Popular : Kumandins of Biysk revive the ancient ceremonies

Kumandins of Biysk revive the ancient ceremonies

"The fertility holiday" took place on September 4, 2014 vp. Nagorny, place of compact accommodation of Kumandins. Vramkakh of a holiday was carried out an ancient ceremony of purchase of fertility of "Kocha Kan".

Tasting of the ethnic cuisine the most joyful action for children. Age of the children participating in a holiday of 2 years up to 14 years. Kumandins have a hope that the younger generation will revive and keep further traditions of the people. The festival a song competition, a peculiar choral singing called "тамыр" came to the end. Each group tried to rehash another. Therefore songs were not only folding, but also witty that it was difficult to answer with the corresponding song. We have a draw.

At this time, on the place of celebration prepared entertainments for all residents of the settlement and their guests (this year the chef was a man).

After the settlement round, Kocha Kan with satellites made asperges of the prepared products of the ethnic cuisine, then he shared inexhaustible vital power with people, wished all replenishment of family and increase in wealth.

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Discussion: we study marinated meat in an oven in beer, wine, soy sauce

marinated meat in an oven in beer, wine, soy sauce of" width="500" height="333" alt="we study marinated meat in an oven in beer, wine, soy sauce">

Summer - a time of picnics and invariable shish kebabs. Offensively when the feast outdoors is saddened by an unfortunate meat dish: dry and rigid lumps cannot just be chewed, and no sauce saves the situation. And it can be avoided if in advance to pickle meat on one of the recipes given below.


to make the meat marinated in dark beer, stock up with the following ingredients:

If you are faced by a task to make the meat marinated in mustard and soy sauce, do not save on so original filling. Better than times to spend for one small small bottle of quality sauce, than for a liter large bottle of a substitute with a strange smell and taste.

Further myasko in beer it is presoaked on such algorithm:

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Popular : 11 councils for supernormal people

11 councils for supernormal people

The people capable to understand us, it is more around, than it seems. - Source

Huge courage is required to cross through negative experience and not only to try to begin new life, but also to try to construct the relations which you never had. But, believe, it is worth it. You have every chance to achieve success.

Get off a painful mind and feelings, plunging into habitual and pleasant occupations: read, communicate in network, ride a bike, knit, jog, enjoy the nature, you go to the cinema. Think of yoga and meditation. Psychological distancing from a problem in itself extremely powerful instrument of fight against it.

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New heading: description and program of an excursion, photo

a sightseeing tour across Batumi excursions in Georgia: description and program of an excursion, photo

To whom it will be interesting at an excursion

The sightseeing tour across Batumi lasts from 2 to 5 hours - how the program is constructed. Sometimes guides offer author's routes not only on the city, but also on its vicinities - such trips continue longer. But we do not recommend to combine survey of the city with trips to the country as it strongly smears general impression from an excursion.

Evening excursions usually comes to an end at the dancing and singing fountains in Primorsk Boulevard. They work during a tourist season in the evenings - from May to September. Some travel agencies offer special evening tours which begin at 6-7 o'clock in the evening with yacht trip or the boat from where it is possible to admire lit with evening fires of the city.

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New heading: Auchan will rely in Russia on shops at the house

Auchan will rely in Russia on shops at the house

The large French retailer "Auchan" will rely in Russia on shops "at the house", Finmarket reports.


for ours channels in Telegram and "by Yandex. A zen" that the first to be aware of latest news of retail.

Since 2020 the retailer will open in Russia generally shops in a format "at the house". The company expects that the total number of the new outlets started in 2020 will make about 20. "Traditionally Auchan worked at the market of hypermarkets, now we develop in the market of supermarkets, but we want to develop a format & #171; ультра-прокси» that is absolutely small shops of 200-600 sq.m" - he said.

The CEO "Auchan Retail Russia" told Francois Remy about plans of the company for development in Russia to journalists. According to him, in 2018 the retailer will open one more hypermarket in addition to five which already began to work this year. In 2019 the network will increase by two shops of this format.

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Painted pots minimalism in things, secrets

painted pots minimalism in things

It decided me flowers to replace, and big flowerpots cost very much. And there is no wish to buy superfluous, I try to adhere to minimalism in things. I took strong technical buckets (the price about 250 and 100 rubles), painted on 3 layers with white paint for walls and drew a grass. Made a grass in the same color, as trees on a wall, for creation of the general forest composition. Probably, still then I will varnish them as the paint washing. But now on varnish there is no money, and the result already pleases me. In general I love spontaneous creativity when the idea comes to mind & #8212; and at once you embody it!

If found

the small paradise, you do it fine? 

Cool idea! Really, beautiful pots cost unfairly much.

Margo, it even not is connected with the place, and with internal state. There were also not really good places, but all the same changed them moderately opportunities)

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Symptoms, the reasons, treatment, is curious

maniacal depression: symptoms, reasons, treatment

Active discussion of a problem of a depression in society helps not only to accept a problem, but also constantly to look for an exit how to cure or prevent it. Meanwhile, of the real mental disease - the maniacal depression - to a wide range of people knows a little.

of Special medicine for a maniacal depression does not exist therefore the quality of the help and success of treatment almost entirely depends on tactics of administration of drugs, removal of symptoms and side effects from drugs.

The forecast for the patients having the periods when the syndrome is not shown in any way favorable. A disease it is possible to control, minimize manifestations of the sharpest symptoms of both phases, to maintain behavior and physical health of the patient at the satisfactory level. Some can even lead a life which it is possible to consider almost normal - to stay in relative harmony with itself and the world, to have family, work, a hobby, public duties and other.

It is a phase of the increased excitement, both motive, and psychological. The person can be aggressive, rough, talk, behave tensely, restlessly loudly, to take any actions in connection with a plot of the mania or hallucinations.

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Club of businessmen, discussion

club of businessmen

You businessman. You have the business. You owner of business.

Everything together we create a business environment in which our businesses grow (because we grow and ourselves develop).

Why to invent the bicycle (paying it with your money and time) if now you can always check - but whether already similar tasks are solved by other businessmen?

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New : the network of drugstores has Samson

at network of drugstores there is Samson

At network of the Moscow drugstores discounters of Samson-pharma the owner officially was replaced, Kommersant reports.

In two weeks, at the beginning of April, FULL FACE was told that received the application for purchase of Samson-pharma from the natural person, however did not tell his name.

Sources of Kommersant specify that Erkafarm became the new owner of network, and Alexander Larin acts as the nominal owner. According to the interlocutor of the edition, Erkafarm did not begin to buy directly financially unstable Samson-pharma not to spoil the relation with Sberbank. According to him, Erkafarm will officially receive Samson-pharmu after the financial position of the Moscow network improves.

The edition, with reference to Kartoteka.ru, specifies that the owner of network Samson Sogojan sold the company to Alexander Larin who was a co-owner and the CEO of the St. Petersburg LLC Freya earlier. This company stopped existence in 2016. Before it belonged to Freya Development registered on the British Virgin Islands.

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Project alpha, selection

project alpha

In 1979 James Smith McDonnell * allocated to Washington University in St. Louis a grant of 500 thousand dollars for the organization of Laboratory of mental researches of McDonnell with a research objective of various psi-phenomena, including telekinesis and telepathy.

In July, 1981 at a meeting of magicians in the city of Pittsburgh James Randi delivered a critical speech concerning reliability of experiments in Laboratory of mental researches of McDonnell. At the same time he made several revelations, referring to videos of experiments.

One of researchers of ekstrasensorny abilities with a regret told: "Randi rejected parapsychological science on 100 years ago".

The truth was that they made all this only by means of illyuzionistsky tricks.

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