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Published: 3.2.2018
the best universities higher education institutions of Canada for the Russian and other foreigners: features of receipt and training in 2018

To Montreal students are attracted by a set of factors, for example, the fact that it is the city a bilingual, that is in it two official languages and both French and English is equally popular. Due to a large number of educational institutions, it is mostly the student's youth region from available the cost of housing and convenient location of campuses in park zones.

Conditions for transfer in the Canadian higher education institution differ depending on the chosen educational institution. Most of foreign students submit applications upon completion of senior secondary education. For Russians and students from other countries of the requirement for receipt of the Canadian educational system in 2019 assume:

33,437 $342 Makgillamonreal26,008 7,181 University of $ $353 University of the British $ $ Kolumbiivankuver21,693 5,886 974 Albertsky universitetedmonton17,899 17,899$ $1085 Montreal universitetmonreal9,156 12,500$ $1176 Makmasteragamilton17,068 17,068 University of $ $1727 Vaterloovaterloo17,318 17,318 University of $ $1988 University of the Western Ontariolondon18,876 18,876$ $2029 Kalgarikalgari13,929 9,643 University of $ $20410 Kuinskingston17,942 20,898 University of $ $20911 University of Simon of Freyzerabernabi14,924 8,208$ $23312 Dalkhauzgalifaks7,000 7,000 University of $ $24113 Ottavyottava5,000 7,000 University of $ $25514 Lavalkvebek25,625 24,209 Viktoriiviktoriya25815universitet University of $ $32316 Guelfguelf5,000 5,000 University of $ $37217 Saskachevanasaskatun11,501 11,501 University of $ $42418 Kvebekakvebek7,000 7,000 University of $ $46519 Manitobyvinnipeg3,000 5,000 University of $ $47820 Karltonsky universitetottava7,000 7,000$ $48521 Concordia Universitymonreal28,584 28,584 of $ $52022 York Universitytoronto16,733 19,015 of $ $64323 Memorial University of Newfoundlandsent-Dzhons3,000 10,000 of $ $66924 Universitй de Sherbrookekvebek3,000 5,000 of $ $72925 University of Windsoruinsor5,000 12,500 of $ $81626 Ryerson Universitytoronto23,000 20,000 of $ $97027 Universitй du Quйbec Montrйalћонреаль10,000 10,000 of $ $105828 University of New Brunswicksent-Dzhon12,500 12,500 of $ $109629 …cole Polytechnique de Montrйalћонреаль15,000 15,000 of $ $110130 University of Reginaredzhayna10,000 10,000 of $ $116131 Brock Universitysent-Katarins15,000 15,000 of $ $120232 University of Lethbridgeletbridzh12,500 12,500 of $ $121633 Wilfrid Laurier Universityvaterloo15,000 15,000 of $ $135734 University of Prince Edward Islandsharlottaun10,000 10,000 of $ $138435 University of Winnipegvinnipeg10,000 10,000 of $ $138836 Lakehead Universitytander-Bey15,000 15,000 of $ $141737 Trent Universitypiterboro20,000 20,000 of $ $143638 Athabasca University151439HEC Montrйal …cole de Gestionmonreal17,500 17,500 of $ $152240 University of Northern British Columbiaprins-Dzhordzh12,500 12,500 of $ $153441 University of Ontario Institute of Technologyoshava15,000 15,000 of $ $154342 …cole de Technologie Supйrieureћонреаль7,500 7,500 of $ $154443 Universitй INRS Institut National de la Recherche Scientifiquekvebek156844saint Francis Xavier UniversityAntigonish15,000 15,000 of $ $159945 of Saint Mary’ s Universitygalifaks12,500 12,500 of $ $165146 Acadia University15,000 15,000 of $ $166547 Universitй Laurentiennebolshoy Sadberi12,500 12,500 of $ $181148 Mount Allison Universitysakvill12,500 12,500 of $ $188449 Universitй de Monctonmonkton227351thompson Rivers Universitykamlups15,000 15,000 of $ $262353 Mount Saint Vincent Universitygalifaks12,500 12,500 of $ $268454 Nipissing Universitynort-Bey15,000 15,000 of $ $272155 Brandon Universitybrandon7,500 7,500 of $ $281256 Trinity Western University306557Cape Breton UniversitySydney15,000 15,000 of $ $314958 Universitй du Quйbec Chicoutimisageney12,500 12,500 of $ $344759 British Columbia Institute of Technologybernabi7,500 7,500 of $ $373960 MacEwan Universityedmonton15,000 15,000 of $ $375061 of Northern Ontario School of Medicine (Laurentian University Lakehead University)385862Vancouver Island University (Malaspina) Vankuver12,500 12,500 of $ $407863 Universitй du Quйbec Trois-Rivierestrua-Rivyer15,000 15,000 of $ $429364 Saint Thomas University434565Royal Roads University¬иктори¤444266Universitй du Quйbec Outaouaisgatino12,500 12,500 of $ $458167 of Bishop’ s Universitysherbruk15,000 15,000 of $ $466468 of Emily Carr University of Art + of $ $470570 Nothern Alberta Institute of TechnologyЁдмонтон482171Universitй du Quйbec Rimouskirimuski15,000 15,000 of $ $496772 Kwantlen Polytechnic Universitysurrey12,500 12,500 of $ $565773 Capilano Universitynort-¬анкувер579874Universitй du Quйbec Abitibi-Temiscamingueruen-Noranda17,500 17,500 of $ $586575 of Southern Alberta Institute of Technology алгари

