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Published: 23.2.2018
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Frankly speaking, I cannot tell at what moment the concept "real man" became something special. In my opinion, everyone has to be it. In the same way as women.

The decent man will never shift responsibility to others. He will not begin to say that someone is guilty of its mistakes another. Such person is not afraid of consequences.

Thus, ladies and gentlemen, let's define at once that the real man is a normal person, but not some supernatural and unreal copy.

Hello, dear men! Today we will say about how to tempt the mature woman. Agree, it is rather simple to sweetheart the very young young lady: told a beautiful compliment, presented a bouquet, promised a trip to the sea и…

What definitely the normal man will never begin to do, so it to beat the beloved. To raise a hand against the girl or the child for such person absolutely unacceptably. Punishment by a fist is possible in a situation with other man, and that on condition of impossibility to solve the conflict in a different way.

I welcome you, my dear readers! Today we are faced by a serious question - why the man ignores the woman who is pleasant to it? I suggest to understand in detail the reasons of similar behavior and to come to верному…

The main principle here one - everyone for himself decides what to be to it. As they say: do not blame your own faults on others. Remember that at any time you can change the life. To become other person.

Besides, the normal person will not begin to live at the expense of others, whether it be parents, the wife or still someone. The option of life of a parasite in this case is not considered. Providing goes only at the expense of itself. The dependence is unusual for normal men.

Ask yourself a question: who such real man? Also try to answer him. It is sure that most of ladies imagined a certain similarity of James Bond who always looks very clean, he is gallant and affable, knows beforehand all your desires and dreams and always seeks to carry out them. It if generally.

Her answer suggested to me an idea that modern young people pay really more attention to themselves, the appearance and the desires. Having asked the familiar young ladies on the real man, I received a certain generalized character which as a result comes down to one simple rule - to reject all masks.

One my friend somehow time told: as I was bothered by all these glamourous boys, here to me to meet the real man. I took an interest that she means on what she received absolutely definite answer: you understand, the real man is such worker from the plant which will satisfy first of all me, but not itself(himself).

The jealousy does not enter qualities of the good person at all. An easy game in jealousy, but not thorough studying of records on social networks, nightly viewing of messages in phone, continuous interrogations or scandalous scenes in society is possible.

Hello, dear readers of my blog! Today I would like to talk about what the real man never has to do. It is so easy to get confused in concepts, in a set of the principles and moraly. What from all this is simply imposed by society and that really is necessary for happy life.

Hello, dear readers! Today I would like to talk about what to do if you are hated. The conflicts in school, institute, at work or houses can lead to serious problems in communication. & hellip;

Such not to be heavy at all. Yes, temptations to do wrong weight. Somewhere it is dishonest to bypass rules, to tell lies, arrive, to dump from itself responsibility and to come off clear.

There is a logical understanding of life. What is well and that it is bad. I will not argue how many people, are so much also opinions. But the general principles all the same exist. Honesty, decency, independence and other.

The first what it is worth talking about is who such real man. Agree that each person has the special opinion in this respect. Yes, it is possible, in definition I will be similar lines, but time there are differences, it is necessary to discuss them.

Remembering everything told above it is possible to draw easily a conclusion that the decent guy will not begin to lie to the blessed. And in particular to change. If the relations are not got on, he does not leave family, it goes on the left and does not seek consolation in others embraces. He to the last will try to arrange a situation. And finally, if the harmony in the relations cannot achieve, then he will get up and will leave.

He will not begin to discuss problems of the woman with others. Never will tell the friends as his darling made a booboo or did a stupid thing. Yes, cheerful stories on the general subject of female logic and other things which so like to pomusolit men are possible. But he will not begin to wash the dirty linen in public.

Me the fragment from the movie "Moscow Does Not Trust Tears" when Georgy saves Aleksandra and her young man from bad guys is remembered at once, she thanks Gosha and says that he arrived as the real man. What Georgy answers: I arrived as the NORMAL man, you will not begin to thank the woman for the fact that she is able to erase or make a lunch.

The normal man does not fawn, does not cave in and does not toady. All these qualities are peculiar to cowardly and coward people. If the young man needs the help, then he will not begin to manipulate or look for reefs, he will just ask.

What acts in life are unusual for real-normal men? Lies. The person who lives on conscience and honor will never begin to deceive people around, the family, colleagues and friends, and, the main thing, himself. It does not mean crystal honesty in everything at all. It is possible to keep back, paraphrase, or to ask not to speak on the concerning subject.

I hope, my article provided to you food for thought. You can share the link to the blog in social networks. Be honest before themselves and enjoy in every afternoon!


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