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Published: 27.6.2019
temperature at the nursing mother: what to do how to carry out diagnostics

If to fight with laktostazy it is consecutive, not to be lazy to put the baby to a breast as often as possible, then this trouble passes during the one or two days.

Postnatal thrombophlebitis can be also guilty. This inflammation of a venous wall which is followed by appearance of blood clots in a vessel gleam.

This serious inflammatory disease arising when feeding by a breast. It is started by penetration through microcracks of golden or other staphylococcus and is caused laktostazy, problems with immunity, injuries or chronic pathologies.

How to bring down temperature to the feeding woman? First of all, it is necessary to answer a question whether it is necessary to apply such measures. Temperature in itself is not a disease, but an indicator that the organism struggles with an infection.

In maternity hospital several days after permission from a burden attentively observe the woman to exclude any inflammatory processes in a uterus. Despite it, sometimes it happens so that parts of a placenta remain in body from what there is an inflammation. In this case the doctor purges a uterus cavity, and anti-inflammatory medicines are appointed.

If after an extract from maternity hospital at mother high temperature rises, it is necessary to go to hospital urgently. Development of uterine inflammation if in time not to stop it, can lead to heavy, sometimes to deplorable consequences.

It is worth understanding attentively the reasons which can cause high temperature in the nursing mother - what to do how to arrive - we will try to understand.

The violation of thermal balance connected with various problems in work of an organism can be caused by the following factors:

At this disease anticoagulants, venoprotektor, antiargregant are usually appointed. The doctor, most likely, will appoint nonsteroid ointments against inflammation (for example, Diclofenac). The termination of breastfeeding is shown only in extreme cases.

Laktostaz at mother who feeds the baby - a problem temporary. Its decision depends on the correct and consecutive actions of the woman:

Such phenomenon takes place in the first months of life of the child if the feeding mother has a lot of milk. Often temperature increases when milk only "comes", and the breast is painfully filled.

It is necessary to tell that milk in a breast is developed in response to sucking of the child. These developments of stagnation can be a consequence:

This disease is characterized by the following symptoms:

To avoid this error, to take temperature feeding correctly on an elbow bend. Such method is applied often in maternity hospitals, reminding mummies of that they placed the thermometer not under a mouse.

These reasons can be characteristic not only of the feeding mother, but of any person. However there are also specific factors appearing at the woman soon after the delivery or directly connected with a lactation.

The increased temperature at the nursing mother can be caused by stagnation of milk in channels. This phenomenon is called laktostazy. It is shown most often in the first months after the child's birth when milk is developed more than his requirement.

The error of thermometry is that temperature is under the arm slightly higher, than oral, rectal or on an elbow bend. It is connected with abundance of milk, with the fact that the breast just gets used to the new state. If on the thermometer no more than 37, then you do not puzzle, than to bring down temperature the feeding mother - does not need to do it simply. Usually after feeding everything is normalized.

The woman's organism during a lactation is a lot of forces and useful substances spends for health and growth of the kid. Therefore the feeding mother as nobody, it is subject to the attacks of viruses, inflammatory processes. Many of them are followed by temperature increase.

Most of modern mothers readily masters art of a lactation which in the Soviet years many unfairly neglected. However each responsible family, at attentive parents has a number of questions, connected with safety for the child of process of feeding. One of them - temperature at the feeding mother.

Mastitis in medicine is subdivided as follows:

If you feel not very well, do not neglect treatment. It is necessary to take temperature, to find the reasons of its increase, an opportunity to address the expert. Only then the disease can be stopped at a stage of development and to do without serious consequences.

Natural feeding of the baby is considered a priority way of its food today. Breast milk provides the child with all substances, necessary for development and growth. On norms of World Health Organization from the birth before half a year at a diet of the kid there has to be only such food.

If the feeding mother has temperature 39 and above, for simplification of a feverish state it is necessary to drink a lot of water. Sometimes doctors appoint children's febrifugal medicine, for example, Paracetamol or the Nurofen. Without consultation with the expert it is impossible to apply them.

Anyway, temperature at the feeding mother should not be ignored at all. Often it is contributing factor at development of a disease. Mastitis the doctor by means of antibacterial and infusional therapy treats. At severe forms medicamentous suppression of a lactation is necessary.

Today any doctor will tell that to force down temperature lower than 38,5 it is not necessary. It says that the body actively and successfully resists a disease. Higher rates are a call that the organism does not cope. In such cases it is worth applying febrifugal medicines which intake is allowed at a lactation. Children's forms of the drugs containing paracetamol them are sometimes recommended prescribe even to babies. But, as it was told above, preliminary consultation of the doctor is necessary.

This unpleasant phenomenon is characterized by the following signs:

How to be, than to be treated, force down or not - answers to all these questions need to be known. But to understand what to do and that the feeding mother can drink from temperature, it is worth understanding the reasons of her increase.


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