Amusing : about what the white raid on lips at babies and adults signals

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A human body - a perfect and harmonious system therefore experts paid attention that the isolated external defective manifestations practically do not exist long ago. Most often, they act as a result of an internal imbalance and failures in systems and bodies.

it is simple to p to Fight against such manifestations: it is important not to ignore them and to be able correctly to classify. On the overdried lips there is a rough whitish film which prevents drawing a make-up and at untimely treatment provokes painful wounds and a white raid in corners of lips at adults.

At the baby and the newborn baby act as the frequent reason:

In order that it is correct to correct treatment, it is necessary to define the reason which caused provocation by fungal microorganisms.

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New on the website: easyfinance presented service for official appeals to banks through social networks

easyfinance presented service for official appeals to banks through social networks


The company known for the service for management of personal finance started shop of financial applications BestFinApps. One of the first within the new project presented ZHALOBANK service

Placement of the application in shop allows developers to address 150000 users of, free of charge to use a cloud of Platform and to gain income from ordinary users and corporate clients. On a question, why the PFM companies app store, Popov answered that this continuation of the concept of development of service to the full-fledged financial platform with the ecosystem.

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New on the website: medicines with sedative effect

medicines with sedative effect

The sedative effect is a result of reception of some types of medicines which at the level of the central nervous system have the calming effect on the person.

needs to be remembered that it is better to consult with the doctor concerning the choice of drugs not to do much harm to the health. Perhaps, you do not need antidepressants or antihistaminic medicines, and there will quite be enough "light" drugs on a vegetable basis.

The bromizm in slackness, block, a memory impairment, apathy, decrease in a libido at men is shown. There can be skin rashes and an itch. The most known medicines from group of bromides - Bromkamfora, Bromenval, "Potassium bromide", "Sodium bromide".

In modern society it is heavy to do without similar means. Practically all test intense days: offsets, examinations, problems at work and in family, important actions, etc.

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Dislaliya's and dyslexia, discussion

of violation of speech functions at children: dislaliya and dyslexia

One of the most widespread violations of speech functions at children is the so-called dislaliya. The wrong pronunciation is shown at children with the normal level of development of hearing and an articulation. This disease is shown in replacement, distortion and total absence of certain sounds in oral speech.

to Understand

what is a dyslexia and what its symptoms at children, it is possible by means of observation of reading process. The kid with a dyslexia has insufficiently created mental functions which are taking part in reading.

Sometimes parents can distinguish normal development of the speech from disorder of speech functions not at once.

Often the technique of correction depends on frustration type:

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of Amazon wants to open by 2021 3 thousand shops without cashiers, a new heading

Amazon wants to open by 2021 3 thousand shops without cashiers

As reports the Bloomberg agency, the Amazon company plans to open till 2021 up to 3000 automated supermarkets without cash registers, sellers and turns. The company opened the first automated Go supermarket in Seattle (State of Washington) at the end of 2016. A month earlier in the same Seattle the second such supermarket appeared. The third was open last week in Chicago.


As it is reported on the website of the company, in similar supermarkets the same technologies, as self-driving cars are used. It is about computer sight and data processing from different scanners and sensors. Deep training is also put on use.

To get to such shop, the person needs to install the free application on the mobile device then to bring the gadget to the reader on an entrance. After that it is possible just to choose the pleasant goods and to put it in a basket. The system of the smart sensors and scanners installed will determine goods and its cost by all shop and also will add goods to account "cart". At an exit from shop the total cost of the acquired goods will be automatically charged off an account of the buyer. It is possible to refuse purchase of goods just having put it back on a regiment. All process is similar to a visit of usual supermarket if not to take absence of cash desks into account and also the fact that the buyer will be watched by huge number of cameras.

As there are purchases in such shops it is possible to look at video below:

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Secrets: several rules of self-defense which need to be known

several rules of self-defense which need to be known

Blow to a golovoybeyta a head top, do not beat with a forehead. The nose - a point, very sensitive to pressure, if you strike with a sufficient force, the opponent will be disconnected

If you were locked in a luggage carrier, beat out a headlight and put out a hand to draw attention of other drivers.

