Secrets: 7 important symptoms which need to be known

Published: 1.7.2019
of heart trouble: 7 important symptoms which need to be known

It seems to you that your heart works somehow & #171; not так»? Perhaps, you are mistaken, and, maybe, it is really heart troubles have an effect.

But incidence of cardiac diseases grows. In many respects it is connected with the fact that people do not want to refuse addictions. The doubtful pleasure from them outweighs care of health.

It is necessary to pay attention to this symptom even if it appeared relatively recently.

It is necessary to understand that heart troubles seldom arise suddenly.

4. Hypostases of legs and foot

Also a certain treatment is necessary. Fortunately, in 90% of cases of this syndrome of function of heart are completely restored.

Sometimes to reveal heart pathology, there is enough one blood test.

If you noticed that pulse strongly became frequent or, on the contrary, became too slowed down or there are changes of a rhythm of warm reductions, see a doctor because such arrhythmia can indicate heart troubles.

This syndrome has no such & #171; предвестников» as the raised cholesterol, high pressure, improper feeding or a sedentary life.

When there are symptoms of heart troubles, it is necessary to see a doctor urgently.

If we constantly feel what to us does not gasp, we test short wind and we feel fatigue, it is abnormal.

It is necessary to care for the heart throughout all life, and it, as a rule, does not demand great efforts.

Such increase results in high uneasiness and a stress. At the same time the organism begins to produce the substances promoting its return to the normal state.

But if leg and a foot swell constantly, it can be a symptom of a delay of the liquid caused by heart failure or deterioration in a condition of arteries.

In such situation it is necessary to analyse the habits and the activity. If you changed the habits, and your physical activity increased, the feeling of shortage of air can be natural.

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At it the person feels the same pain as at a heart attack, but it is a temporary symptom which quite often happens at healthy people.

Warm reductions have rather stable rhythm. When heart works normally, we usually do not even notice them.

Do you use a lot of salt? Went much in recent days? In either case a leg and a foot can swell a little. However for several days (if these factors are eliminated) they come back to the normal state.

Respiratory standstill (it is quite so translated & #171; апноэ») in a dream can cause for some time a heart attack as because of it the brain and heart do not receive enough oxygen.

He will help to understand whether problems with sex life with a heart disease or matter in another are connected.

Breast pain happens at different problems with health. Severe pain in a breast in combination with heavy feeling and compression can testify to heart attack.

This syndrome (it is called still & #171; cardiomyopathy такоцубо«) received such name because it can be caused by an emotional stress, for example, the death of darling.

1. Breast pain

Ourselves prepare for them the soil, incorrectly eating or having addictions to other addictions.

Sometimes this symptom long remains unnoticed, but apnoe can demonstrate that heart troubles take place to be.

It is possible to tell that the most important of our bodies & #8212; heart. It & #171; мотор» which supports in us life.

If you have still some diseases or your age exceeds 50 years, see behind consultation the checked doctor.

Increase in content in blood of catecholamines is considered the reason of a syndrome of the broken heart (mainly adrenaline).

We will list the main reasons for emergence of such problems:

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Emergence of problems with sex life, especially can be one of the first signals of a disease of heart if the person is from 40 to 50 years old.

At heart attack, or a spasm of coronary vessels, heart receives not enough oxygen.


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