Kot sat down on a hedgehog ridiculous reaction of a cat will force you to burst with laughter, secrets

the cat of villages on a hedgehog ridiculous reaction of a cat will force you to burst with laughter

Some people who love something unusual get non-standard pets. So unusual that you wonder. Only look who lodged in this house.

Surely watch this ridiculous video and share it with friends!

Under the same roof the remarkable hedgehog and a fluffy cat get on. Probably, owners not especially worried as these animals will communicate. Owing to the sharp prickles, the hedgehog can cause aggression in a cat.

As ridiculously to watch it, precisely it to be pleasant to you and you will laugh! It would be desirable to observe their relations in real life. Probably, owners hardly restrained not to burst with laughter.

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Business plan, discussion

how to open commission shop of children's goods: business plan

Before opening commission shop of a kidswear, study rules of trade. Do not forget that between you and the committent it is necessary to sign the contract. You as it is not provided by the legislation should not get special permission to trade.

For work you should employ three persons. One is engaged in reception of clothes and paperwork, the second directly in sales, and the third hangs out the arrived things in the hall. If necessary employees can help each other.

If you were interested in commission shop as business, first of all, it is necessary to count all expenses:

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the Most interesting: sunflower oil

sunflower oil

Sunflower oil - the most often used vegetable oil in food. We since the childhood were accustomed that sunflower oil the most useful. We fill with oil salads, we cook mayonnaise and other sauces on its basis, we fry on it, we use in house preparations and preservation.

the Research of the international group of scientists headed by experts from the University of Granada showed

how long consumption of sunflower, olive oil and cod-liver oil influences a liver of rats. Scientists carried out a series of complex analyses to establish how the body reacted to consumption of various oils.

Diseases without the reason do not happen. Harm of vegetable oil to very few people is known. Using this product every day, you can provoke a serious illness and cause an irreparable loss to the health.

Non-compliance with these restrictions can seriously affect health, bring with serious condition which is capable to cause even death.

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of 5 herbs which help to control diabetes, the most readable

5 herbs which help to control diabetes

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), diabetes is one of the least frequent causes of death. However, if not to control diabetes, this disease can lead to warm problems, a renal failure, gangrene, a blindness and even death.

This chronic disease which arises when the pancreas does not make enough insulin or when the organism does not use the received insulin. If not to undertake any measures, there is increased sugar level in blood that is very hazardous to health.

How it will help to struggle with diabetes? The stevia influences beta cages which are located in a pancreas, forcing from to produce insulin, and reducing glucose level. This plant can be used as follows:

Eucalyptus & #8212; a plant, well-known the properties for fight against respiratory diseases. However its leaves and fruits also have hypoglycemic, expectorant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and febrifugal properties. All this helps to lower glucose level in blood and to control diabetes. How to prepare curative broth from an eucalyptus:

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From our readers: Ulyana Suprun called the main signs of deficiency of iodine in an organism

the ulyana suprun called the main signs of deficiency of iodine in an organism

& #171; Whether your organism Receives the necessary portion of iodine daily? It depends on food. Honestly reconsider the diet: if there is an iodinated salt & #8212; you do everything correctly. And it is even better if you regularly use a sea cabbage, white fish, it is a lot of vegetables, fruit and walnut орехи». & #8212; Ulyana Suprun writes.

we Will remind

, earlier Natalya Michkovskaya is a nutritionist, and in combination the wife of the popular showman Dyadi Zhora, opened secrets of the daily diet which helps it to remain in shape under any circumstances. You can look in more detail here.

Here still consequences to which can lead a lack of iodine of an organism:

To reduce risks of the yododefitsit, for preparation of daily dishes replace usual salt with iodated. Also you eat:

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Popular : the letter of October for favourite readers

the letter of October for favourite readers

And still - to write new heads of our history. Together. Let it proceed. You come to fairs, quests #миф_в_лицах and read our articles and books.

Here the boy of years so to nine came. And as will cry: "Mother! FIFTH Hilda!!!" Right there sat down on a floor and began to read with ecstasy.

The cover of a post is unsplash.com

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International passport of the Russian Federation, selection

international passport of the Russian Federation

All know that the international passport is not the obligatory document, and only proves your identity outside the Russian Federation. According to FMS, 30% of the Russian population have this document approximately. That is, it is simply not necessary to the most part of Russians which never was going abroad.

the Biometric passport is called so because contains your three-dimensional image (the special photo becomes directly in office of FMS) and fingerprints. The electronic medium of information allows to undergo quickly testing on border that, of course is plus of this document.

In a stock of "old man" of 36 pages, it at moderate use just has to be enough for all term of operation. Also old passport is usually made out to children who grow, and become quickly unrecognizable on a photo.

The staff of FMS notes that the number of persons interested to issue the international passport recently considerably decreased. It is connected with introduction of long-term new passports though also increase in the cost of service against the background of the general decrease in the standard of living could have the impact.

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New heading: the cost of the visa to Cyprus to Belarusians in 2019

the cost of the visa to Cyprus to Belarusians in 2019

The resort season approaches and many begin to think of, where to spend the long-awaited vacation. Cyprus is good option for a standard trip: soft climate and clean beaches which year attract guests. However to deal with rules of visit of the island independently leaves not at all. Our article is designed to help with this hard business. Below you learn whether the visa is necessary to Belarusians to Cyprus in 2019 and also where and as it is competent to issue it.

the Visa is valid

within 3 months from date of issue, count the time taking into account these terms.

Or the documents giving information on the sponsor:

For execution of the national visa Belarusians should collect the following package of documents:

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Is updated: where it is possible to go to have a rest without visa

where it is possible to go to have a rest without visa

The amazing and colourful, being in the fourth place on the area in the world island, with pleasure will open the doors of the hospitable hotels before the Russian tourists in 2017. Madagascar - paradise for fans to get acquainted with exotic flora and fauna, and especially for the parents having inquisitive and the active grown-up children. The sea here tender and warm, is a lot of entertainments, sightseeing tours and opportunities to enjoy the real tropical rest.

In 2017 a condition of the fact that your kids can go with you is existence of the insurance medical policy on each of them. Both parents can take out the child abroad without additional documents. In case he travels with someone one or with relatives and friends, the written permission is necessary.

Citizens of Russia, whose international passport does not finish the term of the action within 30 days, can receive the free visa directly on arrival on the island and be there for a month.

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From our readers: what to write to the summary to get on an interview

a reason for leaving: what to write to the summary to get on an interview

To make the good summary and to increase the chances of success in receiving a desirable vacancy, it is necessary to specify the "correct" reasons for leaving from former work. Among them can be:

Perhaps, it is one of the best reasons for leaving. Having heard it, your future head by all means will judge that you leave the company not because of money or the conflicts in collective, and for the sake of the professional growth and development. However, specifying such reason in the questionnaire, consider one important circumstance - it is impossible to explain with this factor leaving firm earlier, than in a year.

Such reason can also be used for justification of the leaving the former company. But here it is important not to overdo with a praise, too "sweet" words can cause suspicions in your potential employer.

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