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Published: 1.2.2018
Kumandins of Biysk revive the ancient ceremonies

"The fertility holiday" took place on September 4, 2014 vp. Nagorny, place of compact accommodation of Kumandins. Vramkakh of a holiday was carried out an ancient ceremony of purchase of fertility of "Kocha Kan".

Tasting of the ethnic cuisine the most joyful action for children. Age of the children participating in a holiday of 2 years up to 14 years. Kumandins have a hope that the younger generation will revive and keep further traditions of the people. The festival a song competition, a peculiar choral singing called "тамыр" came to the end. Each group tried to rehash another. Therefore songs were not only folding, but also witty that it was difficult to answer with the corresponding song. We have a draw.

At this time, on the place of celebration prepared entertainments for all residents of the settlement and their guests (this year the chef was a man).

After the settlement round, Kocha Kan with satellites made asperges of the prepared products of the ethnic cuisine, then he shared inexhaustible vital power with people, wished all replenishment of family and increase in wealth.

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The ethnic cuisine was presented in a good selection: boiled meat of mutton, horse-flesh; festive ceremonial dish Tutpash & #8212; square pieces fresh dough welded in horse fat broth; Kumandin flat cakes, cheesecakes. And also the table was replenished products, collected & #171;  оча-каном» and its satellites.

The holiday took place in a warm friendly situation, despite of cloudy weather. This year Kumandins of Soltonsky district joined celebration.

Across the settlement there passed Kocha Caen (the person in the Kocha Kan suit & #8212; in a mask from birch bark, a birch bark cap with a staff) with assistants with blagopolozhelaniye. Hosts, on custom presented with gifts of Kocha-Caen and its satellites. For it replenishment of family and an issue of the cattle, increase in wealth was promised them.

And guests among whom there were two ethnofolklore groups & #8212; Odychak from the village of Shatobal, Soltonsky district and Ayrychak from Biysk, sang ancient Kumandin songs for inhabitants and guests of the settlement of Nagorny.

Tell that he was an ordinary, but dissolute person in the beginning, for as it was thrown by one shaman from the earth on the seventh sky. According to other version, he was a lascivious shaman and got on the sky, escaping from enemies where remained. In the third option - Kocha-Caen was born from the daughter Ulgen tempted with the strong shaman. The autumn holiday is connected with image of Kocha-Caen. In the fall, after harvesting from seeds of barley cooked home brew (Pozo) for asperges for spirit owner of a door Karash-Biya and to the erotic deity of Kocha-kanu with a request to give wellbeing and health to family, an issue to the cattle. Kocha-Caen, going down on the earth, it is embodied in Kama or the person and organizes games which differed in special fury and daring cheerfulness, were followed by indecent gestures of sexual contents. The noisy crowd consisting of young guys of men and children accompanied the person who represented Kocha-Cana, sang songs of erotic contents, collected donations from inhabitants. Women tried to hide from a game in Kocha-Cana. The festival continued within 2 - 3 days. In the evening when the holiday came to an end, divided edibles between participants of a game. On Kocha-Cana the birch bark mask and a peaked birch bark cap was put on. This ceremony was carried out by the Kumandin childbirth which esteemed Kocha-Cana.

Valentina Kastarakova, chairman of AROO "Association of Kumandins of Altai"

Residents of the settlement in common with the children prepared an exhibition from the hand-made articles from nature gifts for a holiday.

Council of authorized Kumandins of Altai Krai thanks administration of Biysk for the provided financial aid on carrying out a holiday and for inclusion of the holiday ceremony "Kocha Kan" in the plan of annual actions.

The huge gratitude to members of ethnofolklore groups, Odychak and Ayrychak which created all day festive mood the Kumandin songs dispersed rain clouds.


Kocha-Caen (Kochugang) - in mythology of Altaians - the deity, the spirit living on one of sky layers (first or seventh) which is characterized by erotic lines.

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We express gratitude to Kumandins of Biysk, without their active participation tasting of the ethnic cuisine would not take place: To Petukhov Vitaly, Nabutova Valentina, Sarachakova Irina, Hanmagomedov Shekh-Kirim. To Yudanova Lyubov, Kastarakovoy Evdokiye, Petukhov Gennady, Teberekova Olga.

Special thanks, to Alekseyevich to Nikifor Savinovich, despite the birthday, to it were 83 years, took part in a holiday and acted as Kocha Kan.

For children the quiz was prepared and held by the member of city council, the female resident of the settlement of Sarachakov Nadezhda.

Many thanks for the organization of a holiday to members of council of authorized Kumandins of Altayskolgo of edge: To Shakhov Konstantin, Sarachakov Vladimir, Fedotov Vladimir; to the chairman of city council of authorized Kumandins Kukhtuyekova Galina; to members of city council: To Sarachakova Nadezhda, Kuzmenko Galina.

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