Interesting : original hand-made articles from candies the hands

original hand-made articles from candies the hands

With impatience expecting approach of holidays, both children, and adults are in an anticipation, they are waited by pleasant surprises and gifts. Already very few people you will surprise with the gifts, we usually buy everything in shops and to foresee them very easily. If you want to surprise really pleasantly the loved one, make a gift with own hands, namely - hand-made articles from candies, it will be and is tasty, and it is original!

From candies can make with own hands a set of various hand-made articles among which the special attention is deserved by bouquets, them most often and give.

Turn the original ideas into reality and do not stop on the achieved result, it is very useful to be engaged in creativity!

Our composition except snowdrops, will consist also from other elements. When flowers are ready, we pass to fir-tree branches. Them it is accurately fixed to toothpicks too, using thermoglue.

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Secrets: 7 important symptoms which need to be known

of heart trouble: 7 important symptoms which need to be known

It seems to you that your heart works somehow & #171; not так»? Perhaps, you are mistaken, and, maybe, it is really heart troubles have an effect.

But incidence of cardiac diseases grows. In many respects it is connected with the fact that people do not want to refuse addictions. The doubtful pleasure from them outweighs care of health.

It is necessary to pay attention to this symptom even if it appeared relatively recently.

It is necessary to understand that heart troubles seldom arise suddenly.

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Began mass dismissals crisis-2011, is updated

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Here we also waited for the first obvious manifestations of financial crisis-2011.


What to do in this situation?

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Secrets: what to do how to carry out diagnostics

temperature at the nursing mother: what to do how to carry out diagnostics

If to fight with laktostazy it is consecutive, not to be lazy to put the baby to a breast as often as possible, then this trouble passes during the one or two days.

Postnatal thrombophlebitis can be also guilty. This inflammation of a venous wall which is followed by appearance of blood clots in a vessel gleam.

This serious inflammatory disease arising when feeding by a breast. It is started by penetration through microcracks of golden or other staphylococcus and is caused laktostazy, problems with immunity, injuries or chronic pathologies.

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Is curious: we develop sensibleness

we develop sensibleness

9. Do not forget that only in a sound body there can be a sound mind. Train the body regularly. You will provide these yourself with energy which is also necessary for your consciousness. Without energy you will not be able adequately to think, and the disease of a body will lead to a reason disease.

4. You will increase your level of consciousness if you accurately formulate the desires. If desires are not realized, the purposes are defocused, then and the level of sensibleness cannot increase as consciousness is confused.

6. Knowledge of contributes to the development of sensibleness. Rummage in yourself, look in yourself for answers to various questions. Write down in a special notebook of a thought which arise at the same time. Look around and learn at the world surrounding you. Try to imagine more stoutly the reality surrounding you and yourself in it.

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Akhedzhakova Leah, from our readers

akhedzhakova Leah

Leah Akhedzhakova was born in family of the director and the actress. Her mother Yulia and the father Medzhid were the famous theatrical figures of Maykop. Behind the scenes of the Adygei drama theater where parents worked on distribution, Leah spent all the childhood. She also visited drama school and dreamed of acting career. But relatives adjusted the girl to receive more long-standing profession. Therefore after school Akhedzhakova entered to the Moscow university of non-ferrous metals, however, held on only three semester there. The director of local theater company which Leah easily joined from the first days of students, advised it to try to come to GITIS. The girl and made. In 1962 Leah gained the diploma of the actress of drama theater and was distributed in the Moscow Theatre for Young Audience as on role the travesty was. In this theater Akhedzhakova worked till 1974. In the 1975th there was Eldar Ryazanov's picture "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!" after which she woke up well-known. To this movie the actress played only four small parts cinema. But after "Irony" and the "Office romance" which came out in two years all doors before it were open. It was invited in staff of Sovremennik theater and annually offered not less than four-five roles at cinema. Even in the heaviest times for the Russian cinema Akhedzhakova had work. In total in the track record of the actress about 70 roles at cinema, are slightly less in theater and of course it is not a limit. She is a lot of also now and actively works. Leah Medzhidovna was entitled the Honoured actress of the Russian Federation in 1994.

the First husband of the actress. Both marriages turned out childless and were not long. At the age of 63 years Leah Akhedzhakova married the third time the press photographer Vladimir Persiyaninov who is more junior than the actress for 20 years.

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Hotels and apartments & 8902; updating

we look for housing: hotels and apartments & 8902;

Here I will list the most necessary and practical services which will help you to pick up ideal housing on travel, and I will make several useful recommendations.

Several councils:

Hotels are not a so only option of housing on travel. There is something more interesting! If you did not use on the trips rent of housing by means of HomeAway service yet, then very much I recommend to study its opportunities attentively. HomeAway is popular among independent travelers as a convenient and reliable service of renting of housing practically worldwide and an excellent alternative to boring hotels. On HomeAway it is possible to rent not only apartments, apartments and houses, but also something more original - a bungalow, country houses and many other things.

Source of the introductory image: Phillip Pessar/

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Life hack: versions and rules of trainings

gymnastics: versions and rules of trainings

Therefore doctors strongly recommend to include in the way of life gymnastics everything who has no contraindications to its performance.

Main types are the artistic, fitness and educational developing gymnastics.

The word "gymnastics" comes from the Greek gymnastike that literally - "I train", "I exercise". Understand a complex of physical exercises which promote strengthening of health, development of muscles and the musculoskeletal device as gymnastics. At most of people such exercises are associated with morning exercises. But besides, the gymnastics can do professionally, as well as any kind of sport. And take in this sport even small children.

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personal development Factors in modern society, the most interesting

personal development factors in modern society

How the identity of each person is formed? Whether education or the main thing - heredity influences her? Whether art so is necessary or it is possible to do without it? Below we will consider all major factors influencing personal development.

influence of music on development of sense of beauty, especially classical, forming bright perception of harmonious sounding Is important for

. The people creating masterpieces of art confirm with the talent also that, as activity as a factor of personal development is very important, especially in favourite business.

The feelings and experiences received at contemplation of masterpieces confirm influence of art on enrichment of relationship of the person with the world around, spiritually ennobling the person. But for the correct perception art and pieces of music, it is necessary to possess art and esthetic understanding, that is constantly since the childhood to gain knowledge of culture and art, developing at itself esthetic intuition.

Wednesday, besides social, is house (family). The family outlines a focus of interest, forms values inravstvenny qualities of the person. Here not there is a speech about education, only about influence of family on personal development in terms of Wednesday yet:

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Roll from a lavash in an oven, at requests of readers

roll from a lavash in an oven

If at the word "forcemeat" you represent only cutlets and a nourishing pan of pasta in a naval way, we intend to expand your culinary horizons! Our today's recipe - the simple decision for hostesses who adore indulging family and guests unusual dishes, but do not like to stand at a plate at all.

Preparation of a dish caused difficulties? Watch our video hint rather!

Do not forget to keep this cool recipe to yourself and to share it with friends. Enjoy your meal!


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