As is connected by Designvankuver10,000 10,000$ $469369 University of the Fraser Valleyabbotsford12,500 12,500 the rating of the university with an opportunity to get a highly paid job. You watch the following video.

It is the biggest and most known state university of Canada in 2019 which direction is research activity. Enters the twenty of world highest educational institutions. It is known for the scientific developments among which there are an insulin creation, opening of a stem cell and the invention of the first electronic microscope.

One of the most known higher education institutions of Canada eyes of his students. We recommend to look.

The good reputation of this educational institution speaks to the level of the researches conducted at the university, grants and style of teaching. Feature of the University of Victoria & #8212; these are innovative programs and vigorous international activity. Is in the third place by number So-Op of programs which allow to alternate training semester to the paid training in large enterprises.

It is ranked as the leading research institutes in the field of science, the share of the studying foreigners makes 10%. The feature of this institution can be considered own nuclear reactor which, besides use in the educational purposes, is used by production of radioisotopes.

An institution actively involves the private sector in the researches and gets good support of indigenous people of Canada, thanks to the program for natives of indigenous peoples which is specially developed for them.

Is included in the top ten the universities of Canada on quality of teaching. Popularity at students faculties of humanitarian and natural sciences, engineering and medicine enjoy the person. According to the world ratings the diploma of this educational institution highly is quoted at employers from around the world. Academic year is divided into two semester and costs about $17 thousand.

The higher education system of Canada has no uniform direction the requirements to documents for receipt and to training conditions work in all 10 provinces and three territories of the country. Both training languages, and duration of this or that educational program differ.

In general the best universities of Canada offer a three-stage system which includes:

After transfer for students great opportunities among which the chance will join the latest scientific research and opening, to be trained by the best teachers of one of more than 700 programs of a bachelor degree and about two hundred programs for receiving scientific degree open.

Vancouver is well-known not only the universities of Canada, but also the fact that it was three times entered in the international list as the best city of the planet with good ecology, cosmopolitism and transport infrastructure.

Prestigious higher education institution with excellent reputation among the universities of North America. Engineering in particular the faculty of mountain construction, also business management and plastic arts are considered as the most popular directions.

This educational institution is in the north of Toronto and enters into the three of the largest autonomous public institutes of the general profile. The York university is well-known that on its base there is the only research center in the country in the sphere of space engineering.

The emphasis at study in higher education institutions of Canada is put on passing of seminars and participation in projects. This fact is also welcomed among employers therefore graduates of the Canadian higher education institutions are waited by highly paid work both in the country, and beyond its limits.

Montreal universities - it 6 large educational institutions for students from around the world, in addition, in the region there are about ten colleges and a large number of language schools.

This results from the fact that colleges and higher education institutions of Canada offer really qualitative level of teaching on an equal basis with America and the European Union, but at more available cost.

The best higher education institutions of Canada conclude partner agreements with big world corporations, and the educational system, as a rule, assumes receiving not only a theoretical basis, but also practical experience.

The rating of the universities of Canada includes the best educational institutions recognized as those both in the country and beyond its limits.

Canada & #8212; the attractive country for immigration therefore here flows of people from all points of the earth are regularly flown down. In mentality of locals the respect for other cultures and nationalities therefore it is easy for foreign students to join new society is put and to develop in it in the best way.

The Universities of British Columbia also annually attract crowds of students, bigger concentration of higher education institutions of the different directions are in the largest city of the province. The universities in Vancouver are presented by ten the largest educational institutions, advantages of study in which consist not only in receiving quality education in Canada, but also life in the most beautiful of regions of the country.

Among arriving humanitarian disciplines and faculties of art are very demanded. This the educational institution, largest in the country, which trains psychiatrists and psychotherapists.

