Discussion: we study marinated meat in an oven in beer, wine, soy sauce

Published: 29.1.2018
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Summer - a time of picnics and invariable shish kebabs. Offensively when the feast outdoors is saddened by an unfortunate meat dish: dry and rigid lumps cannot just be chewed, and no sauce saves the situation. And it can be avoided if in advance to pickle meat on one of the recipes given below.


to make the meat marinated in dark beer, stock up with the following ingredients:

If you are faced by a task to make the meat marinated in mustard and soy sauce, do not save on so original filling. Better than times to spend for one small small bottle of quality sauce, than for a liter large bottle of a substitute with a strange smell and taste.

Further myasko in beer it is presoaked on such algorithm:

It is possible to pickle in such variations of mix:

Inadmissibly to do preparation in a pig-iron or aluminum container which is capable to be oxidized under the influence of acids and salts.

So, similar additional efforts are necessary that is why:

Among fans of country rest the meat marinated in red wine is popular.

Be not afraid to experiment and to open new sides of taste of a habitual dish!

To look for ideal marinade for a shish kebab - business long and ungrateful as options there is great variety.

The necessary set of products is found only by practical consideration, and happens that not one kilogram of meat is spent for it. In kitchen of each people of our planet there are hundreds of recipes of fillings differing in a set of traditional spices, vegetables and liquids. You have an opportunity to try the most unusual and appetizing of them.

The final choice of spices and sauces depends on personal preferences of each person.

By the way, the same filling suits also for smoking.

For its preparation the following set of products is necessary:

Process of soaking looks as follows:

Before it is correct to pickle meat for smoking or frying, stock up with suitable ware.

Ideally it has to be:

All of them give to a final dish improbable tenderness, a seductive smell, neutralize excess salt and promote formation of an appetizing crust.

More exotic soy marinades mean presence of a carnation, cinnamon, honey and other spices, nonconventional for shish kebab.

The true product from soy has bright tastes and strong specific aroma. It is necessary to presoak not only in one soy sauce, but also in chopped garlic, the onions cut with large rings, ginger and raznosortny fresh pepper.

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