of the Recommendation of the trainer, discussion

of exercise on a ball for a backbone: recommendations of the trainer

Below the basic principles of trainings are described during the occupations by physiotherapy exercises. Following to these principles will help you to avoid injuries and other unpleasant consequences.

As usual, we wish finally to readers sports success! Be devoted to the purpose and themselves, embody the dreams and ideals through sport! Do not forget about healthy nutrition and observance of the mode. Try to progress gradually, without unnecessary and unreasonable jumps. It is better to go slowly, than to rush as the train and to get an unnecessary trauma by own nonsense. And then, how many time passed, you by all means will achieve desirable result. Have patience.

The fitball (or a medical ball) is a special shell which allows to carry out certain exercises with weighting. Work with a fitball can help to strengthen back muscles, to improve health and a condition of a backbone. The medical ball suits most of all those people for whom occupations MPC (medical physical culture) are necessary. People who recover from severe physical injuries which can be connected with the endured road accidents, the injuries sustained during sports activities in a fight belong to this category of engaged. Certain departments of a backbone and muscle of a back and just in life are very often damaged at the awkward movement or at a raising of weights.

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Secrets: zhandar Kirill Valeryevich

of zhandar Kirill Valeryevich

In 2004 it after the girl, in fact, executing her dream, went to Moscow to go listening to Roman Viktyuk's theater. It with ease managed it, and here the girl was not accepted. With gloss having won back a season, the young actor decided to be implemented in other structures, igrav in a commercial enterprise, and then came to troupe of Taganka Theatre to Yury Lyubimov. Unfortunately, there it was not demanded and left a scene, having tried force in restaurant business, car sale and journalism, trudivshis in the newspaper at the House of the actor. However the thirst for acting together with need to earn gradually returned it to a pretense. At first he acted in advertizing of chewing gum, then, having been tired of Moscow, returned to native Lomonosov and got a job in the St. Petersburg Bolshoi Drama Theatre.

If with theater of the relation at Zhandarov always were difficult, then at cinema he felt much more comfortably. Dmitry Bulychev, the character of the picture "The Milkmaid from Hatsapetovka" became the role which brought it popularity. This work is interesting also that besides execution of one of leading roles, Dmitry wrote and sang the song for the movie, and also for the first time drove the car. Since then he played a set of versatile roles including in the musical "Last electric train". Repeatedly played at the director Anna Gres.

Zhandarov met the second spouse on the shooting stage of the movie "Exception to the rules". Maria Valeshnaya became it the close friend, and then they fell in love, began to live together. In 2013 they gave birth to the firstborn Valera. For the sake of darlings of the wife and the son Kirill left off smoking and began to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Popular : masks for nails and hands

of a mask for nails and hands

Care of skin of hands needs to be begun with the analysis of its state. In cold season most of women face peeling and dryness, in the summer the similar condition of skin can be caused by solar burns. Masks for hands can have various influence depending on their structure.

Any mask for nails with a lemon can be put 2-3 times a week. If the cuticle after the procedure looks dry, then lemon juice content in structure needs to be reduced.

Sea salt is on sale most often in the form of large crystals. Before application as a mask on nails everything is desirable to place it in the coffee grinder and to process. Small particles of salt will make more sparing impact on your marigold.

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the Frame for photos from cardboard made with own hands, interesting

the frame for photos from cardboard made with own hands

A framework to photos, pictures or various panels is important decorative elements of design of any interior. The pictures and pictures placed in them turn into works of art and influence a general view of the room.

at the same time a frame should be selected to a picture, but not to surrounding objects, for example, to color of walls. And its size has to correspond to the picture on width, and color - to contrast with the prevailing tone of a picture.

First of all, they have to be in harmony with other elements of an interior on color, the size, material.

Wait a moment, you do not hurry to hide pictures, it is possible to make wonderful frames of improvised materials without effort.

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As correctly change water in an aquarium with various inhabitants, interesting

as correctly change water in an aquarium with various inhabitants

Frequency of change of water in an aquarium depends on age of the akvasistema which developed in it. In a new aquarium the first 2-3 months you should not make replacement of "habitat", the ecosystem is formed at this time, inhabitants get used to new conditions.

