Painted pots minimalism in things, secrets

painted pots minimalism in things

It decided me flowers to replace, and big flowerpots cost very much. And there is no wish to buy superfluous, I try to adhere to minimalism in things. I took strong technical buckets (the price about 250 and 100 rubles), painted on 3 layers with white paint for walls and drew a grass. Made a grass in the same color, as trees on a wall, for creation of the general forest composition. Probably, still then I will varnish them as the paint washing. But now on varnish there is no money, and the result already pleases me. In general I love spontaneous creativity when the idea comes to mind & #8212; and at once you embody it!

If found

the small paradise, you do it fine? 

Cool idea! Really, beautiful pots cost unfairly much.

Margo, it even not is connected with the place, and with internal state. There were also not really good places, but all the same changed them moderately opportunities)

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Symptoms, the reasons, treatment, is curious

maniacal depression: symptoms, reasons, treatment

Active discussion of a problem of a depression in society helps not only to accept a problem, but also constantly to look for an exit how to cure or prevent it. Meanwhile, of the real mental disease - the maniacal depression - to a wide range of people knows a little.

of Special medicine for a maniacal depression does not exist therefore the quality of the help and success of treatment almost entirely depends on tactics of administration of drugs, removal of symptoms and side effects from drugs.

The forecast for the patients having the periods when the syndrome is not shown in any way favorable. A disease it is possible to control, minimize manifestations of the sharpest symptoms of both phases, to maintain behavior and physical health of the patient at the satisfactory level. Some can even lead a life which it is possible to consider almost normal - to stay in relative harmony with itself and the world, to have family, work, a hobby, public duties and other.

It is a phase of the increased excitement, both motive, and psychological. The person can be aggressive, rough, talk, behave tensely, restlessly loudly, to take any actions in connection with a plot of the mania or hallucinations.

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Club of businessmen, discussion

club of businessmen

You businessman. You have the business. You owner of business.

Everything together we create a business environment in which our businesses grow (because we grow and ourselves develop).

Why to invent the bicycle (paying it with your money and time) if now you can always check - but whether already similar tasks are solved by other businessmen?

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New : the network of drugstores has Samson

at network of drugstores there is Samson

At network of the Moscow drugstores discounters of Samson-pharma the owner officially was replaced, Kommersant reports.

In two weeks, at the beginning of April, FULL FACE was told that received the application for purchase of Samson-pharma from the natural person, however did not tell his name.

Sources of Kommersant specify that Erkafarm became the new owner of network, and Alexander Larin acts as the nominal owner. According to the interlocutor of the edition, Erkafarm did not begin to buy directly financially unstable Samson-pharma not to spoil the relation with Sberbank. According to him, Erkafarm will officially receive Samson-pharmu after the financial position of the Moscow network improves.

The edition, with reference to, specifies that the owner of network Samson Sogojan sold the company to Alexander Larin who was a co-owner and the CEO of the St. Petersburg LLC Freya earlier. This company stopped existence in 2016. Before it belonged to Freya Development registered on the British Virgin Islands.

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Project alpha, selection

project alpha

In 1979 James Smith McDonnell * allocated to Washington University in St. Louis a grant of 500 thousand dollars for the organization of Laboratory of mental researches of McDonnell with a research objective of various psi-phenomena, including telekinesis and telepathy.

In July, 1981 at a meeting of magicians in the city of Pittsburgh James Randi delivered a critical speech concerning reliability of experiments in Laboratory of mental researches of McDonnell. At the same time he made several revelations, referring to videos of experiments.

One of researchers of ekstrasensorny abilities with a regret told: "Randi rejected parapsychological science on 100 years ago".

The truth was that they made all this only by means of illyuzionistsky tricks.

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New on the website: night of music in a svetlovka

night of music in a svetlovka

The genre - technology of the fragmentary paper - Lyudmila Grigoriev-Semyatitskaya found twenty five years ago, and closely began them to be engaged at the beginning of the 2000th. The speech not about just to paste on a canvas paper scraps on in advance planned contour. It is necessary to see future picture as the complete work and to make it such to what it was presented in thoughts.

The youth library of M.A. Svetlov within the creative project "The Translation of the Text on Theatrical Language" once again gives the floor to young actors! This evening the flashing performance according to stories by A.P. Chekhov and romances by the Russian composers will be presented by students of department of a vocal of the State Academy of Slavic Culture - actors of student's theater "Sozvuchiye".

Bolshaya Sadovaya St., 1 (media center) Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya St., 23 (subscription, department of literature of art) m Mayakovsky

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of 7 habits which will make you is more happily checked by the myth, life hack

7 habits which will make you are more happily checked by the myth

If someone does not understand your rush, just tell it about oxytocin and suggest to try.

On materials of the book "One Habit a Week" and certificates of Myth makers

"I believe in balance of good deeds. For example, I help grandmothers crossing the road (this not settled expression, I really transport them), I feed street animals. Some have a thought "But whether it is a facade?". Yes, yes, we discussed with friends - there are such thoughts. It seems me, not very well what motivation forces you to do it - even if retweets. Eventually the grandmother is not crushed by the foreign car, the cat ate. All are happy - and you are happy".

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Available vacancies in 2019, popular

work as the translator abroad: available vacancies in 2019

Knowledge of a foreign language in modern conditions - invaluable force. Large corporations, the linguistic centers, travel companies - all involve translators to work with partners or clients. And the better the employee knows language, the above it will be appreciated in the company. What to do to you if you know language and how at once to get to the good company abroad?

the option when promised you some conditions of accommodation and work abroad is Still possible

, and after arrival offer absolutely others. If you have no opportunity to return at once, it can become a big problem.

You look in video: work of translators in the USA.

As a rule, the salary of the translator is discussed at the device or an interview (in case of a remote interview). In the territory of the Russian Federation dispersion in payment essential, everything depends on a vacancy: from 20-25 thousand rubles for work as the translator in the organization, to 60 thousand rubles when translating in the sphere of editing.

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From our users: sights of Prague, its areas and vicinities

Czech Republic: sights of Prague, its areas and vicinities

And differently also cannot be - Czechs are sure. History based on mysticism of figures is connected with the bridge! Laying of the first cobble-stone happened in 1357, on July 9 (the seventh month), exactly at 5:31. And now you watch how numbers elegantly were built: 1-3-5-7-9-7-5-3-1. It is considered that so rare combination is favorable for any undertaking!

On one of the hills towering on the left coast of Vltava there is the well-known Prague Castle. It is the largest operating castle complex which is entered also in the List of UNESCO, and in the Guinness Book of Records. The area of a hail is about 70 thousand sq.m, and it is enclosed with a fortification.

Having for the first time arrived to this country, be going to be surprised almost continually. Is recommended to begin with the capital of the Czech Republic - Prague which main symbol is Karlov Bridge. Its length - more than 500 meters, and it is decorated with unique gallery of sculptures on religious subject. Besides, here you will be able to admire beautiful viewing towers and a monumental neogothic ladder.

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Popular : as the menopause affects health of heart

as the menopause affects health of heart

Many women pass through a menopause with hardly any trouble at all. Nevertheless, it is better to have regular examinations at doctors at least once a year. At least, you are convinced that everything is good, and you can be quiet.

These measures are necessary if you have a risk or family history of cardiovascular diseases or a stroke.

Read also: Vaginal candidiasis: councils for prevention

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