From our readers: we create unusual jewelry

how to decorate a fir-tree for new year: we create unusual jewelry

To decorate a fir-tree for New year with the hands - a point of honor for any skilled worker. Everything is used: a burlap rag, a hank of a jute twine, a piece of the turned yellow ancient lace, a bead, many years ago sporoty from the worn-out Chinese jacket, and even buckles from shoes! Looking at a small group of this separate stuff, the ordinary person will only shrug shoulders. But not the needlewoman! Leave her alone with these treasures - and in half an hour will show you a masterpiece: a vintage sphere of extraordinary beauty, worthy to take a place of honor on a fir-tree.

It is possible to make jewelry of anything. For example, at the time of our grandmothers, except traditional glass spheres, the fir-tree was decorated with the nuts and tangerines wrapped in a silvery foil. Nothing prevents also you to revive this lovely custom.

The most valuable jewelry for a fir-tree is fragile glass spheres. They are carefully stored, having wrapped up tissue paper, and solemnly take from boxes only before New year. When such sphere breaks, apparently, as if with it the part of your heart leaves.

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Popular : why the love happens the evils

why the love happens the evils

Each participant enters a triangle with a "favourite" scenario role. Someone pursues someone, someone feels the victim, someone tries to save. But players will inevitably move from one role to another.

Partners do not understand and do not feel each other. Each of them reproduces the drama play, and another - only the participant of a performance. It is easy to guess that in the long term both participants of a game will feel deceived and disappointed.

Sources of the unhealthy relations, as a rule, lie in the childhood. Olga Lukina tells how she finds the painful points in an office of the psychotherapist of people and gets rid of illusions which prevent to be happy. He learns to realize the value, to hear itself(himself), to ask about important, to speak "no", when necessary. So it comes to healing.

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Kot watches the horror film and sincerely worries about the main character this video blew up the Internet, interesting

the cat watches the horror film and sincerely worries about the main character this video blew up the Internet

Animals are incredibly acute and understand everything that is told them by the person or that occurs in human life. Even in spite of the fact that animal consciousness very much differs from human. I think, you noticed that the dog reacts to your talk with it, as well as cats. But a cat from our roller simply something! He watches the horror film together with the hostess. It seems that he understands every second the events on the screen.

Only look at

on his muzzle! It attentively watches each movement of characters. This horror film very much influences a cat! He goggled and, having nearly opened a mouth, looks at the screen. And when the heroine of the horror film cried, the cat at once escaped from a fright! It is surprising how he understands everything? Did you pay attention to the emotions or emotions of the friend when you watch horror films? Emotions of a cat are identical with human! How does he manage it? Our animals will never cease to surprise us. We look at the most impressionable cat rather!

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Updating: whether it is necessary, transit and change

the visa to Bahrain to Russians and Ukrainians in 2019: whether it is necessary, transit and change

Such papers as are surely provided:

It is much simpler to receive the residence permit in Bahrain which is available also to Russians. For this purpose observance of at least one of the following conditions is necessary:

It will be required to provide the ticket to the country of destination and also the visa or the entry visa for receiving a transit visa in it. Payment of collecting which averages about 25 BHD will act as the last step. It is possible to deposit funds and in U.S. dollars.

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These plastic containers are dangerous to children, is updated

pediatricians from the USA warn: these plastic containers are dangerous to children

Parents, attention! The fresh report of the American academy of pediatrics warns against some cases of use of plastic ware and containers for storage of the products intended for food of children.

Besides, phthalates which do plastic to more flexible "can influence development of male genitals, strengthen children's obesity and promote cardiovascular diseases", & #8212; representatives say, having noted that some phthalates in such children's goods as rings for a teething, were already forbidden by Commission on Security of consumer products last year.

Doctors also do not recommend to wash plastic containers or cups in the dishwasher.

For example, bisphenols, such as BPA, are often used for plastic hardening. But this chemical "can work in an organism as estrogen (female sex hormone & #8212; an editor's note) and potentially to change puberty time, to reduce fertility, to increase fatty deposits and to affect nervous and immune systems", & #8212; representatives of Academy speak.

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Interesting : the main owner of avito redeemed nearly a third of shares of service for $1,16 billion

the main owner of avito redeemed nearly a third of shares of service for 1,16 billion $

Main owner Avito, South African fund NC Europe Holdings B.V. (Naspers Russia Classifieds), redeemed nearly a third of shares of service for $1,16 billion, Vedomosti with reference to the website of fund reports.

for the first time invested

of Naspers in Avito in 2013, and in 2015 brought the share to 67,9%. In nine months 2018 the revenue of service was 10,3 billion rubles ($162 million) - 30% higher, than the previous year. The corrected EBITDA of the company appeared at the level of $103 million. The edition notes that shareholders estimated Avito almost at 20 annual EBITDA.

