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Published: 7.7.2019
healthy nutrition for a healthy lifestyle: recipes, councils

The used products supply an organism with necessary construction material and energy. The person, and especially at women, has a continuous cellular updating, these processes affect power consumption. Food is also a source of substances which participate in synthesis of enzymes, hormones, other regulators.

Exchange processes entirely depend on the eaten food. Its structure, properties and also quantity are capable to define growth rate of the person and also his physical development. The basis of the eaten food affects working capacity of an individual, its life expectancy, frequency of diseases and a condition of nerves. With food we receive sufficient (though not always) amount of proteins with carbohydrates and also with fats, important mineral substances, with a complex of vitamins and vital minerals.

It is required to pay special attention to the caloric content of dishes. The number of the calories accepted with food has to cover entirely power cost of women and men. Here everything depends on age, the nature of the work which is carried out daily and a habitual way of life. It is correct to calculate own norm of calories for a daily diet, using for this purpose the table of caloric content.

All main theories describing how to eat properly, constantly seek to solve the main task: to prolong active human life. In its framework scientists selected points which should be provided concisely here. It are required for the person:

In correctly organized way of life of women and men the diet has an important role. It is necessary to eat food in the small portions. To break the menu into 6 receptions. Such power supply system will allow not to overload a GIT, to adjust a metabolism and it is easy to satisfy feeling of hunger.

Many modern people for the physical and emotional development choose two main things: first, healthy nutrition as factor of a healthy lifestyle, and secondly, physical activity. Actually two of these concepts are inseparable as only in common provide success of the person.

If food is quickly absorbed and badly chewed, it can lead to excessive loading of a GIT therefore there is its bad assimilation (digestion). During too hasty food at women and men very slowly there passes the feeling of hunger because of what overeating is possible. Therefore duration of a lunch has to be not less, than half an hour. Regular violations of the mode of reception of food promote a metabolic disorder that leads to appearance of diseases: gastritises, ulcer, sharp pancreatitis, myocardial infarction.

Fine fuel for an organism of women are carbohydrates. They are different: fast substances are instantly acquired, and here difficult components at first are processed by the digestive channel allocating from them simple elements. The main difference of various carbohydrates - speed of penetration into glucose blood. It is a basic element of carbohydrates. Increase speed in glucose blood at the use of different carbohydrates causes their advantage and harm, especially it is important for patients with diabetes. Knowing properties of the consumed food, it is possible to control easily weight, preventing emergence of fatty savings.

It is possible to be sure that transition to the balanced food will yield fast result, and for this purpose it is only necessary to begin. The physical activity will help with it. Only in a complex with it the dream is normalized, the immunity will increase, more energy will appear: the person will begin to feel in the physical and emotional plan healthier and sure.

Vegetable proteins more useful, than animals, and their receipt quite allows to satisfy needs of the person. From there is a conclusion: it is better to refuse meat and dairy products in favor of vegetable. So you receive high probability to deliver together with food of squirrels of "excellent quality".

Animal fats to which milk and molokoprodukta belongs - are rather harmful to the correct functioning of a human body. They contain enzymes, dangerous to our body. Some people in general receive departure from consumption of milk as they badly acquire lactose. Therefore vegetable fats are considered as more useful as lower cholesterol in blood and contain the polynonsaturated acids which are required for restoration of heart and vessels.

Fats on the structure represent complex material. Getting at food into a human body, and especially women, they under the influence of gastric juice break up to plain materials: vitamins and minerals. Besides, they provoke release of the bile stimulating an intestinal vermicular movement.

Morning meal has to make about 25% of a daily diet, 35% - a lunch, an afternoon snack - about 15%, and in the evening - other 25%. The last time should be eaten not later, than in 3 hours prior to a dream. Food well digested products to which vegetables and fruit belong will be suitable for a lunch. In the evening you should not abuse the dishes causing a meteorizm, burdening physical and sekretorny activity of digestive organs. By drawing up a diet it is also necessary to find time for such questions as intervals between meals, the spent time for process.

We advise to watch a just proportion of the arriving proteins, carbohydrates, fats in an organism is and there are fundamentals of healthy nutrition. These proportions are known long ago and average make in shares 1:4:1. Such proportion is fair both for women, and for men.

It is worth understanding that the healthy nutrition with observance of all recommendations will help to slow down processes of aging of an organism at women and men, will reduce risk of diseases of heart, vascular system, will prevent development of diabetes, hypertension.


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