As correctly change water in an aquarium with various inhabitants, interesting

Published: 23.3.2018
as correctly change water in an aquarium with various inhabitants

Frequency of change of water in an aquarium depends on age of the akvasistema which developed in it. In a new aquarium the first 2-3 months you should not make replacement of "habitat", the ecosystem is formed at this time, inhabitants get used to new conditions.

At first get turtles, then merge an aquarium and wash out stones, live and not live seaweed, artificial jewelry, clean scenery with a brush without detergents. Walls carefully clean a scraper, too without using household chemicals.

Fresh water is added slowly, on edge - the rough stream causing whirlpools perniciously influences nervous system of gentle small fishes, causing in them a stress.

In the developing akvasistema it is necessary to change "habitat" monthly, combining this procedure with cleaning of walls from deposits. The clean scraper is for this purpose used not to bring in an aquarium of a bacterium. The raid is cleaned off from walls, to it allow to settle, and then collect from soil by the vacuum cleaner together with natural pollution.

Any natural ecosystem works with water replacement - in the closed reservoirs a part it goes to the soil, is complemented with keys and a rain. If the system which is completely closed, then she dies - the pond or the lake begin "to blossom", and the living creatures perish due to the lack of oxygen.

The first time to add water - it is not necessary to change it completely - follows only in 3-4 months. Merge 20% of total amount. The quality gravy depends on the aquarium size. For small capacities it is necessary to settle water not less than 48 hours, at the sizes of "reservoir" from 200 liters it is allowed to use tap water, but it is desirable too to allow to stand it - that temperature in both capacities evened out.

Except change of "habitat", in an old aquarium surely wash out soil. It is got a net during partial discharge of water and washed out: at first under the crane, then otstoyanny liquid.

The system which safely exists about 2 years is considered "old". But also in it completely for once water is not recommended to be merged. And having added release carry out 2-3 times a month, changing up to 30% of volume.

Tap water is covered with a cover with air vents and let it stand within 48 hours or processed the dechlorinating means. The last way is better as bacteria from the air environment can get to open capacity.

In other cases - especially in a small aquarium - to substitute water and completely it is necessary to clean capacity, otherwise there is a degradation of a system. Substitution imitates natural conditions - circulation of water in the nature. During cleaning concentration of harmful substances - nitrates and toxins decreases - which collect in the course of activity of live organisms.

After cleaning of an aquarium it is desirable to cover it with the ventilated cover, or to leave a gap between a glass cover, having raised it on 2-3 cm. For cockerels it is very important to emerge on a surface and to breathe atmospheric air.

You should not merge often completely water and to clean an aquarium even if it is absolutely small. It causes a stress of inhabitants, negatively is reflected in their state, the ecosystem should be formed anew, but parameters completely cannot be repeated.

The small terrarium without difficult accessories and systems for air supply needs to be cleaned monthly.

It is necessary to equip an aquarium with the water heater - tropical small fishes are supported at a constant temperature 25-28Ї—.

It is too much dangerous to merge capacity - it is possible to splash out small fishes or to drop heavy "reservoir".

In a terrarium with water turtles, the equipped filter and ventilation system, often it is not necessary to change water. It is enough to clean time in 2-3 weeks the filter and time a month to merge and add about 1/3 volumes, without forgetting to suck away a siphon from soil the collected rainfall, evenly carrying out by him on a bottom - to soak up a turtle in a hose it is problematic, her sizes it is more, than at a small fish.

A cockerel - the most widespread tropical small fish, quite often lives in house aquariums. The principles of replacement should be observed - that is to substitute for 1/3 volumes, it is no more - however more attention should be paid to water quality.

The lodging is covered surely with a cover, otherwise small fishes will jump out because of a stress. It is possible to clean a big aquarium by means of a siphon or special "vacuum cleaner". While a quarter of volume merges, the end of a siphon is driven on soil - natural rainfall rises together with old water.

Further liquid is mineralized, adding aquarian salt - from it water does not become salty but only it is saturated with the useful substances necessary for activity of inhabitants.

In that case when the population of an artificial reservoir is small, the technical systems of filtration function in a balanced way, full replacement can be not made for years.

When the aquarium is less than 20 liters, for substitution of water of inhabitants it is necessary to transplant. It is necessary to treat each cockerel carefully, it is impossible to try to drive several small fishes into a net for once.

If the water distilled it is not necessary to add the dechlorinating structure.

How it is correct to change water in an old aquarium with small fishes?

It is necessary to remember, changing water in an aquarium that the chemical composition and balance of the habitat is important for all inhabitants of an artificial reservoir. The procedure should not be a stress for inhabitants - to sharply change them living conditions.

Restore an interior of an aquarium and attentively examine its inhabitants. Surely clean an armor - for this purpose very conveniently to use a usual toothbrush with not a really rigid bristle. Check as well the paw - on them should not be the old shelled skin. If it was found, then it is required to remove at once by means of tweezers or a small skin. It is necessary to handle with pets extremely with care - they bite.

If especially strong pollution cannot be removed, then it is possible to use baking soda - subsequently it should be removed carefully.

When it is necessary to merge water completely?

By the same principles purge artificial reservoirs with sea inhabitants. Water is prepared in advance - pour distillate in capacity, and add special sea salt to it - it can be got in pet-shop. Then to solution allow to stand to achieve the necessary temperature.

Before beginning cleaning, prepare:

According to such schedule 2-3 months clean an aquarium until all soil is washed out completely. This time is considered enough anew to start pass an ecosystem. Further it is necessary to change water not more often than 1 time a month, and it is possible to adhere to such schedule up to 2 years.

It is impossible to make replacement or to replace cockerels, so far water temperature in the "spare" capacity and an aquarium will not be identical. These small fishes very much feel climatic differences, and a difference in 2-3Ї them can kill.

When replacing 1/4 or 1/5 parts of old water on fresh, violations of ecological environment quickly smooth out - within a day or two. When replacing on 1/3 or on 1/2 volumes return of stability and self-healing from a stress of inhabitants requires 2-3 weeks. During this time small fishes can die.


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