the Standard of living, the prices, salary and taxes in South Korea in 2018, a novelty

Published: 15.2.2018
the standard of living, the prices, salary and taxes in South Korea in 2018

The Korean republic is one of the most economically developed states. Level of income is per capita incredibly high that forces many Russians to look for highly paid work exactly there. South Korea is the world's largest producer of vessels. Today cars from Korea which differ in enviable quality, beauty and reliability enjoy wide popularity.

the Three-room apartments which are in the dormitory area can be removed for 1,0 thousand c.u.

It is practically a cult: choosing what to save on & #8212; on food or clothes, the average Korean citizen will prefer the first. It is repaid, and on the average salary a sin to complain. Besides external data, an important role is played by communications and recommendations. The owner of the large company will prefer to the any passer-by of that for whom citizens of his country can be charged.

Also in 2019, as before, work for those who cannot confirm the qualification is relevant.

The official minimum wage in Korea & #8212; 5 dollars an hour. So salary is not 10 times less.

the akhakhakhkhakha, at you is anybody's


My name is Lisa, I from Kyrgyzstan. I work in the sewing shop. What salary in this sphere? Whether I will be able to find normal work there?

Later, when sending documents, you will need the summary with your data and the place of study; copies of the certificates confirming your foreign language skills; the motivational letter (why you decided to study in this higher education institution and on this specialty) in English; the notarized certificate translated to English that you are a student of such higher education institution in Russia; a transcript of the taken courses.

Knowledge Korean/English languages is necessary. It is necessary to confirm to the Korean employers the professional knowledge on EB definitely not in Russian. Besides, in South Korea standards differ from Russian, here, for example, sockets of 110 V, type of the frequency of 60 Hz and linear tension still apply, and nuclear power plants are priority in this country.

On this background there is an active development of local infrastructure. The latest roads are successfully constructed, ultramodern buildings are built. On the railroads of the country it is possible to meet many Internet and Vi & #8212; fay zones.

To receive high-quality treatment in one of South Korean clinics, there is no need to receive the medical visa. Thanks to the existing agreements, residents of Russia and Kazakhstan have the right for treatment in a visa-free regime.

In South Korea the following diseases are rather successfully treated:

I from Moscow whether I can buy the apartment in Seoul?

Today treatment in Korea is a magnificent alternative to passing of similar procedures in Germany or Israel. Treatment in Korea is relevant for those persons who wish to receive high-quality service for moderate cost.

The average salary in this country rather high. However, to find the "monetary" place to the foreign person it is complicated. Before rushing to an attack to the South Korean companies, it is important to consider features of mentality of local employers. Whatever attractive and competently made was the summary, the employer hardly to pay attention to it if it does not like a photo of the applicant.

Hello, I from Russia. Who could answer such question: what level of soccer in South Korea and whether it is possible to achieve success in the football sphere? Thanks in advance for the answer.

You can! You all the same as like as two peas who will distinguish you there?

It is necessary for obtaining the student's visa of D-2: confirmation from the accepting university on transfer, translated (and notarized) the copy of the school-leaving certificate or the diploma about the higher education and also the documents confirming your financial solvency (the sums often change therefore they need to be discussed separately with the accepting university). Of course, also the existing international passport is necessary! Be convinced, please, that its term expires not less than in half a year after your alleged return.

I live in the center of Seoul 2 years, the price of one apple, for example, 1,5-2 dollars apiece.

Present course & #8212; 1000 wons about 55-60 rub. Bread 1 (loaf) & #8212; 3000-8000 wons. And & #171; серый» bread, habitual for us, the most expensive (6000-8000 wons) & #8212; 300-400 rub. Milk 1 liter & #8212; 2000-5000 wons (a lot of things depend on the producer), farmer What milk cost 4650 wons. Apples of 1 piece (200-400 gr.) there are 1000-2000 wons apiece, 2-3 views are presented literally. And only local production (any Chinese, Turkish or Argentina). Meat from the chicken (cheapest) & #8212; 1000 wons (I ask to notice, for 100 gr) to expensive grades of local beef on 20.000 wons for 100 gr. I gave only striking examples. Difference from our prices by 2-5 times upwards, but, it is worth noticing, products of excellent quality. For the last year I come to Korea the fifth time.

