at the request of chitaty: newlyweds needed to live several weeks

Published: 25.2.2018
a wedding of fateful: newlyweds needed to live several weeks

In 2015 Darren and Lauren for the first time met at a funeral of the mutual friend who died of the same diagnosis.

Everything that concerns the man - it is that will be farther with Lauren. He left her some accumulation and couple of boxes of the things.

In the wedding day he could not get out of a bed any more, but nevertheless managed to dance their very first and only dance with the bride.

In March, 2016 Easton made the girl the proposal, but the wedding was postponed so far. Couple wanted to collect money completely to embody all the dreams. But it turned out that there is no time any more. In November at the guy lungs refused...

Very sad wedding was held in hospital in London. Darren Iston and Lauren Poup brought each other oaths in the presence of 60 guests who sobbed unanimously. The matter is that young people both have an incurable disease - cystous fibrosis and this disease them and acquainted.

Lauren considers that even death will not be able to separate them, as usual speak in wedding oaths. Their love will remain regardless time and space even after death.

Unfortunately, Darren did not manage to find the donor for change of both lungs and there were only several weeks of life.

The diagnosis was made to young people in infancy, at the same time average life expectancy with it - 40 years.


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