the Frame for photos from cardboard made with own hands, interesting

Published: 25.3.2018
the frame for photos from cardboard made with own hands

A framework to photos, pictures or various panels is important decorative elements of design of any interior. The pictures and pictures placed in them turn into works of art and influence a general view of the room.

at the same time a frame should be selected to a picture, but not to surrounding objects, for example, to color of walls. And its size has to correspond to the picture on width, and color - to contrast with the prevailing tone of a picture.

First of all, they have to be in harmony with other elements of an interior on color, the size, material.

Wait a moment, you do not hurry to hide pictures, it is possible to make wonderful frames of improvised materials without effort.

To make with own hands a volume frame from cardboard, it is possible on a front part of a product (after Paragraph No. 5) to paste one more or several rectangles from cardboard of the same size or consistently decreasing on perimeter.

It is important that the frame emphasized features of a photo and connected it with surrounding space, and at the same time they have to be executed in one style and each other to supplement.

Drip into place where you want to arrange an eyelet, glue (it is possible for PVA), put a thread in half and paste edges. From above paste a paper small square for the best fixing of a loop.

So, the thin laconic baguette without relief drawings will give to the big picture modern sounding, and wide - antiquarian notes and luxury.

If you do not have cardboard, for a back part of a photoframe it is also possible to use usual paper or to paste from the back on "window" two cardboard strips (as a last resort, for them it is possible to use the simple paper which is stuck together in several layers for durability, or even fabric), which will hold a picture.

Make more than such preparations (total length in several perimeters of a photoframe). Then paste them to a frame on perimeter & #8212; in several circles. Cut off protruding edges of tubules for accuracy at an angle. It is possible to disguise minor defects, having painted over tubules from above acrylic or oil paint (but not gouache and not a watercolor). Such painting will also strengthen a design.

Then curtail this strip into a triangle with the basis in 3 and more centimeters and paste it to a back part of a photoframe. If you plan to hang up a hand-made article on a wall, take centimeters 10-15 strong threads (not more thinly, than No. 10 for sewing threads) and a square from dense paper (like glossy) 5х5 cm in size

It is absolutely optional to do a frame for squared photos: oval, round, irregular shape, deckle-edged, bends and curls of a frame look stylish and originally. Here it is possible to release safely imagination in big swimming. For children's portraits, for example, the frame in the form of a recognizable toy or an animal, the animation character, etc. In a word, will be amusing to look we offered a master class about creation of a basis of a frame the hands, and you can already supplement and alter it as you want.

However not only to bring a room interior into an esthetic look, it is worth mastering art to create a framework for a picture from cardboard the hands. Perhaps, in your family album with photos there are special pictures at which it would be desirable to look every day and to have a rest soul after the intense working day. But due to the lack of a suitable frame, you cannot hang up them on a wall or put on a shelf.

To you will only be to prepare enough for work:

If you want, you can create flowers the hands & #8212; master classes are available.

To begin to paste petals more conveniently from a corner. Petals it is necessary to have more densely to each other, it will make your flower bouquet visually more magnificent. It is better to paste over edge of a product with beautiful paper, a tape or lace.

Look also on the Internet of video of master classes on creation of a framework from cardboard with the hands. There it is possible to gather a set of the creative ideas which will inspire you on creation of the fine hand-made articles filling the house with harmony and warm memoirs.

To make a basis for a picture frame as easy as shelling pears and does not demand neither special skill, nor it is a lot of time, nor special materials.

Frames focus attention to identity of the image, give them completeness, emphasize composition.

And if you the fan of the equipment a kvilling, decorate a frame in this remarkable equipment.

By the principle of a photoframe it is possible to make the hands a frame of cardboard and for a picture.

To make a support for a photoframe, cut out a cardboard strip not less than 2 cm wide (on corrugated fibreboard a strip it is necessary to have along folds - so the support will turn out steadier).

A frame for photos from cardboard the hands: preparation of materials and course of work

Sequence of actions:

Also the volume frame turns out if to decorate it by means of pages from the magazine. For this purpose it is necessary to cut out several sheets from unnecessary magazines, to curtail from them thin tubules, reeling up on a pencil and fixing edges glue. Then take bright threads, like embroidery floss, and it is possible also yarn for knitting, and freely reel up on journal tubules (leave distance between rounds approximately in 1 cm).


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