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Published: 27.1.2018
11 councils for supernormal people

The people capable to understand us, it is more around, than it seems. - Source

Huge courage is required to cross through negative experience and not only to try to begin new life, but also to try to construct the relations which you never had. But, believe, it is worth it. You have every chance to achieve success.

Get off a painful mind and feelings, plunging into habitual and pleasant occupations: read, communicate in network, ride a bike, knit, jog, enjoy the nature, you go to the cinema. Think of yoga and meditation. Psychological distancing from a problem in itself extremely powerful instrument of fight against it.

The psychologist Mag Jay calls supernormal people with high psychological stability. Having endured serious injuries and negative events in the childhood, they remain strong and successful. They often remind people around superheroes who manage to save not only themselves, but also others.

Become the parent of whom dreamed. - Source

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If you feel that it is useful to make some changes to relationship with the person who causes you mental anguish, make it. If it brings you even more grief, know: you have a right to stop or minimize communication with it. Avoid relatives, partners or chiefs, the relations with whom injure you.

Find the person to whom you will be able to open the secrets. If its reaction turns out not such what is necessary to you, look for another and so on. It will be simpler to you to share with each revelation, your history will become more and more organized and clear. And most likely, more and more short.

Always struggle with temptation to compare the deprivations or triumphs to failures and victories of other people. You remember: all people differently define success and struggles of life, as well as the fact that usually and normally.

As often as possible be so kind as also do good for yourself and those whom you face on a course of life. As it is paradoxical, benefits of the one who helps can even outweigh benefit of the one who receives it. When painful experience stimulates us on good deeds, we stop being the victims and we become heroes.

Find people with whom fall in love and who will love you - you can meet them anywhere. It is not obligatory to choose at all those who are similar to you; it is not necessary to limit the circle to those who suffered in the past, as well as you. A variety of views enriches. It is also not necessary to think that people whose childhood was happy, are adapted for life better you.

Accept the fighter in yourself. Use to the maximum the ability to be strong and to overcome obstacles in the way. There is no sense to experience negative emotions, remembering times when you were angry; there is no sense to suffer from shame for the past. Quite so people with steady mentality survive and prosper, but, remember that it is necessary to find a way to achieve the peace in soul.

We begin to feel competent and useful, but not unfortunate and helpless. Participating in the fate of people around and helping them, we forget about own problems. Trying to come into contact with persons in need in the help, we strengthen feeling of a unification with the world around, as well as communication with something out of us, perhaps, with something бульшим, than ourselves. Our life finds sense.

If you have children, become for them such parent what was wanted to be had. Build the house of which dreamed. But resist desire to protect the children from any pain, as well as to desire to temper them excessively and to prepare for any difficulties. Life by all means will introduce amendments, putting you all on new trials, and when it occurs, listen, recognize the importance, define a problem, empathize, solve a problem.

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