Began mass dismissals crisis-2011, is updated

Published: 29.6.2019
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Here we also waited for the first obvious manifestations of financial crisis-2011.


What to do in this situation?

Three recommendations offhand

1) Without panic. Crises come and leave. It is necessary to think quietly how to protect the savings, and to help the family to pass salary through this hard time.

Worldwide investment companies and banks lay off the employees, their services to very few people became interesting - the stock market is in a fever, rates on the credits grow, investors transfer the money to quieter (low-risk) assets. Dismissals go in more mass scale in comparison with 2008!!!

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Aha, will be as last time. Said that it will not affect us. And at the end the whole world recovered from crisis, and we have still in any way an economy correctly the course cannot enter the. There is no flexibility y fast adaptation under new standards.

2) Become irreplaceable at the work. Urgently increase the value for clients, for the chief. Urgently and densely be engaged in the personal efficiency. As the option, this book very strongly will help you with it - it very strongly changed me in due time. In more detail HERE


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