As a result of the transaction of Naspers brought the share in the company to 99,6%. Another 0,4% of stocks remained with managers of the company, specified in fund, without having specified at whom exactly. Vedomosti notes what to the transaction of 4,2% of the company belonged to Geliria Holdings (Baring Vostok subsidiary), 10% - to founders, and 4,6% - to management.

Earlier Naspers possessed a share in 70,4% in Avito. The company told that acquired 29,1% of shares for $1,16 billion. All business of Avito was estimated at the same time at $3,85 billion

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How to let know to the man that it is pleasant not pereuserdsvovav, secrets

how to let know to the man that it is pleasant not pereuserdsvovav

If it has heard a lot about the equipment of a mirror - even worse. Will think that you try to gain it, you use all possible methods, are ready to go to any victims if only the young man was with you. It is not really healthy, agree.

Some experts offer girls, to ask the man about the help that that felt the real hero. For example, to suggest it to come around to reinstall the operating system on the computer, to insert a bulb, to repair the socket and so on.

We will assume, you made eyes, the man noticed you. He at last approached to get acquainted or communicate closer. "About what with him to tell how to behave what to do next how to let know that it is pleasant to me?", & #8212; you ask.

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Weather on months in India, the most interesting

weather on months in India

India is the bewitching and unusual country. Many tourists correlate it only to Taj Mahal, forgetting that India conceals in itself much more mysterious and unexpected. Most of our compatriots, choosing where to go once again, safely buy the permit to India.

Here everyone will find

something for itself(himself): it is possible not only to have a rest, but also to study the new culture, language, habits of local population. A certain specificity and difference from the states of the former Soviet Union and the European Union caused leadership of India among the best countries for tourism. But, going on the vacation, it is necessary not only to study where there are local attractions, but also to pay attention to what weather in India on months.

And in the south of the country warm air and water of the ocean will promote holding an unforgettable active holiday.

To the beginners tourists yet not familiar with all delights of this magnificent country, it is recommended to analyse temperature of India on months. However it is necessary to take in attention only that area where you are going to go, thanks to a climatic variety and the sizes of the territory of the country, temperature and a weather situation in the Himalayas and to Goa, for example, significantly differ.

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Inside everything shivers, interesting

inside everything shivers

"I only overtired, probably, better just to lie down", & #8212; they to themselves find justification.

On it at me all. Subscribe to newsletter if article seemed to you interesting. Prior to new meetings and good luck.

By the way, about the same valerian, not all know it, but it has accumulative effect, that is if you use one tabletochka a week, then it does not give any advantage for an organism at all. It is effective only when you drink medicine a course. Of course, and it too any does not do harm, but favourite our grandmothers and mothers means often if helps, then it is rather as placebo (dummy medicine).

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From our users: Karen Shakhnazarov 20 years looked for the daughter who was secretly taken away in the USA

karen shakhnazar of 20 years looked for the daughter who was secretly taken away in the USA

The famous Russian director, the producer and the screenwriter Karen Shakhnazarov became the hero of the telecast & #171; Destiny человека» on the channel & #171; –осси¤-1». On air Shakhnazarov for the first time shared a personal secret which kept more than two decades, Vesti write.

This experience affected Shakhnazarov's outlook, he emphasizes that Russia and America very much differ, but it neither is good, nor it is bad. & #171; It is necessary to reach compromise, realizing that we have very different views on many вещи» & #8212; the director speaks.

It appears, the ex-wife of the director Alyona Setunskaya 22 years ago, in one day went to America, having taken away with itself the 4-year-old daughter Anna. Shakhnazarov returned from the Cannes Film Festival in 1995 and found the empty apartment in which lived with the wife and the child. The same year the picture & #171 came out; American дочь» which on an equal basis with the movie & #171; We from джаза» glorified the director and the screenwriter. This film was created based on the real events which happened to Karen.

Some time Shakhnazarov tried to find Anna, but several years later stopped trying, having accepted that the wife solved & #171; to look for the best жизни» together with the daughter. Karen met Anna in 20 years, in hotel near the Central park in New York. She was brought up as the American and therefore to the father it was difficult to get acquainted with such native and at the same time foreign adult.

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