovy juice extractor on slower mode. Preparation time increases, but juice it turns out one third more. Thus, you reduce amount of pulp in juice. Plus, the less friction, the more juice turns out. And, ate, you have a cooler for the juice extractor, the result will be just magnificent.

Vegetable and fruit juice & #8212; it is an important component for strengthening of health because they are an original source of vitamins, besides, you receive a large number rich cellulose of food. Though, all green sheet vegetables suit for a pressing, phaeochrous fruit and vegetables are the best for juice preparation. Also, it is important not to eat the same vegetables and fruit every day because it you lose chance of obtaining nutritional value of various fruits and root crops.

The cold extraction yields excellent result & #8212; cold juice flows down directly in a reception container. Juice turns out at the first stage of crushing and before pulp is disconnected, fruit or vegetable goes through the second stage of pressing therefore there is even more juice, and pulp turns into solid. The guava, for example, is one of the most difficult fruits for a pressing. But, with slow process of preparation of juice, you can easily press a guava, add a little water and receive fresh juice or smuz from this fruit in only several minutes.

If, your fast and intense way of life prevents you to feed yours with seven fresh vegetables, then one of ways of receiving these important ingredients & #8212; inclusion in the habitual food allowance of fresh juice. Vegetable and fruit juice & #8212; the most effective way to provide good nutrition in this prompt rhythm of life. They are ideal for busy persons who want to add more useful products to the diet at the minimum efforts.

Despite the name, a cold extraction is rather hot topic today. And the design of modern juice extractors allows to receive juice from any fruits, including even from a wheat grass and also helps to keep more vitamins and antioxidants, giving the chance to you and to your family to enjoy fresh taste of nutritious juice every day.


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