At first get turtles, then merge an aquarium and wash out stones, live and not live seaweed, artificial jewelry, clean scenery with a brush without detergents. Walls carefully clean a scraper, too without using household chemicals.

Fresh water is added slowly, on edge - the rough stream causing whirlpools perniciously influences nervous system of gentle small fishes, causing in them a stress.

In the developing akvasistema it is necessary to change "habitat" monthly, combining this procedure with cleaning of walls from deposits. The clean scraper is for this purpose used not to bring in an aquarium of a bacterium. The raid is cleaned off from walls, to it allow to settle, and then collect from soil by the vacuum cleaner together with natural pollution.

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we Learn to plan the budget in young family, interesting

we learn to plan the budget in young family

Entering into matrimony, young people at the very beginning of joint life are captured by euphoria of the relations, a wedding and other delights of a honeymoon. But young family & #8211; it not only bright feelings and mutual happiness. Today we will talk also about a little ordinarier things: as it is better for newlyweds to plan the budget.

Thus each small group of money will have the purpose. Spread out on envelopes and remove to the reliable place.

Or remove balance in the safe on & laquo; everyone случай» or buy stable currency. Then at you desire also laquo will not be constant; нырнуть» in a grist.

For a start be defined who, for what is responsible in your family. Let's say one buys products, the second pays municipal?

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New on the website: an example of filling of the questionnaire on the Schengen visa to France in 2019

example of filling of the questionnaire on the Schengen visa to France in 2019

All love France, some in absentia, and others nevertheless go there, directly to Paris. The ridiculous mistake in the questionnaire on the French visa can be one of the most probable barriers on the way to the Champs Elysйe. Our example of filling of the questionnaire on the Schengen visa to France will help to avoid it. Also we will call the document the word "file".

Paragraph 26: specify all Schengen visas which to you were issued for the last three years. We write the name of the country and an interval of dates when it was valid. If is not present, then and it is necessary to write nothing. Whether took from you ever fingerprints, note in the following field. And here Paragraph 28 is filled out only if the visa to France is necessary to you only for the purpose of transit.

Paragraph 33 is volume because it is necessary not only to specify in it who pays for a trip, but also payment methods. For example, the sponsor pays accommodation, and you - all the rest. If the children's questionnaire is filled out, we put all ticks in the field on the right.

The document number is written through a gap with a series. No other symbols should be there. Fill out Paragraphs 14-15 according to the international passport, do not forget about a format of dates.

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of 10 councils which will allow to keep veins healthy, new

10 councils which will allow to keep veins healthy

Varicose veins are considered as one of the main problems of esthetic character undermining female beauty. But the danger of varicosity is beyond an esthetics. Its prevention & #8212; an important condition which will help to keep veins healthy.

For this reason it is so important to p to create useful habits which will serve as good prevention and treatment of varicosity if it already appeared. In spite of the fact that we can control not all risk factors, preventive measures are capable to reduce the probability of appearance of varicosity considerably.

Carrying by the rhyme of tight clothes, especially trousers and jeans, complicates the return blood-groove on veins. It increases risk of appearance of varicosity.

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will help to Get rid of fat on a stomach these 7 products, a selection

these 7 products will help to get rid of fat on a stomach

The stomach, undoubtedly, is one of the most problem zones of our body. Fatty deposits in this area collect imperceptibly, gradually changing outlines of our waist. How can we prevent and get rid it of fat on a stomach?

the myth that from avocado get fat Exists. It's not true. It contains oleic acid & #8212; an element which causes feeling of saturation. Besides, avocado contains cellulose which is necessary for us to achieve a flat stomach. This fruit will help to get rid of excess fat, thanks to the nutritiousness and the fact that eliminates feeling of hunger.

2. Banana

Eat them in any variations, then your organism will receive a set of vitamins and minerals.

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the Visa to Tanzania to citizens of Russia in 2019, at requests of readers

the visa to Tanzania to citizens of Russia in 2019

The local currency (Tanzanian shilling) is forbidden to be imported and taken out.

Irrespective of a way of execution of the entry visa parents, the children who are driving to Tanzania or making out the visa in embassy are obliged to submit such additional documents as:

At return home it will be necessary to fill out the migration card again, but already departure.

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