Secrets: zhandar Kirill Valeryevich

Published: 29.3.2018
of zhandar Kirill Valeryevich

In 2004 it after the girl, in fact, executing her dream, went to Moscow to go listening to Roman Viktyuk's theater. It with ease managed it, and here the girl was not accepted. With gloss having won back a season, the young actor decided to be implemented in other structures, igrav in a commercial enterprise, and then came to troupe of Taganka Theatre to Yury Lyubimov. Unfortunately, there it was not demanded and left a scene, having tried force in restaurant business, car sale and journalism, trudivshis in the newspaper at the House of the actor. However the thirst for acting together with need to earn gradually returned it to a pretense. At first he acted in advertizing of chewing gum, then, having been tired of Moscow, returned to native Lomonosov and got a job in the St. Petersburg Bolshoi Drama Theatre.

If with theater of the relation at Zhandarov always were difficult, then at cinema he felt much more comfortably. Dmitry Bulychev, the character of the picture "The Milkmaid from Hatsapetovka" became the role which brought it popularity. This work is interesting also that besides execution of one of leading roles, Dmitry wrote and sang the song for the movie, and also for the first time drove the car. Since then he played a set of versatile roles including in the musical "Last electric train". Repeatedly played at the director Anna Gres.

Zhandarov met the second spouse on the shooting stage of the movie "Exception to the rules". Maria Valeshnaya became it the close friend, and then they fell in love, began to live together. In 2013 they gave birth to the firstborn Valera. For the sake of darlings of the wife and the son Kirill left off smoking and began to lead a healthy lifestyle.

His colleague Nadezhda Tolubeeva became the first wife of the actor. They got acquainted almost accidentally in theatrical cafe, and in two days Kirill suggested the girl to marry him. Only spent two years of steam together before dispersing: both were too busy.


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