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Published: 19.2.2018
why conscience

Reader, hi! Do you look for the best card of payment by installments in 2019? Look narrowly more attentively at the card & #171; —овесть» from QIWI of Bank! It is worth really it & #8212; and that is why:

the Legal text is written to

by large letters here:

From you only the passport will be required.

Clothes and footwear


Payment by installments affects purchases in any, any foreign shop. Price of a question & #8212; 5% of the sum of your purchase in rubles. If it is favorable & #8212; act.

And yes & #8212; if you want to buy with payment by installments for 10 months something else (and you still have a credit limit) & #8212; new purchases can be made till December 13. In the same day from your credit limit will write off 599 rubles of the commission for an option & #171; ƒес¤тка». Important: if & #171; ƒес¤тка» after December 13 to you it is not necessary any more, disconnect it in advance. Otherwise on January 13 from you will write off 599 rubles again.

It is possible to fill out the short questionnaire (see a screenshot above) on the official site & #171; —овести».

Beauty and health

& #171; ’алва» other cards offer:

If you lack money to order from the USA, Germany or China (for example, accessories for the personal computer, new iPhone, MacBook, clothes, footwear, etc.), at & #171; —овести» is special & #171; заграничнऻ payment by installments for 2 months & #8212; upon even for 3 months (see item No. 2).

The bank is not interested in that you missed payment & #8212; & #171; —овесть» will surely send you the SMS with a reminder:

To issue the card & #171; —овесть» (or just to learn about it more)


Shops seldom give payment by installments for the term of more than 3-4 months. If purchase price & #8212; several thousands of rubles, are not a problem. But what to do if you want really expensive thing & #8212; mink coat, new iPhone, powerful laptop, etc.? There will obviously not be enough payment by installments for 3 months & #8212; today not each person will easily get from a pocket 20-30 thousand rubles within several months.

It is simple & #171; children's лепет» in comparison with penalties according to the card & #171; ’алва»:

QIWI Bank позиционирует» —овесть» as the most open card with payment by installments.

What does it mean? If you made purchase, for example, on November 1, then the first payment on it you will be asked to make no later than December 31. I.e. we buy at the beginning of a month & #8212; and payments can be not made within 2 months. Megaconvenient & #171; фича» & #8212; it is unlikely I will be mistaken if I tell that the comfortable delay of payment in this life disturbed nobody.

Car and spare parts

If the payment by installments period already expired, 10% per annum for use of the credit are also raised. Where did you see the card with such annual interest rates?! Competitors usually ask 25-30%, and even it is more:

A full tariff on the website & #171; —овести»


Usually cards of payment by installments do not give an opportunity to remove & #171; наличку» & #8212; but at & #171; —овести» such option is:


Yes, at & #171; ’алвы» there is a great advantage & #8212; it is a cashback on purchases (and even for a credit limit). But what from if you do not manage to pay for goods within 3-4 standard months of payment by installments?

Article on a subject: "Conscience" vs. "Halvah"-2018 - what is better? Fight of two most popular cards of payment by installments!

If you urgently needed a little cache, connect service & #171; Removal наличных». With it in any ATM of Russia it is possible to remove up to 7 500  for time and up to 20 000  in a month. Each removal commission makes 599 , but they can be returned within 2 months. Of course, it is option from the category & #171; if very much нужно» and it is worth treating it respectively.

And instantly answer all questions in a chat:


Did not make payment in time? Everything that threatens you & #8212; it is a small fine of 590 rubles.

If you want to buy goods not from one of 50 000 partner shops & #171; —овести» the bank proposes the solution: you pay 499 rubles and you receive payment by installments for 2 months. The service is connected through a private office.

Conditions on the card of payment by installments are described in a simple language so even the inexperienced person in financial services will understand them:

How it works? Example:

You watch what here is (I give only popular brands, which very famous):


For such cases & #171; —овесть» & #8212; only among cards of payment by installments & #8212; proposes the solution in the form of an option & #171; ƒес¤тка«.

So after all & #171; —овесть» friends



At & #171; —овести» there is one very pleasant rule for card holders:

From 5 000 to 300 000 rubles to the discretion of bank. How many will give you?


Today on November 13. You have 20 thousand rubles, and you want to buy iPhone X for 70 thousand rubles. You connect for a month an option & #171; ƒес¤тка» in a private office. Now everything that you buy on & #171; —овести» till December 13, automatically will be with payment by installments for 10 months. Further you put 20 thousand on the card. Then you go in partner shop & #171; —овести» or on its website & #8212; for example, M.Video & #8212; also you buy iPhone X. The credit limit spent for it & #8212; 50 thousand rubles & #8212; comfortably you give within 10 months without any sanctions.

Children's goods


You pay once of 599 rubles & #8212; also you receive 10 months of payment by installments (in more detail). For all purchases within a month. In partner shops, of course :).

The complete list of partner shops is available on the website & #171; —овести»

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