Painted pots minimalism in things, secrets

Published: 21.1.2018
painted pots minimalism in things

It decided me flowers to replace, and big flowerpots cost very much. And there is no wish to buy superfluous, I try to adhere to minimalism in things. I took strong technical buckets (the price about 250 and 100 rubles), painted on 3 layers with white paint for walls and drew a grass. Made a grass in the same color, as trees on a wall, for creation of the general forest composition. Probably, still then I will varnish them as the paint washing. But now on varnish there is no money, and the result already pleases me. In general I love spontaneous creativity when the idea comes to mind & #8212; and at once you embody it!

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the small paradise, you do it fine? 

Cool idea! Really, beautiful pots cost unfairly much.

Margo, it even not is connected with the place, and with internal state. There were also not really good places, but all the same changed them moderately opportunities)

The clear head, fine does us slightly more happily 


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