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Published: 25.6.2018
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Each generation has Apple Watch the features. Layfkhaker will help to decide on the choice.

of Apple Watch Series 3 in the case of 38 mm owners of thin wrists will suit, 42 mm - the choice of those who need large hours and good readability of the screen. The first Apple recommends for wrists a grasp from 13 to 20 cm, the second - for wrists a grasp from 14 to 21 cm

The compact 40-millimeter version by the sizes of the screen is more, than large 42-millimeter models of the previous generations. And if earlier the big clock was considered as men's, and small - women's, then now such division is already irrelevant. Series 4 in the 40-millimeter case can call with confidence universal, and to recommend the version for 44 mm only to admirers of large hours.

Versions of Apple Watch much less, than iPhone but to choose hours still uncommon task. Series 4 or Series 3? It is more or less? Or perhaps to save and take good old Series 2? Actually, when Apple removed the previous generations from sale, it became simpler to choose.

A bargaining chip of Apple Watch Series 3 - their price. Hours will cost almost for 10 000 rubles cheaper that does them by ideal option for those who want to save. At the same time hours possess all necessary counters, including water tightness, GPS, the altimeter and also the processor, more powerful in comparison with the previous generations, and the improved autonomy.

The last generation of Apple Watch should be bought all who did not get used to waste the talents on trifles. Series 4 is beyond all doubt a huge step forward. Hours favourably differ in big and perfectly readable display, the thin case and also the advanced 64-bit processor and abundance of new functions like a tactile response of a castor, the ECG and detection of falling.

In both generations of Apple Watch special versions of hours of Nike+ are available. They have the same equipment, as usual. Differences of Apple Watch Nike + consist only in sports thongs and exclusive dials under design of hours.

Due to the lack of support of eSIM in Russia the line of hours is in addition reduced: Are available to Apple Watch in the steel case only in the version with the cellular module therefore officially are not delivered. As a result it is necessary to choose only between Series 4 and Series 3.


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