Be self-assured! Malefactors attack the easy victims. Radiate force, and then you precisely will be in safety.

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of 5 means to win against thinning of hair, secrets

5 means to win against thinning of hair

Thinning of hair & #8212; a problem which generally affects men though it can also disturb women and children. This state which arises when hair become too thin and fragile that leads to their loss and noticeable reduction of volume of a head of hear.

While absolutely normally to lose up to 100 hair a day, those who suffer from thinning of hair lose them on the whole sites of the head, and it becomes noticeable.

You are ready to try them? Write down!

Essential oils which contain in this natural means contain active connections which stimulate growth of hair, strengthening them from roots to the tips.

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Leonid agutin about eternal values + the sad song by new year, a selection

leonid agutin about eternal values + the sad song by new year

I have in Voronezh a lot of family: my father, Nikolay Petrovich, is from these places, his parents are buried here, a kingdom to them heavenly. The father had three sisters so at me here the cousin sister and two brothers. Happens that I come sometimes just like that to Voronezh, without a concert. Mainly in the summer. I visit graves of the grandmother and the grandfather, then we with the family go to church where as the priest serves Anjelica's nephew Alexey, and then we sit down at a table. Unfortunately, there is it infrequently. After infinite shootings, tours, moving and flights for such sit-round gathering there is enough neither time, nor energy.

From the book by Leonid Agutin "Poetry of usual days".

Leonid Agutin's art diary "The poetry of usual days" is an unusual story about the uncommon person, the sincere, real, talented musician and the poet, and about the loving son, the father and the husband. He is brought together from thoughts, observations, pleasures and experiences of the singer who imprinted it in images, verses and, of course, songs. Leonid Agutin knows how to pass a course of life in harmony with himself.

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the Most interesting: comparison of characteristics of relevant models

<"what apple watch to buy img src="" title=: what apple watch to buy comparison of characteristics of relevant models of" width="500" height="361" alt=": comparison of characteristics of relevant models">

Each generation has Apple Watch the features. Layfkhaker will help to decide on the choice.

of Apple Watch Series 3 in the case of 38 mm owners of thin wrists will suit, 42 mm - the choice of those who need large hours and good readability of the screen. The first Apple recommends for wrists a grasp from 13 to 20 cm, the second - for wrists a grasp from 14 to 21 cm

The compact 40-millimeter version by the sizes of the screen is more, than large 42-millimeter models of the previous generations. And if earlier the big clock was considered as men's, and small - women's, then now such division is already irrelevant. Series 4 in the 40-millimeter case can call with confidence universal, and to recommend the version for 44 mm only to admirers of large hours.

Versions of Apple Watch much less, than iPhone but to choose hours still uncommon task. Series 4 or Series 3? It is more or less? Or perhaps to save and take good old Series 2? Actually, when Apple removed the previous generations from sale, it became simpler to choose.

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Russians became the reason of turns in consulates of the USA in other countries, new

Russians became the reason of turns in consulates of the USA in other countries

In consulates of the USA in Georgia, Estonia and Latvia turns because of a large number of requests for visas from citizens of the Russian Federation were formed.

it is also rather convenient to p to File documents on the visa to the USA in Kiev, but owing to the difficult political relations between the countries citizens of the Russian Federation do not hurry to seize this opportunity.

In the Russian Union of Travel Industry said that in consulates of the states, neighboring to the Russian Federation, turns because of the Russian citizens were formed. Because to file documents on the visa to the USA and it is possible to have an obligatory interview with the representative of consulate since September 1, 2017 only in diplomatic mission in Moscow, many Russians decided to address to consulates in neighboring states.

We will remind that after consulates of the USA in St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and Yekaterinburg ceased to issue visas, it was offered to citizens of the Russian Federation to address to the Moscow representative office or consulates in other states. Such order of execution of visas is not special: according to laws of the USA, can allow entry into the country any diplomatic mission rendering such services at the same time is not important what citizen of the country in it addressed.

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