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Published: 5.7.2019
description of breed of dog Japanese chin

Breed of dog the Japanese chin is very popular among fans of exhibition animals. It possesses long wool of a different shade, including also spotty copies meet.

It, by the way, becomes a serious barrier to participation in exhibitions and competitions. Besides, a dog also check before competitions and exhibitions for a behavior manner. The shyness is considered one of reasons for disqualification.

In documents it was said that emissaries who were sent to China and Korea constantly brought these doggies. At the same time in the next hundred years this breed of the beginning actively gets divorced at the palace of the emperor. And many years later, at the time of board Tokugawa (1680-1709) of a dog already got divorced as room decorative pets.

Breed of dog the Japanese chin has very graceful and quiet behavior. The beautiful hopping gait, thin pads - all this is characteristic of this breed. The dog has charming appearance. A little privzdernuty thin nose of black or corporal color, widely put round eyes and open nostrils give it special appearance.

The captain Sirlis approximately in the same time brought this breed to Great Britain, on the homeland.

In the majority of a dog spotty. However it does not mean at all that this beautiful coloring will surely meet at all of them. Sometimes animals have no spots on length of all body. But quite often there is a spot directly on a muzzle.

The dog small by the sizes, has a flat muzzle and also does not treat aggressive and any specific breeds. It is regarded as an animal partner.

The dog possesses thin, small paws of a hare form. They sometimes on them are small decorative brushes. It gives special refinement to breed. Breed height in withers of 22-25 cm. Wool of a white or dairy shade with multi-colored spots.

The dog in spite of the fact that does not treat the animals brought by difficult genetic methods, has not such strong health. If she has the slightest deviation in growth or proportions of a body, then she already seriously risks the health. For this reason it is important to control her state of health constantly: to drive on inoculations and survey to the veterinarian.

Here also considered breeds a Japanese chin are described, I hope to you it was pleasant!

According to documents of ancient origin the dog a Japanese chin was transferred to Japan as a gift from governors of Korea. There was it during board of a dynasty of Sil (approximately the fourth century).

There is a mass of features of a Japanese chin as exhibition breed of dog. All of them have to be looked through if the dog was got only as a competitive and exhibition copy.

Two centuries later the commodore Perry already delivered these charming animals in the USA. In the 19th century they were already recognized as elite doggies for ladies of the high society. Their aristocratic appearance could not but affect this purpose. Multi-colored specks, small dimensions and an attractive muzzle - here, than the Japanese breed of dog subdued practically all West.

If at a dog the nose of neither black, nor bright corporal color, then is already sign of a small mutation and deviation from the normal structure of an organism. Very often the breed a Japanese chin possesses nedokusy. The bent deformed lower jaw is also peculiar to it. It affects not only its appearance, but also quality of food and behavior of a dog.

Widely put long triangular ears also do this pet by the bright participant of exhibitions. A trunk at dogs a little extended. The back is direct, has a small bend closer to a waist.

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