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Published: 27.3.2018
of a mask for nails and hands

Care of skin of hands needs to be begun with the analysis of its state. In cold season most of women face peeling and dryness, in the summer the similar condition of skin can be caused by solar burns. Masks for hands can have various influence depending on their structure.

Any mask for nails with a lemon can be put 2-3 times a week. If the cuticle after the procedure looks dry, then lemon juice content in structure needs to be reduced.

Sea salt is on sale most often in the form of large crystals. Before application as a mask on nails everything is desirable to place it in the coffee grinder and to process. Small particles of salt will make more sparing impact on your marigold.

Any house mask for hands will nourish skin and after the first application the result will become noticeable. There are also universal masks for hands and nails. They contain all necessary nutrients, vitamins E and And yes also glycerin for hands.

It is possible to call a condition of hands the business card of all girls and women. Correctly to care for the hands it is not necessary to go to beauty shops. There is enough only the nobility how to do the rejuvenating masks for hands and nails independently in house conditions. Here many recipes are collected, all from them can be prepared by the hands. Masks for hands and nails will become good assistants to the woman on the way to beauty.

The majority of masks for nails with a lemon are based on its mix with various essential oils (patchouli, orange, jojoba) for mitigation of effect of influence of sour juice. The oil of a tea tree added to a lemon will help to accelerate healing of microcracks on nail beds and hands. House masks need to be applied on the clean marigold which is previously steamed out in warm water.

Thus, the masks for hands and nails executed in house conditions are an excellent alternative to visits of beauty shops. Food of hands in this case is carried out only by natural components.

It is no secret that after short sea tour the condition of nails improves. It can be explained with the fact that the minerals and salts which are contained in sea water get into a nail bed and strengthen it. Therefore house masks for nails have to contain these substances. They will help a marigold to become stronger and to cease to exfoliate.

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