Is curious: what hurts and in what a problem

Published: 21.2.2018
somatic diseases: what hurts and in what a problem

Whether you know that unresolved problems are capable to turn into somatic diseases? We can force to be silent the voice, but not a body. When you prefer to close eyes to danger, your organism & #171; боретс¤» with it alone.

Preserving the inner world healthy, we care for the body. When we begin to release last adversities and to deal with the available problems, somatic diseases recede.

Though our life in many respects depends on our sincere health, we often do not pay it due attention. And it can have serious consequences for health.

Actually the reason of these frustration was other.

Then she understood that the available problems with health represented symptoms of emotional dependence on other people about what earlier she even did not suspect.

The zone in which our anguish somatizirutsya is capable to prompt to us about what problem it there is a speech.

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Perhaps, you do not know how to bring order to own soul? How to order the thoughts and to clean the vision of the world from myths and false statements which lead to emergence of problems in various spheres of life? Try to understand everything.

When we constantly feel mental anguish, we live in fear to be left and we suffer, our body begins to give to us signals in order that we thought and introduced necessary amendments in the life.

These demonstrate several examples that means when it comes about a somatization of problems of the sincere world of the person.

The more you ignore a problem, the more disturbing signals send you your organism. Their purpose & #8212; to draw attention to the events and to force to deal with a problem situation.

Many of us pay too much attention to the body and at the same time are not capable to bring order to the soul. Perhaps, you need to calm nerves, but you hesitate to ask about the help.

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Pains change, but their roots remain the same

If you feel lost and do not know what to begin with, we will give the small hint.

Do you know that somatic diseases correspond to these or those sincere problems? In more detail about it:

Most important & #8212; know that roots of a problem lie in you. All that needs to be made & #8212; to listen to the body, to analyze the life and to draw the correct conclusions.

On the sincere horizon of the person thunderstorms when destructive thoughts begin to affect our health from within most often storm, causing nervous tension, distracting from the present and forcing to suffer.

We will imagine for a moment Anna & #8212; fictional character. Anna cannot accept own loneliness therefore plunges into the relations. One partner replaces another because she is afraid to remain one.

These problems with health appeared suddenly, without the reason seen on that. Anna believed that they were connected with genetic predisposition or stressful situations at work.

As these problems constantly alternated, Anna could not find their true reason. Until the next relations did not force to feel it absolutely lonely. At this moment our heroine began to plunge into the inner world closer to recognize herself.

When Anna began to notice at herself the first symptoms of nervous tension, at her the new novel just began.

It is possible what behind flu and do not cost anything, and you just caught a virus. But maybe so that the disease became a signal which is given to you by an organism. It desperately draws your attention that you undertook the solution of the internal problems.

Sore throat: to you is what to tell, but you prefer to be silent about what disturbs you. Flu: something saddens your life, and the disease allows you to make a pause and to have a rest. Ankle pains: your life & #8212; opposition which takes away many forces. Problems with a stomach: difficulties in communication with people and permission of difficult situations. Problems with a back: you need support, your burden is too big. Perhaps, you carry out duties in which other people have to be engaged. Hip pains: you are constantly concerned that people around think of you. Migraines and headaches: arise because of doubts which overflow your soul. The increased arterial blood pressure: your sincere health is affected by fears.

At the beginning she paid attention to a lump in a throat, and soon its began to disturb eczemas and dermatitis.


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