In mentality of residents of South Korea there is much what surprises and amazes not only Europeans, but also to everything the got used Russians. But the fact that in this safe country there is no pension, to the Russian person to understand very difficult.

Work of the doctor is considered the most prestigious and perspective. South Korean experts are considered as the most skilled in treatment of the most difficult and dangerous diseases.

According to numerous responses of actively traveling persons preferring to be treated abroad the medicine in Korea is the real example of original quality. The authorities of the country actively keep development of medicine in this connection in the republic the latest researches and testings of the modern equipment are constantly held.

So how many it is worth renting apartment in this Republic? The average prices of rent of housing are almost similar to the cost of this service in the large Russian cities.

Treatment in Korea is especially relevant for cancer patients. South Korean oncological clinics are considered as the best in the world.

It is unlikely. There are capable football players.

What countries good that learns and to work at the same time?

So, in 2018-2019 the tourist's life in this southern country will cost approximately 2,8 thousand rubles for every day. Pleases only the fact that the visa to a trip to South Korea is not necessary to Russians.

It is considered the most demanded in 2019:

The modern medicine in Korea assumes round-the-clock work of clinics. It allows to get advice and the qualified help at any time.

Means, any Vanya in the European Union can work, having only shown the true worth?

Hello. My name is Dmitry 30 years. The power engineer, whether I can work in Korea and where to address

Also in South Korea are always glad to the one who is ready to perform seasonal works.

Today in South Korea lives and successfully a large number of Russian-speaking citizens works. Strangely enough, but this country has no enough the qualified engineers and therefore actively looks for them in Russia.

And here from the point of view of Koreans there is nothing strange here. These are the hardworking people which got used to work. When the person becomes incapacitated, he just passes to providing with the children.



Similar taxes in the Russian Federation are not observed yet.

The Kazakh in Korea will not survive on average salary. Every day to guzzle a bird and fish & #8212; it is better to lay down and die at once. I cook every day beef gr. 400 & #8212; it is called try to save. And in general it is necessary to forget about horse-flesh and mutton.

Who knows what taxes withhold from pay in South Korea, and in what size? Monthly hold or once a year? Who worked officially, prompt how carried out calculation? My husband works there and says that the tax is held once a year from all annual salary, pension and an insurance monthly hold.

Requirements to applicants standard. First of all the expert has to have certain experience. Also it undertakes to provide to the employer confirmation of the qualification. Magnificent knowledge of spoken, written and technical English is not less important. And if the applicant speaks Korean, then his chances considerably grow.

Without international passport even in other country will not let so about work it is possible to hold back.


Many Russians, especially representatives of the well-to-do, seek to get the real estate in South Korea. It is important to understand that housing in Korea costs rather much. It is correct to answer a question, how much is to buy apartments in South Korea, only the professional in realtor business can. The average prices in 2018-2019 vary from 5 to 8,5 thousand c.u. for one square meter. Some businessmen buy the apartment in Korea and lease it. It makes for them quite good profit. A question, how much is to rent apartment, not only businessmen, but also tourists and also the people who arrived in Korea for the purpose of employment are interested, however.

Many tourists note that you will not call life in the southern Republic cheap. Food prices, high taxes & #8212; all it seems to the average Russian who went here to a travel, not simply, and very expensive. On average the prices in this state are slightly higher Chinese, but below the Japanese.

And can pay flight also? And не… Just it is better to send money!

You should not be frightened the high standard of living in this state.

For transfer in South Korean higher education institution, first of all, it is necessary to contact the international department of this higher education institution and to specify what are available to you the program (they depend on the level of your foreign language, last education and so forth) and to ask the list of necessary documents (private higher education institutions can impose own requirements at reception). It can be done one year prior to receipt (do not worry if you write the letter in English: the answer will also be in English, but not on any other).

I from Kazakhstan, I am 24 years old whether I can work in Korea?

