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Published: 25.6.2019
we develop sensibleness

9. Do not forget that only in a sound body there can be a sound mind. Train the body regularly. You will provide these yourself with energy which is also necessary for your consciousness. Without energy you will not be able adequately to think, and the disease of a body will lead to a reason disease.

4. You will increase your level of consciousness if you accurately formulate the desires. If desires are not realized, the purposes are defocused, then and the level of sensibleness cannot increase as consciousness is confused.

6. Knowledge of contributes to the development of sensibleness. Rummage in yourself, look in yourself for answers to various questions. Write down in a special notebook of a thought which arise at the same time. Look around and learn at the world surrounding you. Try to imagine more stoutly the reality surrounding you and yourself in it.

The sensibleness can be developed, as well as other human qualities. We develop sensibleness to understand who we and where we go are. All people are almost equal in ability of development of the consciousness, but not all want it, and some do not know as. We develop sensibleness by means of 10 methods checked by practice.

2. Show courage in the face of problems. The fear disappears while you directly meet a problem. While you are only going to solve it, the fear overcomes you, and you fall a victim of circumstances. If you have sufficient courage to meet a problem, problems will begin to avoid you.

3. Development of sensibleness is connected with compassion. Exclude unconscious cruelty. Rip it in the bud, do not allow it to escape from under your control.

5. Increase in concentration of attention will help increase in sensibleness too. Take any subject in hand and focus on it. You will have many thoughts of this subject. If you did not concentrate, then would not notice this subject in general.

Consciousness sinks in various thoughts in the absence of concentration of attention. The training of concentration helps increase in sensibleness.

8. Try to surround yourself with those people who have higher sensibleness what you. You study at them, like their thoughts.

10. Feed your intention with more conscious to become constant. Such feed will not allow to wither to your desire which otherwise will die away. Fill your consciousness with positive thoughts, having excluded negative. There are no thoughts neutral therefore make a right choice.

1. Tell the truth, accept it. Look at yourself and be not afraid to learn about yourself all truth. You will not be able to tell the truth if you lie to yourself. The person does not lie only that he completely accepts. Accept yourself completely irrespective of whether the others accept you.

7. Use logic, but be careful. The wrong initial assumption can build a false logical chain. It is not necessary to be sure absolutely of what has no firm basis under itself.


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