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Published: 17.2.2018
Aarhus, Denmark: in total about the city, a sight with a photo

Aarhus (Denmark) - the largest and considerable city of the country after its capital - Copenhagen. For Danes Aarhus is as important as St. Petersburg for Russians. It is the cultural and scientific center, the city of students and historical monuments attracting with the sights a great number of tourists.

the Sight of Aarhus which glorified this city of Denmark for the whole world - Dokk1 library. This institution in 2016 was recognized by the International federation the best library of the world.

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Though the travelers coming to Aarhus can go sightseeing during any season, but the greatest influx of tourists is observed from May to September here. During this period and also during Christmas the prices of accommodation raise. The choice housing in Aarhus is not too big therefore it is better to reserve the pleasant option in advance

The largest not only in Denmark, but also in all Scandinavia the concert hall of Aarhus represents the complex consisting of several buildings, the concert venue under the open sky and the green zone surrounding them. In its numerous big and Small Halls over 3600 viewers can accommodate at the same time.

Danes very much appreciate national traditions and make thrifty use of the historical heritage. In many respects thanks to it Aarhus (Denmark) is so popular among tourists, its sights are not just past traces, and carefully collected, recreated and presented in the most interesting form evidence of historical development of the Danish nation.

The greatest attention of tourists is drawn by greenhouses in which flora of various climatic zones is presented: subtropics, tropics, deserts. Visitors are waited by a meeting with representatives not only florae, but also faunae of tropics and subtropics. There live many species of exotic birds and butterflies who are very sociable and allow itself not only to consider well, but also to photograph.

It is recommended to allocate for visit of a botanical garden not less than 2 hours. And thanks to a set of entertainments and comfortable vacation spots, it will be pleasant to spend the whole day here. It is possible to have a bite in the cafe located in the territory of a garden.

The exposition of Moesgaard is one of the richest in the world. There is well remained body of "the marsh person" - the inhabitant of the bronze age found at excavation about 65 years ago. The set of household items, jewelry and weapon of prehistoric eras are presented to visitors with use of interactive receptions, sound and the video effects doing visit of Moesgaard interesting to all.

It is possible to reach Marselisborg Deer Park by the taxi for А10, the trip by bus will cost cheaper.

The cervine park exists more than 80 years. Besides deer and roes in Marselisborg Deer Park there live also wild boars, but these animals can be dangerous therefore the territory of their dwelling is fenced. Being going to the cervine park, it is recommended to take with itself carrots or apples, feeding by other products, for example, bread, for deer harmfully and dangerously.

The double room in three-star hotel during a season will manage from DKK650 in day with a breakfast, chetyrekhzvezdchny - from DKK1000 with a breakfast in day. Apartments - more favorable option, the prices of them begin from DKK200 in day without breakfast. In off-season the cost of living in Aarhus falls considerably. Learn the PRICES or reserve any housing by means of this form

On a roof of this architectural construction the ring iridescent panorama is established. It represents a ring corridor of three-meter width with glass walls, external of which is painted in colors of the rainbow. Passing on a ring, it is possible to admire the view of vicinities decked by all in flowers of a solar range.

The Danish museum of ethnography and archeology of Moesgaard is in the suburb of Aarhus Hшjbjerg, in an hour of driving from the downtown. This sight includes not only the building in which the exposition is placed, but also surrounding lanshaft, stretching to the sea coast. Here the set of the objects reflecting various historical eras of Denmark is collected: barrows of times of a bronze age, house of the Iron and Stone Age, dwelling of Vikings, medieval constructions, bell tower, water-mill and other sights.

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Aarhus - one of the most youth cities of Denmark, is available a set of educational institutions here. Because of a large number of students, average age of residents of Aarhus is much less, than in other cities of Denmark. Therefore there is the Latin quarter - not so known as Parisian, but quite justifying the name.

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From windows of the second floor the majestic panorama opens. On the one hand the old town with historical buildings, and with another - architecture of modern Aarhus, the photos taken here appears turn out especially impressive.

In the foyer exhibitions of the modern art which can be visited free of charge are often held. The extensive verandah of library occupying a part of the embankment represents a comfortable recreation area with playgrounds and sculptural compositions for children.

Address: Aros Alle 2, Aarhus 8000, Denmark.

Address: Thomas Jensens Alle 1, Aarhus 8000, Denmark.

The history of Aarhus contains more than one thousand years, the periods of blossoming and decline are familiar to it. In the XIV century the population of the city almost completely died out during plague epidemic, and long time it existed in the form of the small settlement. Only after construction of the railroad in the 19th century the city began to grow and develop. Now it is the large cultural and commerce and industry center which kept historical architectural appearance and a set of interesting sights.

