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Published: 7.7.2018
medicines with sedative effect

The sedative effect is a result of reception of some types of medicines which at the level of the central nervous system have the calming effect on the person.

needs to be remembered that it is better to consult with the doctor concerning the choice of drugs not to do much harm to the health. Perhaps, you do not need antidepressants or antihistaminic medicines, and there will quite be enough "light" drugs on a vegetable basis.

The bromizm in slackness, block, a memory impairment, apathy, decrease in a libido at men is shown. There can be skin rashes and an itch. The most known medicines from group of bromides - Bromkamfora, Bromenval, "Potassium bromide", "Sodium bromide".

In modern society it is heavy to do without similar means. Practically all test intense days: offsets, examinations, problems at work and in family, important actions, etc.

Drugs on the basis of a valerian, a melissa and a motherwort apply as soft demulcent in the period of insignificant stresses, at insomnia, neurosis.

Application of these means is unsafe as they can cause accustoming therefore the person cannot appoint to himself them.

At the moment there are three groups of antidepressants: tricyclic antidepressants (TTsA), monoamine oxidase inhibitors and inhibitors of selective absorption of serotonin. The first group which medicines were synthesized in the 1950th years gives the expressed sedative effect.

The most known and used antihistamines:

Such combined medicines as "Novopassit", "Passifit", "Persen", "Fitorelaks", are also made on a vegetable basis. They not so strongly affect the central nervous system as antidepressants or tranquilizers, but it is possible to get them in any drugstore without recipe from the doctor.

Therefore you should not hold such opinion that the more to drink drugs, the better it will work. Always observe a dosage.

Tranquilizers have rather strong soothing effect. In addition they possess anticonvulsant, miorelaksiruyushchy, anxiolytic (save from alarm), somnolent and hypnotic (decrease in attention) action.

Tricyclic antidepressants increase amount of serotonin and a noripinefrin in a brain. But, together with it, they block also other mediators because of what can cause many side effects. Antidepressants of the second and thirds of groups - more modern, have the stimulating effect on a brain but which is not calming on a brain, collateral reactions to them arise seldom.

The list of side effects which can be caused by sedatives:

Effect of such medicines as antidepressants, is directed to reduction or prevention of a depression. They affect the mediators which are responsible for mood and a depression, regulating their concentration in an organism.

Allocate the following groups of medicines which have sedative effect:

Medicines of a valerian though plant origin, but can cause oppression of central nervous system in case of overdose that is expressed in decrease in working capacity, dejectedness.

Whatever medicine you chose, it is necessary to remember that each of sedatives has side effects. Therefore before starting reception of any means, it is necessary to study the instruction.

Medicines of the second generation are antihistaminic, almost not having the calming effect. "Sempreks", Treksil, Fenistil, "Gistalong" belongs to them. Active metabolites are the most modern medicines, such as Tsetrin, "Telfast". These antihistaminic work without sedative effect. They perfectly will suit people who need to focus attention on something.

Antihistaminic medicines block H1 receptors, removing symptoms of allergic reaction. Medicines of this group divide into antihistaminic the first, second generation and modern - active metabolites. Antihistaminic the first generation have many side effects, one of which is the sedative effect.

Often doctors prescribe sedatives at treatment of any diseases as patients too worry because of the disease and against the background of it have a severe stress. Before planned surgeries to the person also appoint sedative medicines.

Barbiturates enjoy wide popularity, they are a part of Corvalol, valocordin, barbovat. But these medicines are unsafe too and can cause accustoming, it is necessary to take them with caution.

Bromides are widely known drugs on the basis of bromine, well help at insomnia and irritability. Are rather safe, but at accumulation in an organism cause a bromizm.

Sedative medicines make the person less irritable and more reserved, cope with differences of mood, help to get rid of alarm and it is easier to fall asleep.

There are also antidepressants which are not relating to one of the listed groups as the structure and the mechanism of action at them differs. Some these antidepressants have the calming effect (e.g., Trazodon).

The most known tricyclic antidepressants with the expressed sedative effect: Amiltriptilin, Imipramin, Nortriptilin.

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