Many teachers of higher education institution are owners of prestigious awards and awards. The main direction of an institution is the faculty of business, but also the directions of humanitarian social and natural sciences are demanded.

One of the main advantages is the location in the picturesque province with mountain tops and the cleanest lakes. Albert's universities attract with it a big flow of both local, and foreign students. The University of Alberta is included in top-3 the best state universities of the country and into a hundred part of educational institutions of the world. The huge choice of programs from humanitarian to applied sciences is offered to entrants.

For many years does not leave the twenty of the best universities of Canada. It is the only higher education institution in the west of the country which conducts intensive researches and offers about one hundred programs for the different directions.

Behind the humanities and a language course it is necessary to go to Langara College. And will suit adherents of the technical directions & #8212; Institute of Technology of British Columbia as developments in engineering which are carried out on the basis of this higher education institution, are known and recognized as the international community.

The University of British Columbia - one more are well-known higher education institution, thanks to arrangement of a campus which gives to students the chance to conduct researches in modern laboratories on the large-scale farm.

Exactly there is the oldest higher education institution of the country of Makgilla among which graduates a great number of the famous scientific and cultural figures: astronauts, Nobel laureates, Oscar winners and other prestigious awards.

University of Calgary is well-known that in it the neurochip was developed.

The higher education institution is well-known for the activities for development of medical, yurisprudenchesky and diplomatic spheres. The medical program moves at very high level and is one of the most qualitative in Canada.

In the university building McMaster satellites of Uranium were found by George Kavelarz.

In the University of Toronto only the best students thanks to very strict selection and a high competition into place study. Constant quotas for foreign students make 9%. Medical and legal faculties enjoy wide popularity, to arrive at them quite difficult, however it is worth it because the diploma of this educational institution is equated to Stanford diplomas, Harvard and Oxford.

Among students of this university there is the most large number of owners of a prestigious grant of Rouds.

Also the Universitй de Montrйal with policy of training at French and big achievements in the field of nuclear researches is not less known. Also other higher education institutions of the region, such as university of Quebec are not less popular in Montreal and Laval's university.

Is among the leading research universities of the country and U15 league, uniting the most productive centers of researches in the educational system of Canada. Increased requirements in comparison with other educational institutions of the Province of Alberta in communication are imposed to entrants with what only a third from the arriving applications is accepted.

Great interest noted the development studies program which is the relevant cross-disciplinary direction in a life research in the undeveloped states of the world and to designing and developments for their urbanization.

Table: the rating of higher education institutions of Canada with training cost

The following video will prompt how to come to college of Canada, and then to immigrate to this country.

On education level Canada is one of the most advanced countries on the planet. The universities of Canada hold high places of the world rankings, and the flow of the students and people wishing to get an education in this country annually increases.

Simon Fraser University - with the research center which was located at mountain top and reputation of one of leaders among medical schools of Canada for opening in this area.

At higher education institutions of Canada the serious endowment & #8212 is put; the capital for financing of researches and involvement of the advanced scientists for teaching and development of science. Such approach helps students to join big world opening and achievements.

The university actively conducts the activities for developments in the field of genetics, biochemistry, genetics and engineering. The university can also brag of the well-known achievements among which there is an interpretation of a gene of a cholera bacterium and studying of a brain of Albert Einstein.

This largest educational institution in the province with more than 300 programs of a bachelor degree and two hundred of post-degree. The university provides with material support big percent of students among whom and foreigners.

At the university 11 years the medical research center which is recognized as the best medical medical higher education institutions in the country successfully functions. On the basis of educational institution researches in the field of ecology, chemistry, linguistics, rural and forestry and also geography are actively conducted.

Research activity on the basis of the university is actively carried out in the sphere of nanotechnologies, the food industry and studying of climate of the planet. But the most impressive results were achieved in medical researches on cardiology, oncology and infectious diseases.

When choosing educational institution it is considered that study and life in Canada are cheaper, than the USA and Europe somewhere for 30%. Besides for students works the preferential program on travel by public transport, visit of the museums, theaters and fitness centers is adjusted.

And for preferring graphic art forms in Vancouver there is Emily Karr's institute where students study design and different types of the creative directions.

The largest bilingual educational institution in North America. For many years enters the twenty of the best universities of Canada and a top of 300 higher education institutions on quality of teaching. Transfer is carried out on the basis of the previous academic progress of the student. The cost of training is about $5 thousand plus to it students can count on grants, there is also a program of distance learning.

However in this plan provinces and the cities have no uniform system, and the cost of training, rent of housing and other moments are specified in an individual order.

At the university in Canada about 30000 thousand students among whom there are places not only for citizens, but also foreigners including for Russians study.


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