The well-known Latin quarter of Paris sung in poetic and works of painting is the ancient campus which grew around Sorbonne - the largest university of France. He received the name from Latin in which in medieval Europe training of students was made.

The modern building of library the look and arrangement reminds the ship, it is built on the concrete platform playing for the coastline in the sea. The total area of premises of Dokk1 library is 35000 m ≤. In them the book-depository, multiple reading rooms, cafe, service centers, rooms for clubs on interests, free offices which can be reserved for holding various actions is located.

Here on a brick the ancient houses which served the century will be taken from all Denmark and carefully restored with all elements of a situation and life characteristic of times of their construction. This city in the city contains already 75 houses among which there are mansions of the nobility and housing of commoners, school, workshops, customs, the seaport building with the moored ship, water and windmills.

Visit of Den-Gaml-Bai in summertime when the poultry wanders about streets is especially fascinating, and pass ancient horse vehicles. But most cheerful to appear here in time Rozhestva with his fairs and festive illumination.

The city of Aarhus (Denmark) is rich with sights, but there is among them one which all unconditionally allocate as the most interesting. Den Gamle By is the national museum under the open sky allowing to plunge into stay of the ancient Danish cities.

Address: Moesgaard Alle 15, Aarhus 8270, Denmark.

Near Aarhus there is a Cervine park occupying a small part (22 hectares) of extensive Marselisborgsky forests. This sight gives to tourists a rare opportunity to communicate and be photographed with deer and roes in the habitat of their dwelling. Animals take a forage from hands and allow to touch themselves that especially will please children.

Children are given an opportunity not only to behold, but also to touch, play with separate objects of an exposition that awakens their interest in history and archeology. Three-dimensional field-glasses "recover" the waxworks of some representatives of our time standing on a ladder. It is recommended to allocate for survey of an exposition not less than 3 hours, and the review of all historical sights of a complex will require the whole day. Here it is possible to have a rest on a grass roof of the museum building, to organize a picnic on special platforms, to have dinner in inexpensive cafe.

Near the museum under the open sky Den Gamle By is one more sight of Aarhus - the Botanical garden. It was broken more than 140 years ago and occupies the space of 21 hectare. Here more than 1000 plant species are presented, each of which is supplied with the plate with the description in different languages. In the territory of a garden there are several greenhouses, a greenhouse, the lake, a rock-garden, a well-planned recreation area with playgrounds, a picturesque windmill, the equipped places for picnics, cafe.

Paved narrow streets of Latin quarter attract tourists not only ancient architecture, but also numerous galleries, little shops, cozy small restaurants, cafe and bars. Here it is always populous, this center not only tourist, but also student's life of Aarhus.

The huge glass foyer of 2000 m ≤ accomodates 1000 viewers. Here constantly there take place exhibitions and concert actions most of which part is open for visit free of charge. Every weekend in the foyer and also on the stage of restaurant of Johan Richter passes performances of students of musical academy on which entrance free.

Annually in this temple of music more than one and a half thousand concert actions including opera and ballet statements, musicals are held. The spectator audience totals about 500000 people a year. Here the best musicians of Europe and the world which performances begin to announce one year prior to an event go on tour.

One more element drawing general attention to the museum Arosa Aarkhusa - the huge figure of the sat-down boy established in the hall of the first floor. The five-meter sculpture from silicone strikes with the realness and exact reproduction of the smallest anatomic features of a human body.

To each building it is possible to come and get acquainted not only with its authentic situation, but also with "population" which roles are plausibly played by the actors respectively dressed and who are made up. It is possible not only to communicate to them, but also to help with their daily affairs.

The Museum of Modern Art in Aarhus - a sight which will be interesting to be visited not only to admirers of the modern trends in the fine arts. Judging by responses, Arosa Aarkhusa leaves nobody indifferent. Its cubic building of terracotta color towers on the hill in the downtown and it is visible from many points.

The city of Aarhus on the coast of the Orkhusky bay of the peninsula Jutland is located and occupies the space about 91 km ≤. Its population makes about 300 thousand inhabitants.

Both cloths of the Danish artists of the 18-20th centuries, and works of modern masters of an art are presented to Aros Aarkhus's expositions. According to visitors, even not fans of the modern art remain under a big impression of this sight. Unusual installations, voice and video effects, optical illusions turn visit of halls into a fascinating adventure. For hungry in the museum the restaurant and cafe works.


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