And here it seems to residents of the large Russian cities, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, life in this southern republic very acceptable. So, in South Korea in 2019 food prices represent the following:

Today national taxes make 80,2 percent. Local taxes make no more than 19,8 percent. Real "heavyweights" it is considered to be taxes on income and added value of the population. At the end of last year the question introductions of ten-percentage taxes on some types of cosmetic procedures was seriously considered. Proceeds were planned to be allocated for the solution of acute social problems.

To enter the Korean university, at first it is required to be disaccustomed at least one year in the Russian higher education institution. Otherwise - it is impossible therefore, it is desirable, choose the same specialty which studying you would like to continue in Korea in Russia.

I would like to study and work in Korea. It is possible?

We have 50 rub, but salary 10 times smaller.

I am 24 years old, citizenship of the Russian Federation. May I work in Korea? Any sphere will arrange, I know languages only Russian and Uzbek.

And the child can come to college in Yu. To Korea or only in higher education institution?

One of attractive features of work in South Korea is that here employers treat the colleagues not as to slaves, and as to full-fledged partners. The fact that cooperation is perceived here as exchange of services, gives quite good chances of promotion and receiving higher salary.

All this difference nonsense, an essence one if you know a question. Thanks.

Usual payment for the 3-roomed apartment & #8212; 50 million wons pledge (about 45.000 dale.) and 1 million 200 thousand wons a month (about 1100 a dale.) plus municipal. The same with the private house, pledge of 10-20 million plus the communal flat, still a monthly payment from 200 and выше…

According to locals, it is low salary as for worthy residence in the capital and other large cities, the person needs not less than five thousand dollars a month.

Hello, I am 26 years old, the citizen of the Russian Federation. May I work in Korea in the sphere of restaurant business?

Koreans have no pension. What pension assignments can be?

If to speak about comparison, then the prices can be compared with the cost of relevant goods in Southern Europe here.

Dasha, you can read in more detail about purchase of apartments and other real estate in South Korea here

And average salary what? And what it is possible to save up in a month?

It is not necessary to respond at all on offers to find a job illegally, on a tourist visa. It is fraught not only constant delays in payment of the salary, but also serious problems with the authorities of the state. In 2019 both highly qualified specialists, and those persons who are not superprofessionals in this or that industry will be able to find work in Korea.

Special attention is paid to appearance and respectability in South Korea.

Zdraste! The citizen of Kyrgyzstan, how I can take the visa to work there? I know English, Russian (Kazakh, Kyrgyz). I can be disaccustomed on courses on anyone. As whom it is desirable to study? In computers so-so I rummage. It is desirable the cook, the supplier, the gardener and t p

Considering that the cost of U.S. dollar in Russia breaks all records today, there is nothing surprising that the prices of running products in our country are almost similar to South Korean.

There is an opinion that high prices played a negative role in insufficiently developed tourism. So, the Russian tourists note that life has to be incredibly economical & #8212 here; it will be only this way possible to see the main natural and historical attractions and to wholly enjoy rest.

Modern South Korean clinics differ in the highest service.

Yes, if desired to work, I advise colloquial Korean to learn.

Average South Korean salary-2017 equals about 3350 c.u. a month or 40 000 dollars a year.

In 2019 work taxes on increase in a breast, face lifting and three more popular cosmetic procedures.

What you do not believe in the husband perhaps?

In 2019 the following vacancies are relevant:

At the heart of the system of taxes there is a division all of them types. The taxes collected in the territory of South Korea are divided into 2 groups:

So, it is possible to rent the one-room apartment located in the dormitory area for 367 dollars. The cost of rent of the one-room apartment in the center & #8212; 697 US dollars.

It is possible to find somehow work without international passport?

On this background of the patient has an opportunity during short term to make necessary tests, to study results and to be examined. For inspection in South Korean clinics it is accepted to use endoscopy, ultrasound and MRT.

I from Kyrgyzstan how to get a job without experience? The employer gives housing? What average salary there?

Useful links: The Ministry of Education of Korea - the National organization of tourism of Korea - the Portal about training in the Republic of Korea - Ewha Womans University - Kookmin University - Korea University - Pohang University of Science and Technology - Seoul National University - the International department of SNU -

Official salary from 210 thousand.

More expensive products, such as light chicken meat, in South Korea, in transfer to rubles, stand around two hundred sixty rubles. Alcoholic products stand approximately equally.


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